Softer Sins

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Chapter 3

Warning: Mature content ahead

My eyes are glued to the lace panties dangling from his hands. I can’t stop looking at them, because when I do I’m going to have to face the worst embarrassment of my life. I barely notice myself inching backwards as he walked slowly into my family home. It’s only when he slammed the door shut with his foot that my eyes finally met with his.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I demand, finally breaking out of my trance.

He sneered once again moving closer to me, as if stalking his prey. “Do you know how it feels to wake up alone, in my cold bed, without my dick warmer?” His husky voice answers as he continues stalking towards me. Wait? It was his party?

“Are you actually serious right now? I’m not a fucking object! How do you even know where I live?” I all but screamed at him. My body was unconsciously walking back, in line with his pace. I knew what would happen if he caught me, and as much as I enjoyed last night, it wasn’t going to happen again.

Ignoring me, he caged his large body over mine just as my back hit the wall, my panties thrown on the living room floor. His large arms hovered over my head and he stared intensely at my face. “How should I punish you?” He whispered. “Not let you come? Make you come too many times? I like the latter.”

I swallowed audibly. What had I gotten myself into? Wasn’t last night supposed to be a one-night-stand? Isn’t that how things worked? I shook my head out of my thoughts before placing both my hands on his chiselled chest. I shivered, my underwear moistening. I had to use all the strength I had to push him away rather than jump him in my living room.

“Last night was a one-time thing. It’s not going to happen again,” I explained, my eyes glued to his chest because I was too afraid to look him in the eye. God knows what would happen.

“But you have something that belongs to me,” he whispered into my ear, his breath caressing my skin.

I tried to move out of his arms, only moving an inch before I was trapped again. “I-I’ll go get the boxers,” I stuttered, seeing the underlying lust and hunger he had in his eyes.

“I’m not talking about the boxers,” his deep voice states sternly.

My eyes went wide, and before I knew it, his arms had secured under my ass and hoisted me up the wall. He gave my cheeks a tight squeeze before rubbing his evident erection onto my own moistened panties. My body betrayed me, and I moaned, my head leaning back into the wall.

He took the opportunity to tongue my flesh and my grasp on his shoulders tightened. This was not one of my best moments. Being plastered against a wall in my living room and being dry humped by my one-night-stand. Well, he wasn’t going to be that anymore.

“Last night was just a preview,” he grunted into my neck. “I’m going to make you come so many times you’ll pass out from the pleasure.”

I groaned, my grip tightening on his, so tight that the friction between our hips had come to a halt. He took the chance and lifted my body, so that all my weight was relying on him rather than the wall behind me. “Bedroom?” He grumbled, and all I could do was point down the hall.

I thanked my lucky stars that my mother wasn’t home and that my sister had decided to go over-seas for a couple of months. Not only that, but if my mother did come home, we’d be at opposite ends of the house.

I felt a cool breeze against my skin as he carried me toward my bedroom. I’d cleaned it Friday afternoon before leaving for Rosie’s and the party. My mother had threatened me otherwise. I was still a kid at heart, just not the at vagina.

The door slammed shut behind him and what I didn’t expect was for him to push me up against it. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow and trusted that he probably meant what he said.

Sebastian started grinding his hips against mine and the friction was almost too much for me. Ashamed, I climaxed with a loud scream, covered and all. If he could do that with clothes on, I knew I was screwed.

I was still struggling to come back down from my high when Sebastian dropped me to the floor. My legs wobbled but stayed upright as Sebastian placed his hands on my waist. My shorts and panties were the first to come off as he yanked them down roughly. I screamed his name as his mouth latched onto my delicate skin.

His tongue flicked my clit, before sucking on my swollen nub. I could feel my juices from my previous high dripping down my thighs and shivered when Sebastian ran his tongue along my skin to catch every last drop. I had to bite my lip hard when his fingers came into play. They stroked my swollen clit, before he slowly pushed one in. It felt weird, considering this was the second time something had ever been in my vagina, but as he added another finger, I felt myself stretch to accommodate him.

He started off with slow strokes, quickening the pace each time up to the point when I bit my lip so hard I tasted blood. My neighbours were home and sound travelled fast around here. We don’t really speak but I’d hate for them to mention that they heard screaming to my mum.

I reached my second orgasm for the night when his fingers worked on my hole and his mouth latched onto my nub. This time I did collapse, lying limp in his arms as I tried to regain consciousness.

Sebastian laid me on the bed, removing my shirt before doing so. I began to bend down and take my socks off, but he gave me a warning look and I immediately laid back. He drew off his own shirt, my back snapping up before my hands explored his delicious body. He chuckled, throwing his head back and my heart warmed. I quickly brushed off the feeling. No way was I going down that path. I was only a quick fuck to him, and right now that didn’t really bother me.

After he’d finished laughing, he pushed my shoulders down and once again, I was lying on my back, naked. He teasingly removed his jeans, grunting when my eyes latched onto his obvious bulge. I made another move to reach up and grab it, but he was on top of me in the blink of an eye.

“Have you ever been fucked sideways?” He asked in that deep voice of his. It reminded me that he didn’t know that he was the only person I’d slept with and all I could do was silently shake my head and watch as removed his last item of clothing. I groaned at the sight of his dick, still wanting it in my mouth. He sheathed himself with a condom that he had pulled out of the back of his pocket. Not that I wanted to get pregnant or anything, but I had the sudden urge to feel him inside me without any protection. Stupid, I know.

He roughly, but not so hard that it hurt, maneuverer my body to the side. He licked the palm of his hand, before caressing my core with it and spreading my legs wide enough for him. I felt vulnerable in that position but as he nudged closer, knew that there wasn’t a way out unless I asked. And I certainly didn’t want this to stop.

He rubbed his cock up and down my slit. Without warning he slammed into me, and my body convulsed with another orgasm, that surprised even myself.

Sebastian didn’t let me wait out my high this time, as he began thrusting inside of me. He didn’t start off slow like last time, and all I could do was shove my head into the pillow and scream. “Fuck, you’re still so tight,” he grunted, and I could’ve sworn that I felt him stretch me even further.

The angle was new to me (well, all of it was new to me), and he was going deeper than the night before. I swear I felt his head reach my cervix. My fourth orgasm of the afternoon rippled through me, and as before, Sebastian continued to thrust into it, leaving me no time to recover.

I was surely about to pass out but screamed when Sebastian hit that pleasurable spot. He stilled inside me. Looking me deeply in the eyes, before that hint of a smirk made an appearance on his face. I gave him a pleading look and shook my head at him, but his smirk only grew. He slapped my ass cheek, that happened to be facing him due to the position I was in, and I knew that there would be a red mark.

He thrusted inside me so hard that even the pillow couldn’t have muffled my scream. How the hell has he made me come four times without releasing himself? He must have the stamina of a horse, because he sure was hung like one.

He continued to pound my G-spot until I came undone another two times! I felt him jerk inside me, and I couldn’t help but clench around him. I wanted to help him like he had helped me, even if that did sound a little crazy.

He emptied himself inside the condom but made no move to pull out. Instead, he practically collapsed on top of me, and our breaths mingled together as we panted through our vigorous work out. I didn’t expect it, but he swooped down to kiss me on the lips. It wasn’t rushed or rough, but it was slow and almost deep, and I felt my heart ache at the action.

It was only after the kiss that Sebastian pulled out with a satisfied pop. I was ready to pass out on my sheets but was quickly awoken from the bliss when Sebastian pulled my hips toward him. I yelped in surprised as he angled my body so that my ass was in his full view. His hand come down and I couldn’t help but let out a little cry.

“What are you doing?” I breathlessly asked, trying to scramble out of his grip. His hand came down again, not so much that it hurt, but more so that the pain was actually pleasurable.

“Punishment,” he grunted before he smirked and his hand my contact with my ass once more. I jolted back, pushing my hips further against his hand.

“I don’t understand,” I panted. “Wasn’t I just supposed to be a one-night-stand?” I was honestly so confused. I wasn’t sure if Sebastian wanted more or to just use me as a quick fuck and I was honestly too scared to ask.

“You don’t think I’d let someone like you get away, do you?” His husky voice said. What was the supposed to mean?

“Wha-?” My voice was quickly interrupted when his hand made contact with my ass once more.

My ass stung, and I whimpered when I saw him move, but instead he got up from behind me and walked out of the room. I waited for the door to slam but heard nothing. I laid my head into my pillow, my eyes starting to droop, but my bum still aching from said punishment.

I was just about to doze off when I felt something cold on my bare butt. I used all the energy I could to look over my shoulder and watched as Sebastian started rubbing soothing lotion onto my red skin. I couldn’t help but let out a little moan when the soreness started to soothe.

I felt the bed move as he hoisted himself towards me. I felt the warmth from his body then the warmth from his hand as he cupped my face with it. He leaned down once more and took my lips in a slow and agonising kiss. It confused me further and I had no idea what was going on, but it was nice, so I decided not to question it.

He pulled back and my eyes started to droop once more. They were closed as I felt Sebastian move around. I couldn’t really do anything when I felt my body being lifted up the resituated on a warm chest. My sleepy self, leaned into the warmth before placing a quick kiss on his chest. I felt him stiffen and in return hoped that I hadn’t done anything wrong. It was only seconds later that I felt him pull me closer towards him and I instantly relaxed.

I fell asleep that way with only one thing on my mind; a sexy, mysterious stranger.

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