Taken In The Woods

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Chapter 6

Axel reached for the body wash and started to lather himself up. He finished off by scrubbing it into his hair and standing under the showerhead.

I openly admit I was gawking. I mean the guy looked like he’d just stepped out of a shampoo commercial. The water cascaded over his head and down his body as if he was standing under a waterfall. I watched the soap trail around and down every dip and groove of his muscles, all the way down to his V-line.

When my eyes snapped back up again, I was met with Axel's oceanic blue ones watching me. A self-assured smile played dangerously on his face.

“Turn around,” he spoke in a rough, husky rasp.

He grabbed a bottle from the side of the bath. I heard the sound of the lid crack open and the contents being squeezed into the palm of his hand.

He worked the shampoo into my hair, scrubbing my scalp and lathering my hair thoroughly down to the tips, and then he leaned to the side so the water sluiced the shampoo away.

He backed away again and the water streamed onto my back, allowing Axel to work conditioner into my hair.

While the conditioner set, he applied some shower gel and began scrubbing my back, over my shoulders and down my arms; everywhere he could reach without moving me.

“Arms up for me.” He shifted forward and I lifted both arms up, chuckling as his hands slid round to cup both breasts in his large hands.

Axel washed me all over, getting me clean. His reverent fingertips massaged me gently as if he was afraid of breaking me.

I stared dead ahead at the far wall, feeling a lump form in my throat. Nobody had ever taken care of me like this before, nobody had bothered to care. It felt good to be appreciated. My eyes stung as I felt them well up. Tears trembled as they brimmed the edge of my eyelids, suspended right on the edge.

I wouldn’t dare face him yet. I took a few quiet breaths, fluttering my lashes in an attempt to soak up the moisture. It didn't work though, not here in the shower. Instead, they spilled onto my cheeks and merged with the splattering of water.

The water was getting cooler now. Axel stilled for a long moment, then let out a long breath and moved past me after he’d shut off the water jets. I wondered what he was thinking about. The towels were stacked on a cupboard next to the sink and Axel pulled the one off the top and wrapped it around me.

His brows furrowed, his expression remained unreadable, his silent demeanor was a mystery to me. He wrapped a towel around his waist then wiped me dry from head to toe, gently and thoroughly. He then scooped me up in his arms, hesitating as if to bolster his strength and then carried me into the bedroom.

“I could have walked, you know?” I mumbled, embarrassed, turning my face so as not to meet his gaze.

I watched him closely, unsure of his emotional state, or of his thoughts, or of what he’d felt regarding my little display of control.

Had that been too much? Had I scared him off?

He carried me in silence to the bedroom. With each passing second of silence, I grew more and more apprehensive.

I hoped he didn’t think too badly of me.

He placed me down on the bed, standing awkwardly as if he wanted to say something but didn’t know how.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Didn’t you like it?” I asked, feeling mortified in case he said 'no'.

“No, I mean, yes, of course, I did. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life, but that’s not it. How do I? I mean, what do I?” He fumbled for words.

I reached up and placed a finger over his lips. “Come here and I’ll show you.”

I kneeled up onto the bed, grabbing his hand and pulling him closer. I loosened the towel, letting it drop to the floor around his feet.

Holy shit, he was fully aroused again.

“That’s not normal,” I said, pointing to his penis.

His eyes widened looking horrified, “Why? What’s wrong with it?”

I made a tsk sound. “No, nothing's wrong with it per se, it's huge is what I meant, and after you just came like that, no ordinary man can get a boner like that for a good few hours afterward, and you’re just raring to go, is what I meant,” I explained, pointing out the difference between him and every other male I’d ever encountered before.

I watched as his lips twitched up one side into a smirk. “Oh, so human men aren’t made like this?”

“You catch on quick.” I shot him a cheeky grin and moved up the bed with a slight bounce, patting beside me.

He kneeled up on the bed, the mattress dipped and creaked in protest under his weight.

He came to rest facing me, propped up on one elbow. His fingers trailed along my face and stopped to cup my chin. He leaned in towards me, claiming my lips with a gentle controlled kiss. No trembling this time. So much more confident.

I felt my own sex pulse between my legs, just by the way he was kissing me. His tongue swept inside my mouth. I clenched my thighs together feeling a dull throbbing ache in my center.

“Now you’ve got me where you want me, you need to heat me up a bit. Start by kissing my neck, keep your hand firm and hold my neck,” I breathed the instructions in a soft sultry tone.

I felt goosebumps trail along his skin. His cock jutted and stood to attention, I could hear the change in his breathing pattern as he got more and more excited.

He placed his hand on the back of my head and began planting kisses down the side of my neck, along the curve and onto my shoulder.

I felt a little shudder as his tongue escaped his mouth for a second and dipped into the hollow of my collar bone. I could feel he had a natural knack that just needed a bit of guidance, a bit of coaxing out, just a little tweak here and there in order for him to master his technique. Then I was in for a really good time.

He grew a little more confident as he got a feel for things, he started groping my breasts a little too eager. “Slow down there, if you squeeze so hard I won't feel anything but pressure, remember you want me to feel everything so start slow and build,” I advised, schooling him in the art of foreplay.

I took his hand in mine and placed it around my breast, moving my hand slowly, guiding his thumb around my nipples and getting him to gently roll the tip in his fingers. He began to move of his own accord, pinching ever so slightly as he went.

I removed my hand allowing him to take the wheel; his eyes were clouded with lust, licking his lips as if he wanted a taste. I placed my other hand along the back of his neck and eased him down so that his lips were against my breast. His warm staggered breath caressed my delicate skin.

“Now when you kiss my breast, use all of your mouth's tools; breathe against my nipples, flick your tongue over the tip and around the areola, and every now and again take it into your mouth and suck.”

I pushed his head down onto me so that his mouth was against me, he did just as I had said, creating sweet circles with his tongue around my solid bud. It felt good... So good, in fact.

His innocence of learning for the very first time actually felt kind of sexy. Usually, I didn't feel any emotional attachment when I was with one of my fuck-boys. All they ever were to me was a quick fuck, end of story.

I was one of those people who could be having sex whilst thinking of the day ahead. Whether I wanted to go and get my hair done, or if I was gonna go buy those cute new shoes or not. Yeah, usually I would lie back and think of Prada, but with Axel, it was different.

Axel here wasn’t half bad. A bit of a novice but he was certainly warming up and getting used to it. He got a little too keen and started planting wet kisses over my breasts, that snapped me out of fantasy land.

“Stop,” I said, “keep it to a minimum, enough with the wet kisses, I’ve just had a shower. Jeez.”

“Sorry,” he chuckled, concealing his embarrassment.

“Here try this,” I suggested instead.

I opened my legs slightly and took his hand; I brought his middle finger into my mouth and then sucked on it, keeping eye contact with him. I then guided his hand down my body and between my legs, keeping my hand on top of his the whole time.

With his moistened finger, I started to run small circles around my clit and long strokes down the length of me. He let out a harsh gasp. It was the first time he’d felt a woman’s pussy. I carried on guiding him with my hand, setting the pace, letting him feel how I wanted to be touched.

“See what I’m doing? Now you try on your own,” I breathed softly, feeling the pad of his finger circle my moist flesh.

He was doing so well. I liked to be touched exactly like this and it was turning me on so much, I could feel the heat build in my face as my cheeks began to flush.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter under his touch. He pushed his finger inside me and back out again to go on stroking my clit. Oh, he was a fast learner, yes he was, I couldn’t help a rough moan leaving my lips.

He then pushed his finger inside me. He gasped as his finger entered my warm wet pussy. He then added a second and then a third, then began pumping in and out of me whilst circling my clit with his thumb.

“Oh, God, Axel, right there. Don’t stop!” I moaned out loud.

He found my G-spot on my front wall and started stroking, causing a chorus of, “Oh, fuck, yes, God, don’t stop,” coming from my lips.

My hips started to wander closer to him of their own accord. I was getting hot, very quickly. “Do you have a condom?” I asked a little too desperately.

He looked a little startled but gave a nod. “I picked some up from the men's room at the guest house, just in case,” he made a cringe face.

“No, that’s good, good thinking,” I replied, relieved.

He stood up and frantically fumbled around looking for where he slung his jeans, picking them up off the floor and searching the pockets. He pulled out a small square box and ripped it open, pulling out a silver packet.

He fumbled with the packet before ripping it open with his teeth, pulling the condom out and discarded the foil wrapper. After watching him struggle, I kneeled over and helped to put it on, rolling it down over his long thick shaft.

I moved back onto the bed, pulling him down on top of me. He knelt between my legs. Missionary being the perfect way for him to learn the first time around.

Personally, I prefer the reverse cowgirl but I’d keep that one in my back pocket for another time.

I took his cock in my hand and guided him so that the tip was just inside me.

“Now it’s important that you start slow and build up to it, I’ll let you know if I want it harder or faster.”

I could feel my heart beating rapidly, my breathing quickened. I was now struggling to form words.

He leaned over me as he pushed himself inside. Leaning down to kiss me as sheathing himself to the hilt, we both cried out as he stretched my walls. God, I’d never felt so full. He was so wide, I thought he’d split me.

I couldn’t even clench my walls around his cock he was that big. My sex could only flutter helplessly around it as he began thrusting slowly in and out.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck so that I could hold on for dear life. I cried out as I felt him slam into me deeper.

He leaned forwards towards me so that his chest was against mine. Skin on skin. His thatch of curls rubbed against my clit.

“Oh yeah, like that, just like that.” My cries of encouragement spurred him on.

He grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands, lifting them slightly from the mattress. I could feel his heavy ball sack slapping against my ass like a paddle.

It felt so, so good. Every bit of me tingling, I was alight with burning desire. Never before had I ever felt so alive, so raw with primal need. I was too into the moment to give out any more sexual orders. I had lost all ability to speak.

I threw my head back and his lips found my neck, nipping and sucking, his teeth grazing over my sweet spot.

Was he thinking about biting me? Sure felt as if he was for a second, although I may have imagined it.

He kissed me, devouring my mouth in a delicious assault. He grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head, squeezing my wrists and anchoring them to the bed as he pounded into me, the headboard thumping against the wall. His cock knocking against my inner barrier, causing a blissful scream to tear through my throat.

“Oh, my, God, Axel! I think—I think I’m—oh, God, yes...” I screamed. Lights flashed behind my lids as an incredible wave of euphoria washed over me, tensing my body rigid.

“I can’t hold back any longer. Oh, fuck, Riley,” he grunted.

He let go of my wrists, planting his palms on the bed. I reached down with my hand and squeezed his ass hard, pressing my nails into him as we both climaxed together. It was such a rush, my god what a ride.

And now my legs felt like jello.

“How was that?” Axel asked, in that cocky tone I recalled only too well.

I groaned with a smile unable to speak as I melted into the mattress.

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