Softer Sins

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Chapter 21

The loud music echoed through my ears. I was surely tipsy by this point, my head slightly spinning, yet I felt good at the same time. I had once heard someone say tipsy was the only state in life where you didn’t cry, and right now, I agreed with that statement. I was still conscious, just a little more care free.

It had been about an hour since Sebastian had arrived, and my nerves had finally cooled. His eyes hadn’t left me since I had walked away from him, I could feel them burning a hole in the back of my head. I grabbed another drink, sculling it before anyone could tell me not to. I had made the decision that I needed to be drunk to handle the rest of the night and that seemed like the best idea.

“Hey, maybe you want to slow down,” Rosie said from beside me. She went to grab the empty cup from my hand, but I quickly moved it out of her way.

“No, I’m fine. Stop ruining my fun,” I pouted, pouring more orange juice into my cup.

I reached for the bottle of vodka, but Rosie moved it out of my reach. I pouted at her.

“I don’t think being drunk is going to lead to anything good tonight,” Rosie suggested. I could tell she was getting frustrated with me but trying her best to stay calm for my sake.

“What? You mean like sleeping with him?” I questioned loudly, turning around and pointing at Sebastian. He raised his eyebrows, surprised at my words. He began to analyse me from across the room. It almost made me mad that he didn’t smile when I mentioned having sex with him.

“Maizie! Be quiet!” Rosie said, turning my body around to face her once again.

“Why? The music is super loud. There was no way he could have heard me,” I shrugged, full well knowing that he had, and Rosie did too.

Rosie took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of her nose and closing her eyes. I saw the opportunity to quickly snatch the vodka bottle away and run away from my best friend.

I hadn’t meant to be a pain tonight, but I honestly wanted to let go from the mess that was my life and since the night was about me, it felt like it was perfect timing.

As I was sneaking away from Rosie I hadn’t been watching where I was going, and my body slammed into another warm one. Some of the vodka had slightly spilt out of the bottle, but luckily not on the stranger. I looked up to apologise when I was met with a bright, white smile.

“A bit tipsy, are we?” The deep voice said.

I giggled, nodding my head. “Yes, just a little,” I said while pinching my fingers to indicated how much.

“Maybe you should slow down?”

I scoffed. “I thought your name was Josh, not Rosie.”

Josh tipped his head back and laughed. It was a loud booming laugh, not one that you usually hear come out of someone’s mouth.

“Last time I checked I didn’t have a vagina,” he replied.

I giggled again, uncontrollably.

Josh stepped forward, something I wasn’t expecting. His hand wrapped around my waist and even tipsy I knew it didn’t feel right.

“What are you-” I tried to ask, but his hand quickly shut my mouth.

He leaned his head close to my ear. “Sebastian’s watching just go with it.”

The biggest smile broke out on my face. It made me wonder why Josh and I hadn’t talked before. He was a lovely boy and right now was being more of a friend to me than Caylee in this point in time.

“Is he mad?” I whispered, then proceeded to giggle.

“Extremely pissed.” He answered, looking deeply into my eyes. “We can kiss if you’d like?” He suggested.

I didn’t mean to look as disturbed as I did, but apparently it only made Josh laugh. “Relax sugar, it was a joke. Plus, my boyfriend probably wouldn’t be too happy.”

My mouth dropped open before my hands went straight to my mouth. “I pushed you into that girl!”

Josh tipped his head back and cackled. “Yes, she was a bit disappointed,” he answered.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know,” I pouted.

He placed his fingers at my lips to turn my frown into a smile. “It’s not something I just go telling people.”

“It’s a shame,” I said, “you’re really hot.”

Josh cackled again. “Your face didn’t say that when I suggested we kissed.”

My cheeks blushed. There was a reason as why I was so mortified and we both knew the answer. I was happy that Josh wasn’t going to say it out loud.

“I need another drink,” I said, before ducking out of his arms and running towards the kitchen. I had to pass Sebastian in the process. I tried my hardest to look cool, but the room was slightly spinning, and I almost slipped a few times.

When I entered the kitchen, I opened the fridge, grabbed the juice from my secret compartment and started to pour it into a red cup. I had placed the vodka bottle down on the bench without realising it. As I went to grab the half empty bottle, it was snatched away from my grasp.

I pouted and stomped my foot on the floor. “Just let me drink!” I whined, putting my hand out as if the person was just going to give me the bottle of vodka.

I already knew it was Sebastian the minute he walked into the kitchen. My muscles tensed instantly. His cologne drifted to my nose.

“I think you’ve had enough,” he said in his deep voice.

“I haven’t had enough because you’re standing in front of me and I recognise you,” I sweetly answered back.

“Hating me isn’t an excuse to destroy your liver.”

“What are you my mother?”

It was silent for a moment as he just stared at me. Our eye contact only broke when a girl squeezed in between us to get to the kitchen sink. I watched her as she turned on the tap and took a sip of water without a cup. After I watched the stranger my attention went straight back to Sebastian who was still watching me. I took a deep breath and took a sip of my plain orange juice.

“Where is your mother?” He questioned.

“She’s having a lovely time at the spa.”

“And she let you throw this huge party?” He asked confused.

“Yes. It was supposed to make me feel better because you broke my heart.”

His shoulders tensed. He obviously didn’t like hearing what he had done. His grasp on the vodka bottle had loosened and being distracted by my words I took my chance. I knew that he’d just snatch it off me, so I did something know sane person would do.

I snatched the bottle out of his hand and start to scull the vodka straight. The taste was absolutely foul, and I was able to take three large gulps before the bottle was snatched away from my mouth. I spat some of the disgusting drink out of my mouth. Sebastian quickly handed me the cup of orange juice that I had poured earlier and I sculled that also.

“Why the hell would you do that?” Sebastian asked angrily.

“Take a wild guess.”

I hadn’t expected the alcohol to kick in so quickly. My best guess was that mixed with the earlier alcohol my body had completely succumbed to the buzz of the alcohol. Sebastian was blurry and I knew if I opened my mouth my words would be slurred.

“Crap...” Sebastian muttered. “You idiot Maizie.”

“Maizie!” I barely heard.

I recognized Rosie’s figure enter through the hall way. I briefly saw her look at Sebastian then back at me. She sighed angrily.

“What did you do?” She said angrily at Sebastian.

He stared he calmly. “I didn’t do anything. She snatched the bottle of vodka from my hand and started downing the thing.”


“I’m fine,” I said, even though I was really not.

“Walk in a straight line then,” Rosie said, crossing her arms.

I looked over at Sebastian and he was still staring at me, this time with a sad look on his face. He was deep in thought.

I took a deep breath, straightened up and took one step forward. The first step went perfectly. The next step, not so much. I fell sideways towards the ground, but Sebastian’s large hands caught me before I reached the ground.

“Come on,” Rosie said, “I’ll take you upstairs.”

“No,” Sebastian interrupted. “I’ve got her.”

“I think you’ve done enough,” Rosie snapped back.

The two started arguing over who was going to take me to my room. It started to give me a headache and my stomach started to spin. The two were still bickering when I spoke.

“I’m going to puke.”

They both stopped to look at me and before Rosie could do anything her name was shouted from across the kitchen.

“Rosie! Come quick it’s Caylee!”

She looked at me, torn. With the energy I could muster, I gave a her a small nod and slurred the word “go.” Angrily, she stormed off to see what problems Caylee had caused.

I looked over to Sebastian who was already looking at me. He let out a tired sigh.

“I’m still going to puke,” I slurred.

He chuckled, before bending down. I wasn’t prepared to be lifted into his arms, but I didn’t question it. I was too drunk to speak, and I had to admit t felt good to be in his arms again. It felt slow as we ascended the stairs, but I also knew he was walking quite fast to get me to the bathroom.

It was really good timing as he placed me down next to the toilet as my insides come out of my mouth. It was probably the worse state to be in front of Sebastian. Weak and vulnerable, but at the same time I wanted him to see what he did to me and how he made me feel.

I felt his warm hand on my back as I let the rest of my stomach come out through my mouth. After I was finished, I flushed the toilet and turned around to face him.

We looked at each other for a while. Eventually, he slid down the bathroom door, now level to me.

“Why are you here?”

He sighed and opened his mouth, but I cut him off before he could talk.

“Don’t give me some bullshit reason.”

It was silent for a while. We didn’t break eye contact. Eventually, he stood on his feet and walked over to me. He grabbed me in his arms and carried me to my own bedroom.

He laid my frail, drunk body into my soft sheets. He wrapped them around me, made sure my head was higher than the rest of my body and sat on the edge of the bed. I could tell I was about to pass out there and then as my eyes began to get heavy.

“I’m going to win you back,” he whispered.

“Fat chance,” I snorted.

He smiled. That smile that I always loved.

“I’m going to show you that I’m more afraid of losing you than being with you.”

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