Softer Sins

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Chapter 24

I stared into Sebastian’s eyes. He said it. He said the three words, finally telling me how he felt.

Sebastian loved me.

“Maisie?” Sebastian questioned, looking into my eyes. “What’s wrong?”

I pulled away from his grasp. Placing my fingers to my lips where they still tingled.

“It was supposed to go like this,” I said quietly. “You were supposed to be on the floor begging for my forgiveness. Not kiss me then everything magically was okay again. You still broke my heart Sebastian.”

He walked toward me again, grabbing my face between his hands. “Let me fix it now, Maisie.”

“How do you plan on doing that? Fuck me senseless until I forget about it? It doesn’t work like that Sebastian.”

“I will if you want me to. I’ll do that and more. You want me down on my knees begging?” He lowered himself onto the ground. His hands coming together. “Well here I am. “

I stared at him. It did feel good to see him on his knees. I finally felt appreciated for once, but I still wasn’t ready.

“Sebastian, get up.”


“You’re an idiot.”

“I’m your idiot.”

I sighed but couldn’t help the little smile that he had brought to my lips. I bent my knees, grabbed his hands and helped him to his feet.

“I need time,” I whispered, looking deep into his eyes.

“As much as you need,” he answered.

We stared at each other, but it was briefly interrupted by voices down the hall. There was shuffling, mumbling and it sounded as though there was a little argument happening. All of a sudden, the door opened.

“See? I told you they weren’t having sex,” Rosie grumbled, and Theo rolled his eyes.

“Thank God, that would’ve been awkward,” Theo answered, and wiped away fake sweat from his forehead. Jesse grunted and shoved Theo with his shoulder. Theo wasn’t happy and tried to capture Jesse’s head in his arm, but Jesse was too tall. The two of them start wrestling like boys in kindergarten.

Rosie watched from beside them with a frown for a minute before turning her head toward Sebastian and me.

“So, are you two back together?”

The boys stopped wrestling and looked up at us. I looked towards Sebastian who was already looking at me, waiting for an answer like the others. I blushed.

“We’re working on it,” I said quietly, and Sebastian chuckled before looping his arm around my shoulders and pulling me into his side.

“The gang is back together!” Shouted Theo. “Let’s tell Caylee and we can go party.”

Everyone looked around the room awkwardly. “What? Was it something I said?”

It was silent for a moment. The boys were oblivious to Rosie and me as we gave each other a look of sadness. Caylee, Rosie and I had been inseparable since seventh grade and now that was all about to change. We both knew what needed to be done.

“We aren’t friends with Caylee anymore,” I whispered into the quiet room.

“Why not?” Theo asked, oblivious to the tension.

“She tried sleeping with me,” answered Sebastian.

“Wait, what?!” I turned to look at him. “You said she only confessed her feelings!”

“While trying to seduce me. Did I miss that part?”

I slapped him on the back of the head.

“Maisie,” Rosie interrupted softly. “I think Caylee might’ve told Vanessa, not Jax.”

All of this was giving me a head ache. What hadn’t Caylee done? She sabotaged my first real relationship, tried to sleep with the boy I loved and was obviously still trying. I knew the confrontation was coming, I knew I couldn’t be friends with her anymore after all the things she had done. How could someone you trusted so much turn your back on you so quickly? It wasn’t right.

“So, what’s the plan?” Theo asked. Everyone’s eyes were on me, but I wasn’t entirely understanding what they were asking.

“What do you mean?” I shrugged.

“What’s the plan to expose this bitch,” Theo answered.

I choked.

Jesse shoved Theo in the rib cage. “Dude come on. Everyone was thinking it. It has to be big, something like ‘I know you’re a home wrecker’ written in the sky.”

“Technically, we weren’t together when she did try to sleep with me and I didn’t sleep with her anyway, so she isn’t a home wrecker,” answered Sebastian.

We all slowly turned to face him. I angrily raised an eyebrow at him.

“Dude, you’re not really convincing her that you’re boyfriend material,” snickered Jesse.

Sebastian rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Listen, we aren’t going to make a huge deal exposing her I am just going to confront her,” I reassured.

“That’s boring,” Theo scrunched up his nose.

“He’s right,” Rosie sighed.

“Don’t you feel upset about this? Caylee has been our best friend for years.”

“She hasn’t been our friend in a very long time…” Rosie whispered.

Rosie and I left Sebastian’s soon after. We didn’t talk much on the car ride home as we were both stuck in our thoughts. I didn’t want Rosie to stop being friends with Caylee just for me. Caylee might’ve ruined our relationship, but Rosie and Caylee’s relationship wasn’t completely ruined.

At least I didn’t think so until Rosie sadly told me on the way home that she found out Caylee had recently slept with her crush. My heart ached for Rosie, but I knew that there was someone out there for Rosie who would treat her better. Perhaps someone we already knew…

I was currently sitting down in the shower as the hot water poured down my back. I needed a long one and after today I decided that my legs could use a break while I processed all the thoughts about Caylee. I wasn’t sure how I was going to approach the situation, but I know I needed to do it fast.

Eventually, I jumped out of the shower, put on some comfortable pyjamas and headed to the kitchen. My mother was at her usual seat at the counter with her morning coffee and the newspaper. I stood on the opposite side of the bench, towel drying my hair.

“Mum…” I mumbled off guiltily.

She sighed and tossed her head back. “You better not be telling me you’re back with that boy.”

I bit my finger and played with my fingers.

“Maisie, I raised you better than that.”

“Well, we aren’t together yet? Maybe? I don’t know. I’m going to make him suffer first, at least.”

My mother snorted into her coffee cup before she took a sip. “I guess that’s okay then.”

I sighed as I wondered if I should tell my mother about everything that happened with Caylee. She would notice sooner or later when she would stop coming around and when I would stop talking about her.

“Are you alright honey? You look a bit tense.”

I sighed and let it all spill from my mouth. “Caylee isn’t Rosie and I’s friend anymore,” I said quietly.

“Oh,” my mother said, “I’m sure you girls will be able to figure it out?”

I shook my head. “Not this time,” I whispered looking down.

It was silent but my mother nodded. I didn’t really want to tell her the reason why, but I had a feeling she wasn’t going to ask me either. She probably had a brief idea of what might’ve happened, but she knew not to ask as it was obvious, I wasn’t going to tell her.

I stood in silence for a bit before I decided my brain needed a break from all the drama that had been occurring in my life. I headed upstairs for some rom-com movies starring fictional boys that don’t exist but didn’t stop me from having a crush on them.

It was well past midnight and I was in the middle of watching She’s the Man when I heard something softly hit my window. I only looked briefly at the glass before redirecting my attention to the movie and shoving a hand full of popcorn in my mouth.

The next moment, there was a louder bang that had come from my window. I muted the television and slowly put my popcorn down. I walked gently started walking over to the window when my heart fell out of my chest. I leapt backwards as I saw ahead pop out of nowhere.


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