Softer Sins

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Chapter 19

The weekend came sooner than expected. One minute I was happily lounging in my pyjamas, alone in my bed and then the next I was getting ready for my eighteenth.

I was now in my outfit Rosie and I had picked out, feeling a little self-conscious with the amount of skin I was showing around the top half of my body. I knew I’d get cold, especially if I’d only be drinking a few cups of alcohol. I hadn’t planned on getting drunk, I needed to be some-what sober when it was time to clean the house.

“I’m so excited for tonight! This is going to be great. Just us girls, having a good old’ time,” Rosie exclaimed, while applying mascara to her already, long lashes.

“You know what will be even more fun? Cleaning up the mess in the morning!” Caylee said, sarcastic but cheerful. I couldn’t help but chuckle as Rosie stuck her tongue out at Caylee.

“What about you Maizie? Are you keen?” Rosie asked, turning to me.

“Are you sure this is okay to wear? I mean it’s not hiding much,” I questioned, having another look at my outfit in the full-body mirror. The crop top really only covered my chest, and if the jeans weren’t high waisted, I’d feel naked.

“You look great! Don’t you want a certain someone to see what he’s been missing?” Caylee wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

“Sebastian’s an asshole, she doesn’t need his approval,” Caylee said, applying a layer of lip gloss to her lips.

It went silent as Rosie and I stared at her. Her words were harsh and crueller than one would think. Her tone had an underlying meaning, and I had a small feeling she wasn’t talking about Sebastian.

This wasn’t her usual self. Sure, she was more straight forward than other people we knew, and we were used to that. We weren’t used to this. She’d never been this rude to either of us before.

“Hey, are you okay?” I softly questioned. “Because if there is something going on, you can tell us. If you feel like you can’t talk to me because of what’s happened recently- “

“It’s nothing,” she harshly cut me off. Rosie and I stared at her again. “God, you guys are such a bore. I’ll be downstairs, setting the drinks up,” she said then practically raced out of the room.

I looked to Rosie. “What was that about?”

“I have no idea.”

“Do you think it had something to do with the breakup? Her not being able to confide in me because she thinks she can’t?” I asked Rosie.

She shook her head. “No, she’d be more upset and would’ve at least told me. That was something different. She looked at us like…”

“Like she hated us.”

It was silent for a bit. We weren’t sure why Caylee would suddenly treat us this way. It wouldn’t be because she didn’t come shopping with us, in fact she declined.

“Maybe she just needs a night out?” Rosie asked.

“Yeah,” I answered, not convinced.

Rosie and I both went back to preparing ourselves for my party. Her continuing with the application of her makeup and me adjusting the top, trying to find a way to cover more with less. The party began in less than 20 minutes and to say I was nervous was an understatement.

We were disturbed when the floor stated shaking from the sudden burst of music. Rosie looked towards me, her face full of excitement. Her expression dropped a bit when she saw that I wasn’t smiling back at her.

“Hey, no sad faces. This is your eighteenth we are going to have so much fun,” Rosie said, grabbing me by the shoulders and gently shaking me.

“I’m not sad, I’m nervous,” I admitted.

“Why would you be nervous?” she asked, looking puzzled.

“I honestly have no idea, I just am.”

Rosie studied me for a moment, seeming to know the answer to my questionable nervousness. Deep down we both knew why I was nervous.

I chose to ignore it, shaking my head out of my thoughts and grabbing some lip gloss before applying it to my lips. I could feel Rosie’s stare on the back of my head but pretended not to notice.

We both heard voices and laughs coming from downstairs, meaning the guests were starting to arrive. By guests, I mean people from school who I’ve probably, only talked to once. Rosie was in charge of the guest list, meaning that I wouldn’t be surprise if the whole senior class was currently in my living room.

“Are you ready?” Rosie questioned from behind me, a large smile on her face.

I turned to her, mimicking the large smile on her face. “Hell, yeah I am. Let’s get fucked up!”

Rosie squeals at my choice of words before grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the door. I follow her lead, giggling like a little girl behind her. We quickly rush down the stairs, stopping a few steps before we reach the floor. I was right, my house was full of almost everyone from my senior class. People were dancing, or their version of dancing, drinking and making out like there was no tomorrow. Apart from the nagging in my head telling me that I’d have to clean this up tomorrow, I was actually excited.

A boy named Josh appeared from the crowd, a drink in his hand and his shirt off. We hadn’t spoken much but shared a few classes. He was a nice boy, a gentleman.

“Ladies,” he greeted with a big smile on his face. It was hard to hear him of the loud music, but his voice was slurred a bit, indicating he had a few pre-drinks before rocking up.

“Hey Josh,” Rosie shouted from beside me.

Josh held his hand out towards me. “Would the birthday girl like to dance?”

Rosie squealed next to me and shoved me in the shoulder with her own. I knew the large smile on my face wasn’t going to disappear for a long time. I nodded before taking Josh’s hand and letting him pull me onto the dance floor.

I like it started playing loudly on the speakers. I had to commend Rosie for her excellent choice in music. My body and Josh’s started to move to the beat of the music. Slow, sensual movements, but Josh knew that all we were doing was having some fun. He took a sip of his drink, some of the alcohol missing his mouth and running down his chest. I couldn’t help but laugh before we went back to dancing.

I noticed a girl in the corner eyeing Josh from behind him. I smiled as an evil thought came to mind. I moved closer to Josh, leaning in before snatching the drink from his hand. He looked shocked at first but couldn’t hide the smile that was sprouting on his lips. I giggled, turning him around before pushing his back hard, causing him to trip and land almost on top of the girl.

My hands flew to my mouth looking at the disaster I had just made. I was relieved when I saw Josh quickly grab onto the girl’s hips to stop her from falling down. The whole thing was quite romantic if I said so myself. My large smile came back to my face when I saw both of them smiling and talking.

It was that moment Taste played over the speakers. I was now alone on the dance floor, surrounded my dancing bodies. I shrugged my shoulders, seeing no reason why I couldn’t dance alone. My body started moving to the beat of the music, myself getting lost in the music. I felt good to not care, even if there wasn’t any alcohol in my body just yet. I felt a few eyes staring at me but ignored them and continued to dance.

I felt an arm wrap around my arm and my eyes snapped open. Rosie was staring at me giggling. “I think that’s enough boners missy,” she giggled.

I looked around to see the a few boys were staring at me with that hungry look in their eye. I slammed my hand over my mouth and giggled, unaware at the discomfort I was causing some of them.

“Let’s go play some beer pong!” Rosie shouted over the loud music. I immediately nodded and let her drag me towards the crowd of people at the table.

“The birthday girl wants to play!” Rosie shouted over the mass of people.

“She can join my team!” A boy named Shawn shouted back towards us. He had a huge smile on his face and for some reason, his shirt was off as well.

I giggled and manoeuvred through the crowd, stopping right next to Shawn. Rosie stood on the opposite side of the table, playing with another boy Logan.

Rosie’s team was up first. Logan gave her a little wink before giving her the ball. She giggled and held it up to his lips. He kissed the ball, making her giggle again. She positioned herself, closing one eye before letting the ball fly out of hands and straight into one of the cups. The crowd cheered, and Rosie gave me a little wink. I chuckled, watching Shawn pick up the cup. It was last minute thinking, but I snatched it out of his hand and downed the drink. The crowd cheered again.

The game went back and forth, until both teams only had one cup left. It was my turn to throw the ball, and if I missed we would surely lose. For someone as uncoordinated as Rosie, she hadn’t missed a single shot.

The crowd was quiet as they watched me aim the ball. My nerves were through the rough and I could only just feel the effects of the alcohol flowing through my body. I took a deep breath before letting the ball fly through the air.

It felt as though time had stopped as we all watched the ball. It finally landed with a splash into Rosie and Logan’s last cup. The crowd cheered loudly, and Shawn and I turned to each other and jumped into each other’s arms.

“Alright you win this one,” Rosie chuckled before downing the drink. I stuck my tongue out at her.

My victory was only short lived when I felt someone pull me back by the shoulder. Caylee looked mad but also worried.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned worriedly.

She looked around, her eyes meeting Rosie’s before she nodded her head away from the beer pong table.

All three of us moved away from the table, somewhat concealed by the dancing bodies. Caylee and Rosie gave each other unsettling stares before I couldn’t take it anymore.

“What? What is it?” I shouted of the music.

Caylee looked directly at me and sighed.

“Sebastian’s here.”

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