Softer Sins

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Chapter 5

“Favourite food?” I asked, while shoving a heap of pancakes in my mouth. Sebastian and I have been asking each other questions back and forth. I’m starting to get to know him more, even though I know him in the most intimate ways already.

“Garlic bread, definitely,” he answered, as if it’s the simplest question in the world. I couldn’t help but laugh at his determined stare that clearly said don’t-mess-with-me-on-this. “Favourite colour?” He asked, taking a sip from the take-away cup.

“Blue, like your eyes,” I said. I didn’t mean for it to sound cheesy or cliché, but his eyes are so gorgeous, I can’t help but love the colour of them. I studied them intently, and finally came to a decision that the sky was indeed trapped in his beautiful orbs. Rarely I’d call a man beautiful, handsome is usually a more fitting word, but if you were to look into his eyes, you’d use the word beautiful as well.

All of a sudden, Sebastian abruptly stood up, accidently knocking over his drink. He looked angry, but somewhere deep in his eyes I do see lust. “What? What’s wrong?” I hurriedly asked, panicking that I’d said something wrong. I quickly grabbed the leaking cup and turned it the right way up.

“You can’t look at me that way and not expect me to not fuck you,” he said, all riled up. This is all because I was studying him?

He started to place everything in the take-away bag, his frame tense. I soundly watched him as his arms moved and his muscles clenched. Shaking my head, I realised that I was probably making it worse by ogling him, it was only turning me on more and I wasn’t ready to have wild, crazy sex in a wild, crazy place. “Wait!” I said, grabbing onto his moving body to stop him. “I’ll close my eyes. Look see! Closed!” I exaggerated by closing my eyes and placing my hands over them for extra precaution.

It was quiet for a moment, and I didn’t dare move my hands from my face. I wanted so badly to see his reaction, but I didn’t have to when I heard him start cackling. Daringly, I moved one finger to the side to get a glimpse of him. God, his laugh wasn’t just gorgeous, but he looked gorgeous when he laughed.

When I saw him start to sober up, I quickly moved my finger back, hoping that he hadn’t caught me. I suppose I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but I just felt naughty, I guess you could say. All of this was still new to me. I heard his footsteps near before I felt his warm hands tug my own away from my face. I expected him to say something cute or sexy, but my jaw went slack when he said what I wasn’t expecting.

“You’re an idiot,” he chuckled.

He only laughed harder when he saw my mouth fall open. “Close your mouth love, we might get caught for public indecency,” he added, while using his finger to lock my jaw shut. I went to hit him on the chest, but he quickly grabbed me by the wrist and hauled myself closer to him. I tried to struggle out, which in turn just landed us on the floor next to the table. He went down with a thump and I couldn’t help but giggle as I landed on top of him.

“You’re so getting punished later,” he groaned, while his hand ventured down my ass and squeezed my right cheek. I let out a little yelp and this time, successfully hit him on the chest. “I want to see you tomorrow,” he said, squeezing my body closer to his.

Before I could answer, someone above us cleared their throat. We both simultaneously looked up to meet green eyes, and I sighed at the person who annoyed me the most. “The goody-two-shoes has school tomorrow, but I wouldn’t mind skipping for you,” replied the red head flirtingly.

Sebastian and I both stood up, dusting ourselves off and I couldn’t help but feel excited as I watch him step closer towards me. I almost couldn’t take my eyes off him, until I remembered who was standing in front of me.

Lilly Welsh. You’d think she’d be the queen of the school or something, but no, she was just a childhood bully. She’s hated me ever since eighth grade when the boy she was crushing on, was crushing on me. I didn’t even like him, let alone date him, but ever since then she’d always try to find a way to make my life a living hell. She had red hair and fair skin, with freckles practically covering every inch. She was quite pretty, but I hadn’t bothered to let he know since she pushed me down the stairs and I broke my arm. She kind of scared me, but I never let it show.

“Lilly,” I acknowledged, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear then looking over to a cautious Sebastian. She just ignored me, and he didn’t look pleased, but she continued to blatantly check him out while licking her lips and twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. I had to give her props, there was no way I’d be comfortable enough, or confident to flirt with a guy. Hell, Sebastian and I definitely weren’t flirting when we first met.

“What do you say handsome? My place tonight and tomorrow?” She winked and then giggled. Was I really witnessing this?

Something about it made my chest ache when I looked over at Sebastian. His expression was unreadable, as if her were pondering about accepting her invitation. I never thought I was ugly, but that didn’t mean I was the prettiest either. I guess Sebastian had realised this so, soundlessly, I made a move to let them be.

His arm snaked out and grabbed me by the waist, hauling my body impossibly close to his. I searched his eyes from next to him, and even only seeing the corner of it, he looked thoroughly pissed. “I’ll deal with you later,” he angrily whispered in my ear, so only I could hear him. He then pinched my lower cheek and I jumped and struggled to conceal a little yelp.

“I’d much rather prefer my head between her legs. She doesn’t carry diseases,” he calmly stated, after he’d settled down a little bit. My jaw dropped, and I struggled to contain my snorts of laughter when I watched Lilly’s smile disappear. I could’ve sworn I saw Sebastian’s mouth twitch, but he quickly composed himself, realising he was mad at me.

“Slut!” Lilly hissed at me. More like she had the audacity to hiss at me, considering she was offering herself only moments ago. If I was being honest, she was being a hypocrite. I’ve watched her throughout the years throw herself on boys who’ve approached me, but I’m not that low as to slut shame anybody, not even her. I just found it funny.

“What did you just say to my girl?” Sebastian growled, and my grip on him tightened. I’d already discovered he wouldn’t hit a girl (unless asked) but it looked like he was about to make an exception.

I pulled on his arm before he could pounce. I quickly grabbed his face in my hands and smashed our lips together. As much as I hate Lilly, I don’t wish harm on anyone, even though I don’t think Sebastian is even capable of hurting a girl. A guy maybe, but not a girl.

Sebastian let his head fall into the crook of my neck, peppering kissed here and there. It had me thinking of how fast everything was happening. It was frightening, but at the same time exhilarating. I’d never liked a guy this much before, especially in a time span of two days. But I suppose I never slept with them either. Who cares? Sebastian has a good dick and knows how to use it.

We heard Lilly scoff under her breath. “Have fun in hell, bitch,” she hissed before stomping away. Sebastian clutched onto me tighter. This boy is so precious. Was it wrong for me to think that way? Probably, but it didn’t stop me.

“I’ll see you there,” I muttered and felt Sebastian shake as he chuckled at my comment. I expected him to smile when he lifted his head, but he did just the opposite- he frowned. I swallowed audibly. What have I done to get myself in trouble now?

“Why are you always trying to run from me?” He questioned angrily. I hadn’t really realised it before, but it had seemed that I’d tried to run at every chance. It wasn’t my personal intention, but I have to admit that this whole thing is hurrying along at such a fast pace. A week ago, I hadn’t even met him, let alone be able to talk to a boy without making a fool out of myself. Everything had just seemed to come so naturally when I was with him, and there was no doubting my feelings.

“I guess, I’m just scared,” I whispered, looking down at my toes that seemed to be the most interesting thing at the second. His warm hand cupped my chin, slowly lifting my head to those beautiful blue eyes.

“Of me?” He whispered, barely audible.

I shook my head. “No, of course not,” I reassured him. I watched as his shoulders visibly relaxed. “I’ve never done this before and it’s just happening so fast. It’s been two days Sebastian,” I explained.

“Well I’m not letting you go,” he said and pulled me in for a hug. I couldn’t help but chuckle and hug him back. He just smelt so good.

“Wait, you’ve never done this before?” He asked, pulling back and puzzled. My eyes widened. Crap! Why’d I have to say it?!

“I said that?” I chuckled nervously. “I just meant I haven’t jumped into anything this fast,” I explained, before chuckling nervously again.

He studied me carefully, his eyes narrowed. I knew I was turning red from embarrassment and that fact that I could be caught lying. I decided to make a bold move and went in for a kiss. He was surprised at first, be recuperated quickly and began kissing me back with the same force. What were we talking about again?

His hands quickly wandered down my backside, squeezing when he got to his prize. I gasped into his mouth when he lifted me up, my legs automatically wrapping around his waist. He quickly walked us back to the picnic table before sitting down, his back hitting the edge of the wood.

Once I was straddling him in a more comfortable position, we began to make out once more. I wasn’t opposed to PDA, but I’d never done it before, and it was actually quite thrilling. Sebastian’s hand came up and cupped my neck, as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I moaned at his taste. He was sweet, and I could taste the maple syrup on his tongue from earlier when he stole some of my food.

Eventually, he stopped his attack on my mouth, before focusing on my neck. My head instinctively tilted upwards and my eyes shut on their own accord. I could help but let out a little mewl when he discovered my sweet spot on my collar bone.

“I meant what I said about punishing you,” Sebastian grunted into my neck, before his tongue swept out.

“Isn’t this punishment enough?” I grumbled causing him to laugh.

“I think you’re rather enjoying it,” he chuckled before enclosing my mouth with his. “I want to see you tomorrow,” he repeated from earlier on.

“I have school,” I said, still panting from his attack. His took its position back into the crook of my neck, before resuming said attack.

“I’ll take you out after. Let me wine and dine you,” he said between kisses.

“That sounds so romantic,” I sarcastically muttered, before letting out a loud gasp as he gently bit down on my skin.

“You want romantic? I’ll show you romantic baby,” he growled, before smashing our lips together once more.

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