Softer Sins

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Chapter 2

I woke up that morning, tangled in sheets and limbs. Sebastian was lying on his stomach, his face against the pillow and snoring soundly. One of his arms dangled over my covered torso and I couldn’t help but marvel at the great view in front of me. But I needed to leave.

Slowly, I gently grab Sebastian’s arm and lift it a mere inch off my covered stomach, stopping when he would stir. Eventually, after some mad flexibility, I’m able to untangle myself from his gorgeous body. I curse in my head at the fact I have to search for my clothes in the nude.

I scramble around the room, only slivers of sunlight peeking through the dark curtains. I feel goose bumps rise on my skin from the cool air. I find my bra first, slipping it on as quickly and quietly as possible. Nothing would be more embarrassing than getting caught doing the walk of shame. And I certainly wasn’t going to stick around, I knew what one-night-stands were.

I found my shirt next, crinkled and smelling like beer, cringing as I put it on. It would definitely need a soak when I got home. I spent the next five minutes looking for my underwear and not being able to find them. Grumbling under my breath, I walk into the wardrobe, shuffling around for some bottoms and only come up with a pair of large boxers, remembering that Sebastian had literally torn off my skirt. I hoped his friend wouldn’t realise that a pair of his boxers were missing. I didn’t want to come back.

I put one leg through one hole before hissing at the pain between my legs. I slammed my hand around my mouth to stop it from coming out. Sebastian stirred in his sleep and I let out a silent breath when he stopped moving. Gritting my teeth, I pull the rest of the boxers up before waddling out of the room like an idiot.

It was painful to walk down the stairs, but I eventually made it. I spotted my phone and purse on the kitchen table and thanked the lord that no one had stolen them. I almost screamed when I turned around and came face to face with a perplexed Rosie.

“Jesus Christ! You scared me!” I whisper-shouted.

“Sorry,” she said, running a hand down her face. Her black hair sat messily on top of her head and her unkempt clothes had bunched around her torso. “Are we leaving? My car is still outside, and I’d like to be home before my mum wakes,” she sleepily explained.

“Yeah, we just need to find Caylee first,” I answered, shoving my phone in my purse before we began doing a search around the trashed house. I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Nothing would be worse than having to interact with Sebastian after what happened last night. I was already embarrassed enough. I don’t understand how girls do this, I mean, I’m not judging or anything, but this life isn’t really cut out for me.

“Wait,” Rosie says, as if noticing something for the first time. “What are you wearing?” She asked.

I just continued walking, ignoring her scrutinizing gaze on the back of my head. She pulled my arm back after a moment and I was forced to look her directly in the eye. “Hang on a second,” she said, studying me. “Are you doing the walk of shame?”

I turned my head to the side and started fiddling with my fingers. My silence and the action gave everything away, since it was a habit I’d picked up when I was embarrassed. “You so are!” She yelled. “You little bitch! You lost your virginity last night,” she exclaimed while hitting me.

“Ouch! Stop! No...” I try to convince her back the words get stuck on my tongue as she raises her eyebrows at me. “Fine, yes okay I did. Are you happy?” I give in.

She squeals loudly, and I shoved my hand over her mouth before she woke up the unconscious bodies littered around the house. She licked my hand in return and I pull it away, wincing.

“What the hell are you two screaming about?” Caylee appeared from behind us. Before I’m even able to open my mouth, Rosie beat me to it.

“Maizie lost her virginity last night!” She exclaimed clapping. Caylee gave me an impressed look with her eyebrows raised.

“Nice, about time.”

I give her a scolding look before dragging my friends out of the stranger’s house. I practically shoved the girls in the car before jumping into the back seat myself. I slouched down and crossed my arms over my chest, hoping that they would just start the car. Unfortunately, my wishes don’t come true and instead both girls look over the back of the seat, expectantly waiting for answers.

I let out a defeated sigh, silently telling them to have at it.

“How was it?” Rosie is the first to ask.

“Kind of painful,” I truthfully replied. There was no point in lying to them, they were my best friends and eventually they’d get it out of me one way or another.

“Did he make you come?” Caylee asked. She was never really afraid to speak her mind, yet she was cautious about others and would usually only do it around Rosie and myself.

I rolled my eyes at her, feeling the warmth on my neck and cheeks settle in. “Yes,” I quietly answered.

“Damn, you got lucky girl. He must have a magical dick,” Rosie stated.

Caylee and I both looked at her before we all started bursting out in laughter it had my stomach hurting. It also had something else hurting but that was just because of my previous encounters from last night.

“Okay, okay,” I said, trying to settle down from the laughter. “Can we please go? I’m currently not wearing underwear and these boxers are riding up,” I explain.

“Yeah, okay. My mum will probably be up in half, we should get going,” Rosie said, turning the key in the ignition. I decided that when we got to Rosie’s house I’d have a long shower and scrub away the essence of sex, even if I’d like the husky scent of Sebastian that still lingered on me.

On the drive home, Caylee and Rosie told me about their respective strangers and how they had both passed out in the house with the other sleeping bodies. We usually weren’t this outgoing, but I suppose that’s what boys and a few drinks to do you.

I practically sprinted to the shower as soon as Rosie pulled into the driveway. Luckily enough Rosie’s parents weren’t awake as we sneaked back into the house. We decided to make plans to go out and get some breakfast after we all showered.

I stood under the boiling water, trying hard to scrub away the smell of sex and alcohol. I watched as a few bits of blood dripped down the drain and prayed that there wasn’t any blood on the sheets. I didn’t want to think of seeing Sebastian again, or rather having to face him. But as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t get him off my mind. His sculptured bodies and his gorgeous face had me wanting to do dirty things to him that I almost scared myself. I wasn’t new to having steamy thoughts, I’d just never had them on one person in particular.

I stepped out of the shower, the bathroom covered in steam. Water pooled on the mat beneath my feet as I wrapped the comfy material around my body. I slipped into black leggings and a plain red shirt before exiting the bathroom. Rosie and I sat on our phones and chatted while we waited for Caylee to get out of the shower. I excused myself to the hallway and made a phone call to my mum.

“Hi honey,” she answered the call in a sleepy voice.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” I whispered into the phone, trying to keep the noise down for both my mother and Rosie’s parents.

“No, I’ve just been lying in bed for a bit. How was your night?” she asked.

I felt bad lying to her. She knew we were going to a party and was sleeping over at Rosie’s house afterwards, she just didn’t know whose party and what was going to happen. I only twisted the truth a little bit. She definitely would lock me in my room for eternity if she found out I’d lost my virginity to a man who graduated two years ago, not caring that I was in my senior year now.

“It was good, we had some fun. The girls and I are going out for breakfast, so I’ll be home just after lunch. Rosie’s going to drop me,” I informed her. I didn’t really lie to my mother, it was kind of hard to because of that stare she always gave me. This was a one-time thing.

“Sounds good baby. I’m going out for the night with the girls. So, no boys and no parties. Am I clear?” she asked jokingly. My dog was company enough and she knew it.

“Yes mum,” I answered in a monotone voice.

We said our goodbyes and afterwards I re-entered Rosie’s room to see the girls ready and waiting. “Are we leaving? I asked.

“Yeah, I’m just sending my mum a text for when she wakes up,” Rosie responded, typing away on her phone.

I’m not going to lie, it was great that one of us had our license. I only had a couple more months before I could go for mine, but Rosie was more than willing to drive us around. I think she just got a kick out of being our chauffeur.

We arrived at a cute, little café not twenty minutes later. I ordered bacon and eggs- my go to breakfast, while Rosie ordered pancakes and Caylee ordered a muffin.

“Do you feel like a real woman now?” Rosie asked out of the blue. Caylee had been the only one to lose her virginity, before last night, with her long-term boyfriend before he broke things off. Rosie and I were always wondering about intimate things and Caylee had no problem telling us how womanly she felt. I guess Rosie was just left out considering she was the last one left.

“I guess? I think I’ll be able to put a tampon in now,” I joked, my face turning red as cute waiter delivered our meals.

Way to go Maizie, you idiot. Why not embarrass yourself in front of two good-looking guys in one day?

I scolded myself and looked down into my lap. I could hear the snickers of Rosie and Caylee and as the waiter walked away they both burst out laughing. I sunk back into my chair.

“You don’t really feel any different,” I mumbled as their laughter finally died down. I shoved a big portion of eggs and toast into my mouth, silently cringing at me for being me.

“I feel left out,” Rosie pouted.

“You shouldn’t. I kind of regret not doing it with someone special. At least he was good,” I shrugged.

Caylee and I both knew that Rosie had a long-term crush on a boy named Liam at school. He was nice and sweet, and I’d always tell Rosie to go up and ask him out, but she’d always blush and brush it off. It was hypocritical of me because I usually couldn’t talk to a boy. I thanked the little bit of alcohol in my system last night for giving me enough courage.

We finished our meals, I paid because of all the driving Rosie did and just in general for Caylee. She didn’t complain. As Rosie dropped me off, I caught my mum at the last-minute leaving for the night.

“Hey mum,” I said, swinging my bag onto the couch before I plopped down beside it. I let out a breath of relief and closed my eyes for a moment.

“Hey honey, I’m just about to leave,” she said, rushing around and shoving the last of her things in her purse. She walked towards me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. My golden retriever, Fluff (I know), came up and started rubbing herself against my legs.

“Fluff is in charge until I get back,” my mum said, giving me a scolding look. I rolled my eyes in return and bent down to scratch my pup behind the ears. Dogs were my absolute life. If I didn’t marry a man, I’d marry a dog.

My mum gave me one last kiss on the cheek before walking out the door and slamming it shut behind her. It was a couple of minutes later that I heard the knocking on the door, cursing at having to get up from my comfy spot on the couch. By this point I’d changed into some comfortable shorts, a large shirt and rolled some socks on my feet. It was my go-to stay at home look.

I got up off the couch, thinking of the things my mum could’ve left behind. She’d usually forget her phone for work in the morning, so I’d say she’d done it again.

“What did you forget this time?” I playfully scolded, pulling the heavy door open.

My jaw dropped.

Standing in front of me, was not my mother, but no other than my one-night-stand with my lace underwear in his hands, devilishly smirking.

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