Softer Sins

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Chapter 16

Sunday morning, I woke up a mess. My hair was tangled on top of my head, there was dried drool on my chin, and my neck was throbbing from the angle I had slept on. I slowly began to stretch my aching bones, contemplating if today was worth getting out of bed for.

What I noticed first was the lack of bodies in my room. There were sheets and pillows scattered throughout, obvious evidence that I had not spent the night alone, but as I looked around I could only see Fluff happily snoring away on the tossed sheets.

I rubbed my dry eyes, my mind off and my body on flight mode. At least until I heard shuffling on the other side of my bedroom door. I squinted at the gap beneath the piece of wood to hardly make out the shape of shadows. It was even more suspicious when I heard hushed voices from the other side.

“Hurry up and light the damn candles!” I faintly heard Caylee’s voice.

“Shut up or she’ll hear you,” Rosie snapped back.

I considered saying something but was honestly enjoying the free entertainment right outside my door. It seemed as Fluff was entertained as well, her tail wagging and a big smile. I could’ve sworn I heard shoving and pushing before the door suddenly swung open.

The first thing I noticed was the pain on Rosie’s face and the smug look on Caylee’s. It brought a small smile to my lips which quickly vanished as I looked at the items in the girl’s hands.

I was confused at first, studying the items in their hands. It took me a moment or two to realise why Rosie was holding a cake and why Caylee was holding a wrapped gift. It was my birthday, and a boy had made me so upset that I had forgotten the day I had been looking forward to in months.

“Happy Birthday!” Both girls screamed.

The happiness only lasted a moment, before their eyes landed on my face. They looked concerned, but more confused at my frozen state.

“Is she in shock?” Rosie not-so-subtly whispered to Caylee.

Caylee studied me for a moment, before walking over and sitting to the side of my bed. She squinted her eyes, poking and prodding, until she pinched my arm. Hard.

“Ouch!” I hissed, pulling my sore arm away from her. “What the hell was that for?”

She shrugged. “I’m just making sure you’re alive. Are you sure there’s someone in there?” She asked, tapping on my forehead before I slapped her hand away.

“Yes, this head is occupied. I just forgot it was my birthday is all,” I grumpily shrugged off.

“Forgot it was your birthday?” Rosie practically screamed. Even Fluff whined at her loud, high pitched tone. She began to rapidly shuffle over, forgetting about the sugar-filled cake in her hands.

“How the heck do you forget it was your birthday? You haven’t shut up about it in months?”

“Watch the candles!” I hissed. “These are new sheets.”

It was at that moment that Rosie remembered the current fire hazard in her hands. She pulled a distraught face before moving the cake away from my sheets. She hovered it closer to my face with an expectant look on hers. I rolled my eyes before blowing out the candles.

“You didn’t even make a wish,” Rosie whined, looking at the fireless candles.

“You both know what my wish would’ve been,” I mumbled.

It went dead silent when those words left my lips. The girls looked at each other sadly. I sat in silence with them, until something pleasant wafted into my room. My smile grew, and I ripped the sheets off, somewhat shoving Rosie and Caylee out of the way. When I didn’t hear them behind me, I turned around.

“Well?” I questioned. “Aren’t we going to go eat my wish?”

They looked at me confused, and a little bit concerned. I rolled my eyes.

“Bacon and eggs,” I pointed out.

Both girls sighed in relief. I didn’t even want to think about Sebastian. My heart shattered with the thought. No one tells you how hard heart break is. I mean they can try to describe it to you, but unless you feel it yourself you can never really understand.

I pulled the warm covers off my body, hopping out of bed and walking in between my two best friends over to the door. My cheeks and eyes stung from wanting to cry more, and I had a huge headache, probably from crying so much.

I headed over to the bench where my mum was once again cooking bacon and eggs. I heard Rosie and Caylee’s footsteps stop beside me as well as the sound of Fluff’s tail hitting furniture.

I smiled to myself. I didn’t deserve my mother, my friends or even my dog. They were too good to me. A liar, who wasn’t good enough for the boy she loved.

I didn’t want to be sad anymore. I wanted time to hurry up and heal already. I wanted the school to be done with the gossip about me. I wanted to be done with the nights I lay in bed crying at night, over one boy. I wanted to mentally skip the next few weeks.

I shoved another spoonful of food into my mouth. My phone vibrated from next to me. Rosie had brought it down in case family wanted to call me for my birthday. But when my phone vibrated, the message wasn’t from family.

Happy Birthday Maize... the text message read.

My sadness instantly turned into anger. Did Jax really think that after everything he’d be in my good books? He had been nothing to me since he ‘accidentally’ cheated on me. There was nothing he could to prove to me that he was worth my time, especially now.

Caylee tried to take the phone out of my hands, but I snatched it back more harshly then I intended.

“Maizie!” my mother scolded me.

I looked over at Caylee who seemed a little upset but completely understood. She gave me a small smile.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

Caylee scooted over to me, as did Rosie seeing as I was sat in the middle of them. Rosie lay her head on my shoulder, while Caylee wrapped her arm around me and started to slowly rub my back.

I really didn’t deserve my friends.

“Give him hell,” Caylee whispered into my ear.

I let out a little giggle as well as a sniff. I hadn’t even realised I was crying, but once they weren’t sad tears for Sebastian, they were thankful tears for my friends.

I looked like a mess. Laughing, with tears dripping down my face, my hair a tangled mess, and snot dripping from my nose. Caylee gave me one last rub on my back before she put her chin on my shoulder to watch my phone.

I couldn’t think of anything bad to say to him off the top of my head, so like the child I am, I wrote a silly reply.

Piss off you, fat, ugly hobo...

It was too late to change what I said as I had hit send almost immediately. The signature sound rang as the text message sent and delivered.

Caylee, Rosie and I sat in silence for a moment just staring at the text message. The only sound that could be heard was the running of the tap as my mother did the dishes.

A burst of laughter suddenly left Rosie’s lips. Caylee only lasted a few seconds more before she couldn’t hold it in any longer. I laughed myself, a bit embarrassed at my childish remark.

“It wasn’t that bad was it?” I asked, laughing and rubbing my wet cheeks.

Apparently, my comeback was so funny that not either one of my friends was able to speak a coherent sentence through their laughter. I couldn’t help but giggle myself every now and then, but also wanted an answer from them both.

“Guys... seriously stop,” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Caylee took a deep breath and just as I thought she was about to talk, she began laughing again. I had to shove both of them in the ribs to try and stop them from laughing. My mother watched, amused, from the other side of the island. She herself was trying not to laugh, even though she had no idea what we were laughing about. That was another thing that I loved about my friends, their laughs and happiness was contagious.

“Okay, okay, we are done,” Rosie was finally able to breath out.

“Hey girls,” my mum piped in. “I know they tell you that there is a lot of fish in the sea...”

“But there is also a lot of trash.”

“So, don’t you girls ever settle with less than what you’re worth.”

All three of us just stared at my mother for a while, before we all got out of our seats. I was the first to step forward and wrap my arms around my mother’s waste. Rosie and Caylee followed my lead, all of us ending up in a family hug.

My mother was a second mother to Rosie and Caylee, much like their parents were too me. But my mother was all I had currently had. She had sacrificed so much for me and there would be nothing in the world that I could do to pay her back.

I really didn’t deserve these people.

It wasn’t long before Fluff became jealous and started whining at us. We broke apart from our group hug, Fluff happily bouncing over to us for unlimited pats.

“You didn’t open your gift yet,” Rosie said quietly, reaching for the small box on the counter.

It was so small it fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. It had an equally small ribbon tied in a bow on top.

I gave the girls a huge smile, before I delicately unfolded the bow. I pulled the ribbon off and opened the tiny box.

I was so speechless. A green, large crystal shined up at me. The rock was huge, imbedded with small pieces of what I assumed with diamond.

A ring. But it wasn’t just any ring. I pulled the little note that hid under the gorgeous piece of jewellery.

“A promise ring. To promise that we will always love you even when stupid boys don’t’”

I couldn’t help but let the tears flow again. I had been crying way too much since my heart was broken, but for the second time in one day, my friends had made me cry tears of joy.

These people deserved the world, and I would never take them for granted.

I brought my two best friends into another hug and balled my eyes out in their arms. I was in such a vulnerable state but in my family’s arms I was in the safest place I could possibly be.

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