Softer Sins

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Chapter 10

The light crept in through under the door. The dimmed room made me feel out of place, like my presence wasn’t welcomed. There was a large television mounted on the brown wall in front of me, a foosball table to my left and what looked to be a bar to my right. The room screamed masculinity and manliness.

I could feel the party downstairs thumping through the floor, sitting awkwardly and waiting for my captor, also known as Theo, to return. He rushed me upstairs to a secluded games room said, “wait here,” and ran off. The unsettling feeling of seeing Rosie clutch on to Sebastian’s arm before hauling him away still lingered in my stomach. At least it wasn’t the evil red head.

Did I have a right to feel jealous? I trusted my friends with my life and hopefully the same could soon be said for Sebastian. But I couldn’t help but think of Lily’s words. He doesn’t do relationships. It was unfair to use those words against him, we were only just starting to get to know each other and I had no right to listen to other people’s rumours. Especially if it came from Lily Welsh herself.

My thoughts were cut short when I heard the door slam open, the loud music entering with the people behind it. There were three of them, the brown-haired boy, Theo, and two other strangers. One male and one female. The girl didn’t seem too interested by me with the way she was looking. The other boy, or should I say man, who looked my muscular than Bash had a blank face, giving nothing away. I shouldn’t have been scared because I knew Sebastian wouldn’t put me in a dangerous situation, but I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

It was only when Theo’s façade broke and gave me one of the brightest smiles I’ve ever seen that I finally let out a breath of relief. The other strangers studied me, but I tried my hardest to keep my eyes on the cheerful boy in front of me. He clapped his hands, making me jump back a little in my seat. “So, I’m Theo and this is Jesse and Vanessa,” he joyfully explained, motioning to the two behind him.

I looked over at Jesse. He was tall, taller than Sebastian and more muscular. His exterior shouted gentle with his calm face and the way he gave me a small nod, but I could easily tell he was one of the silent but deadly types. Not scary unless provoked. My eyes then turned to Vanessa, who looked as happy as Lilly did when I shouted at her a little while ago. She had golden hair and an hour glass figure, one that looked like it would fit perfectly against Sebastian, but I immediately scolded myself. My best guess, these were his friends.

“Um, Maizie,” I shyly mumbled, nodding my head in greeting. I swore I heard Vanessa scoff under her breath.

“Glad introductions are over, let’s get down to business. This is an interrogation,” Theo explained. My eyes widened. I never expected something like this to come from a party. Wasn’t I supposed to meet them in a crowded room with a drink in my hand? Not nervously shifting in a chair without my boyfriend by my side. I mean, they were his friends after all.

I wordlessly nodded at Theo before blinking. This was unusual but if it was what I had to do to win over his friends, so be it. They didn’t seem like they hate me, yet.

“Great,” Theo clapped his hands once more. His eyes narrowed as did his eyebrows and he leaned closer so that we were face to face. I couldn’t help but pull back from the sudden intrusion. “What is your intention with our Sebastian?” He seriously asked. My mouth dropped open, but before I could say anything, Theo was yanked back by his shirt and stumbled to regain his balance.

“We aren’t his parents you idiot,” Jesse scolded before throwing Theo the side. It was easy to tell that Theo was the goofy one out of the group. “Ignore him, we just want to ask a few friend questions,” Jesse explained. I nodded once more, feeling the burning gaze of Vanessa on the back of my head. I would definitely not be winning her over. Not tonight at least.

“Where did you meet?” Theo jumped back in with a question. I saw Jesse inaudibly sigh and I forced myself not to giggle at the duo. It seemed as though Jesse was Theo’s second dad.

“At a party,” I answered, putting on a brave front. Also trying to intimidate Vanessa a bit but she just scoffed and mumble “romantic” under her breath.″

“And what happened at said party?” Theo questioned, showing no sign her heard Vanessa or that he did and plainly ignored her. I couldn’t help but let my cheeks go red. I wasn’t comfortable discussing my sex life with Bash’s friends, even if he had possibly already told them.

“We... talked,” I said, scolding myself for sounding so unconvincing. It brought another scoff out from Vanessa’s mouth.

“Please, Sebastian doesn’t talk. Did you spread your legs for him like every other girl?” The blond shot at me. I couldn’t help but shrink back into the couch. I could take Lily’s torment because I had every other day, but when a stranger insults you, let’s just say it stings more than it should.

“Shut the fuck up Vanessa,” Theo snapped. “You don’t have to be here remember. Didn’t you beg to be here?”

I couldn’t be more thankful he stood up for me because I was in no position to do so myself. I wanted Bash’s friends to like me, not hate me because I let loose on one of them. Or what if I just proved to them that I wasn’t worth Sebastian’s time by being so weak and letting everyone walk all over me. I mentally cursed myself.

Jesse cleared his throat. “Next question,” he began “do you like him?” He asked, and my face dropped.

I blinked trying to process his words. “Is that really a question?” I asked, and Jesse shrugged in return. “Yes, yes, I like him,” I simply explained. Jesse and Theo nodded while Vanessa rolled her eyes.

“You don’t belong with him,” Vanessa said out of the blue. I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to bring on unnecessary drama. It was clear that she harboured feelings for him, practically every girl did. Hell, I still wondered why he chose me. He was so precious and pure yet dominating and sexy all at the same time. I clenched my legs together in shame.

“Vanessa!” Theo growled at her. It was clear to see these two didn’t get along. I had no idea what the relationship between Vanessa and Jesse was like.

“What? She deserves the truth. She won’t be good enough for him, they never are.”

The sentence struck me hard. I’d had doubts about whether or not I was good enough for Sebastian, and with one of his friends, someone he obviously trusted, to say my thoughts out loud was a low blow to my confidence and idea that I could be with Sebastian.

The room broke out in a loud roar, Theo and Vanessa shouting back and forth at each other and Jesse having to step in to stop the two from tearing each other apart. One thing was for sure, I didn’t like Vanessa and now I had two people to worry about rather than one.

Jesse’s eye caught mine and he tilted his head in the direction of the door. I got the message loud and clear and started heading for it. I wasn’t offended, I simply understood that Jesse didn’t want me to be wrapped in the wrath of Vanessa and Theo. His eyes sent me an apology explaining everything.

I headed for the door, walking around the ruckus of the two battling and outside where the music thumped loudly in my ears once again. I needed water and fresh air. I made my way down the stairs, still wondering what was happening with my boyfriend and best friends.

I pushed the sweaty bodies from my way, Jax being one of them and coping a feel as I made my way through the crowd. I stomped on his foot and slapped his face before disappearing to the crowd once more.

I made it to the kitchen, retrieving an empty cup and rinsing it thoroughly before taking a sip of water. I wasn’t stupid as to take a drink from a stranger, I knew the consequences that could happen if I ever did that. I made my way through the crowd again, the water clutched tightly against my chest, so no wandering hands would go near it.

The fresh air welcomed my burning body. I took a deep breath before taking another sip of water. Mid-sip I was tugged back by the shoulder, water splashing out of the cup and just missing my clothes. Bash stood in front of me, anger rolling off him in waves.

“What are you doing alone?” he questioned, taking to cup of water from my hands and sniffing it. “No one gave this to you, did they?” He asked.

“No, I got it myself,” I explained, “washed it and everything.”

I saw him visibly relax then pull me in close to his chest. I snuggled into his comfort and eased as his cologne melted around us. “I don’t think your friends like me,” I grumbled into his shirt. I felt his head snap down before placing a kiss on my neck.

“Why is that?” he questioned, his head inching towards my neck.

“They think I’m a whore, just using you,” I explained. “Or at least one of them does,” I grumpily mumbled into his chest.

I felt Sebastian sigh against me. “I knew Vanessa wouldn’t like you. I shouldn’t have let her in there,” he said, lifting his head from my neck and brushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

“She told me I wasn’t good enough for you,” I whispered. I willed myself not to break down. It was the same thing my father had said to my mother when she found out he’d cheated on her. When he left. Vanessa’s words struck harder than I thought they would because those words echoed in my head. I wasn’t good enough from him either, considering he up and left without as much as a goodbye, letting me and my sister know what we were worth to him.

Absolutely nothing.

I felt Sebastian tense but couldn’t stop myself from adding, “I’ve heard it too many times.” My voice was barely above a whisper, but Sebastian definitely heard.

“What did you just say?” He questioned, slightly tensed but also worried beneath his exterior. I shook my head against his chest.

“Not tonight. Please not tonight,” I stated. It was more of asking rather than telling but Sebastian nodded anyway and kissed my forehead.

“Let’s get you home,” he said, starting to move his feet but I stopped him before he could.

“You can’t drop me, my mum is home,” I explained. “I can’t show up without my friends they are staying over. I’d get in so much trouble.”

Sebastian sighed but nodded nevertheless. “Fine, but I’m not leaving your side until your cute butt is in that car,” he grumbled, and I automatically nodded in agreement. I didn’t want him to leave my side anyway.

“What were you doing with them anyway?” I asked as we made our way over to the house to look for my two friends.

“Same thing you were doing, an interrogation.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I knew Rosie would’ve given it her all and Caylee would’ve stood by the side with her arms crossed, amused. “I hope they didn’t scare you too much,” I joked.

Bash pulled me closer, his hands grabbing my waist and his lips on mine. “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere,” he whispered against my lips before claiming them.

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