Softer Sins

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Chapter 11

Warnings: Mature content ahead

I woke up Sunday morning on the floor of my bedroom. My back was sore, and my legs were aching but luckily enough I didn’t have a head ache from last night. I lifted my head up to see Caylee’s arm and leg dangling on my side of the bed. I don’t know what state of mind I was in that I agreed to share my bed with Caylee, considering she’s a rough sleeper. If I looked down I’m sure I would see bruises from where she kicked me throughout the night.

On the other side of the room, I could hear Rosie’s soft snores as both were still in a deep sleep. Rosie looked more comfortable and peaceful than Caylee. I heaved my heavy, sleep deprived body off the floor and carefully walked around the sleeping beings before making my way downstairs.

My mother was seated in her usual spot at the bench with a coffee in her hand and the newspaper in the other. My mother was an old school kind of person, she preferred reading over television, but that didn’t stop her from using it as a source of entertainment. She lifted her head and gave me a sweet smile, lowering her coffee cup.

“Good morning honey. Did you sleep well?” She asked, switching the newspaper in her hand to a piece of toast that sat in front of her.

I groaned loudly and dragged myself into the chair across from her. “As good as I can with Caylee kicking me all night,” I grumbled and reached forward for her coffee. She attempted to slap my hand away, but it didn’t deter me from taking a sip.

“You should’ve made her sleep on the single mattress then,” my mother laughed lightly before stealing the coffee from my hands. I grumpily grumbled under my breath. “Any plans for today?” She asked.

“Just going out with the girls,” I smoothly lied. I was hoping to spend the day with Sebastian. I’d barely seen him all week and for only about an hour last night. Now that is was official, I was going around to his place. Where he lived. Alone.

I wasn’t naive to think that all we would be doing was talking. I shiver made its way down my spine and goose bumps started to form on my arms.

“Are you alright honey?” My mum suspiciously questioned.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. It’s just a little chilly in here,” I tried to play it off. I leaned over the bench and grabbed her piece of toast before taking a bite. This time she did hit me, and I couldn’t help but laugh as I took another large bite before putting the leftovers back on her plate. “Have you heard from Ashley?” I questioned.

“Your sister is currently in Mexico,” she grumbled, “doing god knows what.” She took a long sip from her coffee.

“Probably partying and doing drugs,” I devilishly offered her and answer.

“Maizie!” She cried and slapped my arm. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” I cackled. “I think I’ll call her tonight. See what she’s been up to.”

My mother still didn’t look pleased at what I had just voiced, and I still couldn’t help but release another giggle. “Good,” she said. “Now go wake up those friends of yours and leave me in peace,” she grumbled.


I climbed out of the front seat of Caylee’s little car. I was lucky enough to call shotgun, which didn’t happen very often. I was currently standing in front of Bash’s apartment complex, my hand still wedged in the handle of the door, too nervous to let it go.

The window of the passenger’s side rolled down slowly, and I looked into the vehicle to see both Caylee and Rosie staring at me.

“What are you waiting for?” Rosie questioned. “Go get laid.”

My eyes narrowed at her. “I’m nervous,” I hissed, but before I could do anything else, she stuck her hand out the window and pried my fingers from the door handle.

“What else is the to be nervous about? You’ve been laid before!” She whispered back. There wasn’t really anyone else around, but we lowered our voices just in case. If anyone saw us they would think we were crazy anyway.

I scowled at Rosie, but she pushed me away from the car with the little strength she had before yelling; “Go! Go! Go!” as the car speeded away. I hated yet loved my friends at the same time.

Taking a deep breath, I pushed my nerves to the back of my head and started walking towards the lobby door. The complex wasn’t posh or expensive looking, but it was nice enough to surprise me how Sebastian could afford a place like this only being a year and a half out of school. I shook the question from my head and focused on heading up the stairs to Bash’s apartment floor.

I paused once I’d reached his door. The large number 32 was tormenting me and for a moment I wondered if it would just be easier to turn around, go back downstairs and wait for Rosie and Caylee to pick me up. My mind and body had other plans as I clenched my fist and knocked on the firm wood.

“It’s open,” I head Bash’s voice echo through the door. He didn’t yell, more like raised his voice. I swallowed my fear and gently turned the knob of the front door.

The place was dark, the curtains drawn, and the lights turned off. I was quite perplexed as I made my way into his apartment. Even with the lights off, I could still see that his walls were navy blue and that the carpet matched the drapes with a white tone. It surprised me how the colours matched well with each other more than it probably should have.

The little kitchen was the first thing to catch my eye, straight to the left as you entered through the door. I heard it click behind me, causing me to turn around. I walked forward, further into his dark living room where I stopped. Confused and suspicious.

“Bash?” I questioned, earning nothing but the sound of the buzzing fridge in return.

I let out a little gasp when I felt two warms hands grasp onto my hips from behind. He quickly pulled me to his body, clutching my hips tight, just enough that I wouldn’t be able to turn around in his hold. I could feel his bare chest push up against my clothed back.

“What’s going on?” I couldn’t help but whisper. It seemed too loud if I were to talk properly in the dark space.

Sebastian’s tongue came out to play with my neck. He didn’t kiss nor suck but left a trail of wetness from my collar bone up to my jawline. “You owe me two punishments,” he huskily whispered into my ear. I couldn’t help but shiver at both his closeness and his words. “Do you trust me?” he asked. My head automatically nodded, maybe not trust him with my life just yet, but enough for whatever he had planned.

I barely noticed as he pulled out a black piece of cloth somewhere from behind me. I got the idea pretty quickly and stayed still has he lace the black material around my eyes. My breaths couldn’t help but pick up pace in anticipation of what he was going to do next.

As soon has he’d finished tying the blindfold around my head, he quickly heaved me up over his shoulders where I couldn’t help but let out a little yelp. I was foreign to his apartment which meant I had no clue as to where he was taking me, but my question was answered as soon as I heard a door slam and felt soft material under my back.

Bash’s body warmth disappeared from mine and I narrowed my eyebrows, confused. It wasn’t until I felt his fingertips at the loose edge of my shirt. I sat up briefly, letting him pull the unkempt shirt over my head. His hands were gentle when he touched my shoulders, yet he firmly pushed me back into the bed.

I heard the clinking of metal before I felt it. The cool sensation locked around my wrist and I could hear my heart slamming against my ribcage. It wasn’t fear or excitement, but rather both as I felt Sebastian clamp my other hand to the side of the bed. I was shirtless, spread out and vulnerable, but for some reason I felt completely safe.

I let out a gasp as Sebastian’s wet tongue shot out and started to trace up my navel into the valley of breasts, yet he didn’t stop there. His warm mouth latched onto my aching bud, before swirling his tongue around the flesh. I let out a breathless moan, my hands clutching hard onto the metal of the cuffs. He was teasing me, I realised, as punishment.

“Bash please,” I begged. I needed some sort of friction closer to my core. I could feel his body hovering over mine, but his chest, nor hips were making contact with my skin. Only his sweet tongue continued to assault my aching buds, switching from one to the other. “Please Sebastian. I’m begging,” I whined, not caring about anything but him being inside me at this very moment.

He chuckled breathlessly against my skin but said nothing else. I felt his body lift from mine and shivered just as his fingertips traced my hip bone. I was thriving under him with just one touch, it felt like I was about to explode from all the sexual frustration. He began to very gently rub me through my jeans, and I cursed myself for wearing a thick material like denim instead of my leggings. I was getting off while Sebastian was only rubbing me through my clothes.

I felt instant relief as he quickly yanked down the constricting material. I couldn’t help but let the hormones take over and lift my hips to help him get my clothes off. I was thanking the lord that he’d taken my underwear with them. My wrists were stinging at this point from having the need to touch Sebastian.

I felt his breath hovering near my entrance and that was when I froze. My heart was beating so fast in my chest I was sure that it’d break through my rib cage. Everything was silent and there was so much sexual tension hanging in the air. I couldn’t take anymore.

“Bash please,” I begged once more. His warm breaths came closer to my swollen bud, and I could’ve sworn I heard him groan. I was thankful that I wasn’t the only one trying not to explode.

“But this is what you deserve baby,” Sebastian answered. “You’ve been very bad.” As soon as he’d finished his sentence he gave my pussy one, long lick with his tongue and I cried out in frustration.

“Sebastian cut the shit,” I snapped. “Just fuck me with your mouth already.”

He didn’t move or say a word. I almost thought he wasn’t there for a moment, but I could still feel his breath on my throbbing crotch. My hands were digging harshly into the metal cuffs which lead me to say the words that would surely lead me to my death.

“I’ll do anything.”

“Anything?” Sebastian repeated. I could hear the smugness in his voice. Is that what he wanted to hear the whole time?

“Anything,” I whispered but almost immediately regretted my choice of words. Anything entailed everything, and for some reason, I knew ‘anything’ was going to be a lot worse than the torture I was facing now.

It was silent for a moment, but it turned into utter bliss when Sebastian’s mouth finally latched onto my wanton hole. I practically screamed at the top of my lungs as the pressure was being released.

Sebastian’s tongue was working wonders, swirling my labia in his mouth before diving his tongue inside. I was always impressed how deep Sebastian’s tongue could go, but my thoughts were cut off as he repeatedly started hitting that pleasurable spot. I swear I was about to faint.

My orgasm surprised both me and Sebastian, but he quickly recovered in no time and started lapping up my juices. I couldn’t control the moans coming from my mouth or the way that my hands yanked against the hand cuffs. My hands were begging to run through those thick locks of his.

Sebastian’s lips planted themselves on mine, his tongue diving into my mouth and willing me to taste myself. He broke away not soon after, both of us struggling to catch our breath.

“Never again,” I panted, my eyes still shielded by the blind fold. I felt the bed dip beside me, but Sebastian made no move to take off the blind fold or the hand cuffs.

“You owe me anything I want baby,” he whispered in my ear before leaning over and placing a lustful kiss on my lips.

I was in deep shit.

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