Softer Sins

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Chapter 20

My heart dropped when I heard those words leave Caylee’s mouth. However, instead of feeling sad like I had been lately, all I could feel was angry. I took a deep breath and pursed my lips. Caylee’s eyes were watching me closely, as were Rosie’s. The difference between them is that Caylee’s looked angry while Rosie looked worried.

I let out an unbelievable laugh. “Where is he?” I asked with a fake smile through clenched teeth.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Rosie asked slowly.

I stuttered. “I- I just… want to have a word with him.”

“She looks like she’s going to kill him…” Caylee mumbled under her breath.

Looking towards Rosie, I noticed her eyes were peering over my shoulder, her eyes wide and her mouth clamped shut. I tried to turn my head, but she quickly grasped my face between her hands, stopping me from turning my head.

“Rosie…” I started, oddly calm but threatening. “Let go of my face.”

She held tight onto my face, but the look in my eyes must’ve been more terrifying than I intended, because slowly, she removed her hand from my cheeks. It was as if she thought I was going to bite her.

Slowly, I turned my head to get a view from behind me. Our eyes met almost immediately. He had been staring at me, but for how long? I pursed my lips, staring with pure anger. He already had a drink in his hand and for all I knew he’d only just arrived.

I went to step forward, my intention to give him a piece of my mind, but a hand grasped tightly on my shoulder, stopping me short.

I turned to see Caylee tugging me back, forcing me to direct my attention to her.

“You shouldn’t go near him.” She said in an almost threatening voice. “I’ll tell him to leave.”

“Wait,” Rosie said, pulling Caylee back by the arm. She had a mysterious look on her face, analysing Caylee. “Maybe Maizie should be the one to tell him off. It is her party after all.”

“No!” Caylee basically shouted, a few party goers turning around in the process to look at the commotion. I didn’t doubt that Sebastian would have seen it also, since he made it so obvious as to stare at us.

“Caylee?” I questioned.

She took a deep breath, her tense frame loosened, and she put a smile on her face that was obviously fake. “Fine,” she said, “I’m going to go get a drink.” She stumbled over to the beer pong table, stealing a shot of tequila from another girl and downing it quickly.

I turned back to Rosie, her eyebrows scrunched together. She eventually turned back to me, her attention focusing on me.

“I’ll go deal with that,” she gestured towards Caylee. “You go give him a piece of your mind.”

I nodded, taking a deep breath before Rosie gave me a thumbs up and wandered over to the direction Caylee had gone. I shut my eyes, took a deep breath and gave myself a little pep talk.

I turned around, a determined look on my face. As expected, he was already staring at me. He looked a little surprised when I started walking towards him. He placed the cup that was in his hand, on the bench next to him. He straightened up, fixing himself up to prepare for my arrival. Eventually, I reached him.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” I demanded, getting straight to the point.

He stared at me for a moment, checking me out, yet not in a romantic way more to see if I had changed since he last saw me.

“It’s your birthday,” was all he said. He didn’t look sad, in fact he looked better than okay. I had to scold myself for still finding him attractive even after everything that had happened.

“I noticed,” I said in an equally calm voice.

We stared at each other for what felt like forever. My face challenging him to pull a stupid stunt, so I had a reason to kick him where the sun doesn’t shine. His face was passive, studying mine, acknowledging the anger behind my eyes but ignoring it completely.

“You look beautiful.”

His statement caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting that reaction at all. I had been preparing myself for an argument about my supposed ‘lie.’ I took a deep breath before putting my walls back up.

“I think you need to leave,” I said calmly.

He crossed his arms, leaning back on the wall. His leather jacket grew tight around the large muscles in his arms and I had to mentally slap myself and remind myself that I wasn’t allowed to fine him attractive. He stared at me with a passive face, this time studying mine.


“Excuse me?” I asked, absolutely gob smacked.

He smirked, this time fully checking me out without hiding it. He licked his lips before his eyes met mine once more. My shock disappeared almost immediately and once again I was angry.

“I think I might stay for a while, I’m enjoying the view,” he said, his smirk still high on his face.

“I’m not playing games with you Sebastian.”

His smirk instantly dropped when he heard his nae come tumbling off my lips. He took a step closer, more than I was comfortable with considering I had still had feelings for him.

“I miss my name coming off your lips,” he whispered. I felt his warm breath against his forehead and as I usually did, I was getting lost in his eyes.

To his and my surprise though, I slapped his hand away from my cheek. He stumbled back slightly, shocked at my sudden hostility. I was almost surprised that he hadn’t anticipated it himself. It was now him that was in the wrong, not me.

“You better stay out of my way tonight,” I threatened, before turning around, my hair hitting him in the face as I did so.

I started to walk away from him, but something he said made me stop completely in my tracks.

“Where’s the fun in that?”

I could hear the smirk on his face. My shoulders tensed, and my lips pursed, before I stood up straight and continued to walk away from him again.

I walked over to the beer pong table, taking a shot of tequila from the same girl that Caylee had stolen one from. She seemed upset but only huffed and walked back to the kitchen to grab another one, I assumed.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Caylee and Rosie fighting. The music was too loud to be able to hear everything they were saying; their voices were muffled. I was able to catch a few words of their argument.

“What is your problem?” Rosie hissed at Caylee.

“You and Maizie are my problem!” Caylee silently yelled at Rosie, trying to avoid the attention of the crowd around her.

“What are you even talking about? What have we done to you to make you feel this way?”

“You’re thieves!” Caylee answered.

“What does that even mean?” Rosie questioned.

Caylee rolled her eyes at Rosie before shoving past her angrily. I had a feeling I wasn’t supposed to hear their conversation and decided to quickly sneak away before Rosie could lay her eyes on me.

What did Caylee mean by thieves? I knew for sure that I hadn’t stolen anything from her and I doubted Rosie had either. Maybe she was jealous of how much time Rosie and I had been spending together and thought we were robbing her of time she could be spending with us?

My head had multiple questions running on repeat. This night was turning into a disaster and little did I know that this was just the begging of all the problems the night would bring.

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