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Softer Sins

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One Friday night, Maizie decides to do the unbelievable and hops into bed with a mysterious, sexy stranger. Only thinking it was a one night stand, the sensual stranger has other plans. Maizie is just an average girl, trying to survive her last year of high school. Going to parties, keeping up with her work load and even trying to squeeze in time for herself. What she didn't expect was to jump into bed with a mysterious stranger, not even five minutes after she's met him! Confused and upset the next day, Maizie decides there and then that she will not be seeing the stranger ever again. Yet, the stranger has other plans. Follow Maizie's journey as she struggles with boys, senior year and heart break to help find herself and determine her path in life.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Warnings: This story contains strong language and sexual content.

Disclaimer: In Australia (the country the novel is based in) the consent for sex is 16 years old.


It glistened in the moonlight over the dancing bodies. The smell of it, along with alcohol, lingered in the air, as bodies danced to the music, hips swaying and couples grinding on each other. A girl and a boy were making out over by the food table while another girl, her friend I assume, was filming the entire thing and making noises of encouragement. And me? Well I was standing in the corner watching everybody else have a good time.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy parties, no, they don’t bother me at all. I like letting go and having some fun with my friends. I just wasn’t enjoying this one. Probably because I didn’t know anyone here, besides my two friends who dragged me along. I can see Rosie now, her tongue shoved down a hot guy’s throat. That’s my best friend. I laughed to myself and took a sip from the red cup in my hands. I think it was cranberry vodka.

My other friend, Caylee, was dancing with a stranger I’ve never seen before, but she seemed to be having fun, so who was I to judge? By the way she was swaying, it was easy to tell that Caylee might’ve had a bit too much to drink. Rosie was supposed to be our sober ride home tonight, but she looked a little preoccupied with the hot guy to remember, hence why I’m standing alone in a corner, watching everyone else have fun.

I lifted the red cup to my lips again, tilting my head back as I downed the last of my drink. Deciding I needed another one, I started heading over to the drinks table to get a refill. This will be my second and last drink of the night since I’d rather not have to deal with a hang-over tomorrow.

Pushing my body through the crowd, something by my leg accidently snags onto my already-too-short skirt, stopping me short. My skirt seems to be caught on a spring sticking out of an old couch that two strangers seemed to be having a heavy lip-lock on. I start tugging at the cheap material, only lightly before becoming frustrated. With one large tug, the skirt rips and unexpectedly releases, and I go flying backwards into a body behind me. I feel the wet liquid drip down my backside before the smell of beer makes its way to my nose.

The music continues to play, but a few people nearby start to mutter things and snicker at my now, wet back. I slowly turn around, revealing the unfortunate stranger I accidently bumped into. I’m met with one of the most handsome boys I’ve ever seen. He wasn’t a boy, no way, the person standing in front of me was a man. His black hair was a little matted, like he’d been running his fingers through it and his tight, firm body strained against his black shirt. It’s like the sky was trapped in his eyes, and as I look into those eyes, they seem to be very angry with me.

“What the hell?” he growled at me.

The people around, continued on ignoring us as they went back to what they were doing before. My jaw was wide open because I couldn’t get over the beautiful specimen standing in front of me. I probably look grotesque in contrast due to the fact that my cheap, black skirt was ripped, and my back was now dripping with beer.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered, trying to avoid his intense gaze.

“Watch were you’re going,” he growled at me, his eyes narrowed.

Feeling frustrated and annoyed, I narrowed mine in return. “It was an accident and quite frankly I think you owe me an apology for spilling beer over my new shirt,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

His eyes didn’t miss my movements as they lowered towards my breasts. “Hey! Eyes up here buddy,” I snapped my fingers at him.

His eyes tore away from my breasts before zoning in on my own and narrowing once again. It made me want to cower in fear, but I held up my front and glared right back at him. What he did next, surprised me.

With one jerk, he pulled my body into his towering one and smashed his lips against mine. A gasp left my lips and my eyes went wide for a moment before I unconsciously began kissing him back. His hands were planted on my hips, squeezing each time a little moan escaped my mouth.

He started tracing my bottom lip with his tongue and I immediately denied entrance. He was going to have to work harder to make up for the fact he spilt beer all over my new shirt. He jerked away from my mouth, still clutching onto my hips before his eyes took in the view that was my body. My eyes automatically zoned in on his luscious lips, which were as swollen as mine felt.

He released my hips and I mentally cursed at the feel of missing his body close to mine. I knew nothing about this stranger, not one thing. When did I become so careless to who I kiss? He could have a girlfriend for all I know. So, while he was still checking me out, I had a quick glance around us at the girls. None of them really seemed to care that our faces were glued together a moment ago.

I lifted my eyes to his again, only to see that he was staring straight at me. Something about the action had my panties moistening. I felt his warm hand secure on my wrist and before I knew it, he was dragging me through the dancing bodies. I glanced back to see Rosie and Caylee, both still occupied with their strangers. And I guess I was occupied with mine.

The mysterious, sexy stranger dragged me into one of the rooms upstairs before slamming the door shut behind him.

And then he pounced.

His lips were on mine in a matter of seconds and a few moments after, I was kissing him back just as harshly. My body was clearly enjoying the sensation of his lips on mine, there was no doubt about that. But my head wasn’t able to comprehend the fact that I was hooking up with a stranger.

Pulling my lips away from his, I let out a breath. “Wait, wait,” I panted. “I don’t know anything about you.”

His lips descended on my throat, sucking the flesh and I knew that there would probably be marks tomorrow, yet I didn’t care, it felt too good. My head instinctively arched back, giving him more space to work with.

“Sebastian, 19, single,” was all he grunted before attacking my neck once more. I let out a little moan, and he smiled into my skin. I bet his smile was worth a million dollars just to look at. A shiver went down my back and I could’ve sworn my panties were drenched.

“Maizie... 17... sin- single,” I all but breathlessly muttered. I didn’t know if he cared or not, I just thought I should let him know. He hummed against my skin, before bringing his mouth back to mine.

His warm fingers ran up the outside of my thigh, before trailing their way to the inside. He was teasing me, and I knew it. It didn’t help that I was a virgin either, I felt more sensitive to his touch. I might be inexperienced, but it didn’t make me innocent. I had more than enough of steamy ideas planted in to my head.

His hand continued to tease me by trailing up my thighs and slightly caressing it. I wasn’t sure what he was doing as his hand went further down my leg, but as he grasped my leg and, in a flash, wrapped it around his waist, I couldn’t help but gasp. And he took the opportunity to plunge his tongue into my mouth. He had already won, there was no battle for dominance, my body easily gave into him.

What surprised me even more was when he lifted my whole body off the ground, his hands on my hips, causing me to quickly wrap my other leg around his waist. He started walking towards the bed, in the middle of the dark room, his lips never leaving mine.

He dropped us on the bed, his body hovering over mine and I moaned into his mouth at the friction of his hips on mine. Silently, his lips left mine, leaving me a panting mess. “Should we be doing this in here? Won’t the host get mad?” I whispered into the dark room.

“He’s a friend,” was all he said before his lips moved further down my throat. He leaned up, his fingers lacing the bottom of my shirt before I got the idea and he yanked it over my head. I felt bad and hoped that the stench of beer didn’t leak into his friend’s sheets.

His mouth hovered over the valley of my breasts, his warm breath heating up my flesh. It sure was hot in here. To be honest, it was kind of fun, being a little rebel. I was always seen as a good girl; my mother even thinks I’m staying over at Rosie’s tonight. I was, but I feel as though things have changed.

My thoughts were cut short as Sebastian’s tongue drew a line of the valley of breast and I all but moaned at his tongue. My back arched, and he took the opportunity to plant his hand under my back before unclipping my bra. It fell limp against my chest before Sebastian removed it all together. I wasn’t unhappy with my body; my breasts were full, and I had some sort of an ass. My stomach wasn’t flat, but who’s is now-a-days?

Sebastian moaned at the sight of my tightened buds before swinging down and taking one in his mouth. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and I tightly grasped onto his shirt. As if remembering he was still wearing it, he leaned back and ripped it off his body. My mouth practically drooled over his tight abs and I wondered why boys at my school didn’t look like that.

Was I really going through with this? Was I really just going to give my virginity to a hot stranger? Hell yeah! My mind screamed but I automatically scolded it.

My thoughts stopped when I noticed Sebastian kneel back and start unbuckling his jeans. His taught muscles were teasing me, and that’s when I knew the answer.

I was definitely losing my virginity tonight.

He pulled the constricting jeans down his legs, before throwing the pair on the ground with the rest of the disguised clothes. He looked down at my half-naked body, appreciating it with his eyes and I couldn’t help but blush. They zoned in on the rip in my cheap skirt and his eyes narrowed.

His hands went straight for it, and before I could do anything he literally ripped the skirt all the way down the side, leaving me in nothing but my panties. My jaw dropped, and I was about to scold him for it when I saw the amused look in his eyes. I couldn’t really get mad at him because I’d decided as soon as I got home, that skirt was going in the bin.

He leaned down towards my panty covered legs and I felt my juices flow even more if that was possible. I could feel his breath through the fabric of my underwear and my heart slammed against my rib cage. Slowly, but surely, he began tugging down the material, his breath teasing my core.

He looked at it for a moment and bit his lip. As soon as his fingers swiped across my opening I let out a loud moan. “So wet,” he mumbled underneath his breath before licking my juices of his finger. I whimpered, picturing his lips on me, and he smirked in return.

He climbed back over me, still in his boxes, and I couldn’t help but run my hands along his hard abs. I groaned in appreciation. He laughed, and I swear it was music to my ears. How could a laugh sound so nice?

My eyes latched on to the bulge in his boxers and I swallowed audibly. I saw his arrogant grin and wanted to slap it off his face. Teasingly, he slowly pulled the shorts of his hips, leaving him as bare as the day he was born.

I couldn’t stop looking at it. Could a penis be beautiful? Because that’s the only word that could come to my mind. I thought they were always kind of ugly and for a while thought I might be lesbian, but to my worries that changed. I wanted to run my tongue along it, taste it, and the thought made me lick my lips.

I heard Sebastian moan above me, his eyes on my lips. Ours both met and for a moment we just stared out each other. I felt like I was getting lost in the sky and I had to mutter something before I got too carried away.

“Condom?” I whispered. I was on the pill, but only a very small dosage, so my doctor had told me not rely on it until five months had past- I was in my third. I also didn’t want to get an STD. I’ve seen all the videos they showed us in class and by looking at Sebastian had a feeling he’d been with multiple girls, yet he didn’t seem the kind to have a venereal disease. It made my heart ache for a moment, but I quickly pushed the thought away. I didn’t know him, at all.

Sebastian leaned over towards the bed side table, his dick dragging along my stomach and sending shivers throw my body. He opened the draw and grabbed a condom from the packet that lay inside. I guess he and his friend were close.

The party was still going on downstairs, and something had me believing the upstairs was off limits, which kept my mind off the second-hand embarrassment if we were caught.

He tore off the foil packet before placing the piece of plastic on his thick girth. He hovered over my entrance just as I was second guessing the situation. I had a feeling I was extra tight and knew that they would be a lot of pain. I’d never been able to put a tampon in or stick more than one finger inside my vagina. I was prepared for the tears.

He nudged my hole with his penis, teasing me and I whimpered in return. Slowly, he slid the head inside and I couldn’t help but let out a little yelp. I moaned over the top, trying to persuade him that it felt good. He obviously fell for it, because inch by inch he slid inside.

It burned like a bitch and I bit down on my tongue to stop myself from crying out. Sebastian stiffened inside of me and looked down with his eyes narrowed slightly. “You right?” he grunted.

I silently nodded, adding “just big,” which he smirked at- which he was. He slowly started moving in and out, groaning at the pleasure.

“God, you’re so tight,” he said, quickening his pace, his eyes closed, and his head directed towards the ceiling. I couldn’t help but turn my head into one of his arms that was hovering over me and slightly bite into it. I tried not to be hard, but it seemed like he was enjoying it.

Slowly, very slowly, the pain somewhat faded and I knew that I’d be sore tomorrow morning. Pleasure started to take its place and little moans began escaping from my mouth. My stomach began to tight and as he picked up his pace, my body was losing control.

“That’s it baby, come on my cock,” he grunted, slamming into me.

I couldn’t help but clench around him due to his dirty words. He groaned in appreciation and soon enough, I was screaming his name as I came undone around him.

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