Softer Sins

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Chapter 9

“Can you please pass the mascara,” Rosie asked, not taking her eyes from the mirror. It was Saturday night and Rosie, Caylee and I were getting ready for the party Sebastian had invited me to. It took a lot of convincing and promises of sexual favours, but finally I got Sebastian to agree.

“Sure,” I said, before passing her the makeup. I’m not one to usually share my makeup around, tonight was just making me really nervous. I was supposed to meet Sebastian’s friends and I honestly had no idea how it was going to go. Would they like me? Or would they think I’m snobby and stuck up? The thoughts just kept swirling through my head.

“Hey,” Caylee clicked her fingers in front of my face, “you alright?” She asked. I shook my head, only just noticing that I had been staring off into space for the last five minutes.

“Yeah, I’m good,” I said. I grabbed my denim jacket off the back of my chair and swung it on. “Do I look alright?” I nervously asked.

“You look so hot!” exclaimed Rose. “If Sebastian doesn’t fuck you tonight, I so would,” she teasingly nudges my shoulder. All I did was roll my eyes.

I chuckled. “Okay, calm down. We actually have to get there first.” I looked down to my wrist and tapped my imaginary watch mockingly. “Hurry up. I’m getting hungry and bored,” I whined.

“Oh, shut up,” began Caylee. “We’re almost ready, and your fast food can wait,” she scolded me. Sometimes I feel like I have two, or three mothers instead of one. My mother is actually downstairs watching television right now. She thinks we are heading out to a friend’s party and coming back to ours. I guess Sebastian won’t be getting laid tonight.

“Just out of curiosity,” Rosie began, putting two dangling earrings in her ears, “are you and Sebastian officially dating?” she asked, turning around to face me.

I sat on the edge of my bed, both Caylee and Rosie’s eye watching me. “I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. “I’d like to think that we are, but we haven’t officially had the talk. I mean, he wants me to meet his friends, that’s a good sign, right?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah, I think you guys are good, maybe you should have ′the talk′ tonight?” Rosie suggested. Caylee’s eye and mine both went wide.

“No way! I’m not ruining the night,” I quickly defended. Who knew how things would go? And of course, I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends, I’d rather just embarrass myself, which seems that is what I’ll be doing tonight.

“Forget about it,” Caylee said. “We have to get going or we are going to be late, well, later than we already are.”

Both Rosie and I looked down at our phones and realised that we were running fifteen minutes late. We were planning on being fashionably late, but Sebastian’s friends lived a little far away, so it looked like we were going to be forty-five minutes late.

I looked down at my phone to see Sebastian had texted me asking where I was. I shot a quick text back letting him know we were running late and would be there soon. A little white lie never hurt nobody. Actually, it probably would hurt me, I’m definitely going to be punished for this. I guess I won’t be getting my fast food either.

Caylee, Rosie and I all quickly jumped into Caylee’s little car again. I honestly couldn’t wait for my birthday. I’d be able to drive and even tell my mother about Bash. I wouldn’t tell her everything, just that he would hopefully be my boyfriend by then. I’d be eighteen, an official adult, my mother surely couldn’t tell me who I can and can’t date. Well, she can, but it won’t make a difference since I’d be making my own choices. All in all, I’m nervous for when the time comes.

My thoughts swirled in my head but were quickly replaced when Rosie leaned over and put on our prep party mix. We always played this playlist before going to a party to lift our moods. On the contrary to what most might think, we don’t party that often, these are our first in a little while.

About forty-five minutes later, we pull up to the address Sebastian had sent me earlier in the day. I saw Rosie’s mouth drop and Caylee had a blank look on her face. It wasn’t the house we were looking at. The house was regular, not a mansion nor an apartment. My best guess that it was either a share house, or that someone’s parents were out for the night. The thing that actually caught our eye was a red mini cooper. Red, a sign that the devil herself was in the house.

“How did she even get an invite?” Caylee asked grumpily. I truly loved my friends, they hated who I hated. It was how we bonded.

“Sebastian knows everyone,” I mumbled angrily under my breath. Sometimes I really hated how popular Sebastian was with the females, I even had doubts about how he felt about me, but I always pushed them into the back of my head.

“You better go save your man from Satan herself,” Rosie said, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Rosie was the unintentionally funny one in our group. I loved it.

I quickly nodded before unbuckling my seat belt and stepping out of the car, although waiting for my friends because I was too anxious to walk in alone. The music was pounding loudly, and I could’ve sworn I saw the house shake.

As we walked towards the door, there we people everywhere on the front lawn. Most had come outside to get high as a kite, and if I looked close enough I could see some had snuck away to get some privacy. I could never imagine going at in a bush.

As soon as we walked through the door, a heavy body crashed into mine and Caylee and Rosie both had to help me up. I looked up to see none other than my cheating ex. Why does god hate me tonight?

“Maizie baby,” Jax slurred, part of his cup splashing as he tried to stay up right. “Wanna get out of here and I can show you what a real man is like?” I smelt alcohol and smoke on his breath and thanked my lucky stars that I wasn’t with him, also asking why I was in the first place.

“Gross, piss off cheater,” Rosie said, before pushing Jax away and grabbing my hand. We quickly wandered through the house, trying to get away from what was known as my ex.

“I’ll get you back baby! You can count on it,” He yelled over the crowd and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Rosie and Caylee came to a halt in front of me, but my eyes were searching for a particular man with a particular red head. I quick flick came to my nose from behind and I turned around ready to scold the person.

“You know it’s not nice to roll your eyes baby,” Sebastian whispered, taking another step forward. I couldn’t help but smile at his gorgeous but stupid face. I also noticed there was no red head to be seen.

“I wasn’t rolling them at you though,” I defended, Sebastian only narrowing his eyes at me.

“Why are you late?” He grunted, looking a bit more upset than just a few moments ago.

“We were getting ready,” I explained. “It doesn’t take twenty minutes to look this good,” I said, before giving him a full view by turning around in a circle.

His hands were quickly on my hips, squeezing and pulling us closer. “I can see that. You look delicious,” he whispered into my ear. I could barely hear him over the loud music, but my body reacted it to him as it always does.

“How about you introduce me to your friends before we get carried away,” I said, gently patting his shoulder.

“Fuck my friends, I want to spend time with my girl,” he grunted, before his lips came down on mine. I couldn’t help but kiss him back, like always. I quickly placed my hands around his neck, pulling us closer and away from the bodies that surrounded us. I couldn’t see Rosie or Caylee anywhere, telling me they left as soon as Bash arrived.

“Bash...” I whined as his mouth left mine and started trailing kisses on my neck. His tongue came out a few times before he gently bit on the skin and started to gently suck. A clearing of the throat brought our attention away from each other, reluctantly.

“Nobody likes PDA,” the red head said, crossing her arms and looking quite angry. I diverted my eyes around the room to see other couples and strangers doing what we were only moments ago, some doing worse than what Sebastian and I were.

“Get lost Monkey,” Sebastian growled, clutching on to me tighter.

Lilly looked at him confused before composing herself and batting her eyelashes. I would’ve rolled my eyes, but I don’t think my nose could take another hit.

“Sorry?” She asked. “Monkey? Is that my little pet name?” She bit her lip.

“No,” Sebastian deadpanned. “It’s because your hair is the same colour as an orangutan.”

Her smile dropped immediately, and I couldn’t help but laugh, before shoving my face into Sebastian’s shoulder to try and contain my giggles.

“Monkey?” She gritted out. “That’s fine I can be wild if you want me to,” she tried to purr.

I had honestly had enough. The only reason I had taken her crap for most of my life is because I never wanted to start a fight, but now that I had someone I really cared for, I didn’t want to lose him because of the she-devil standing in front of me.

“Just fuck off Lilly,” I said, and her eyes went wide. “Go find someone else to hook up with, because it sure isn’t going to be my boyfriend!” I practically shouted at her and she looked stunned. I thought I also so a little bit of fear in those eyes and for some terrible reason it made me happy, but I pushed that thought away. There was no way I was going to bring myself down to her level.

She looked pissed before stomping her foot dramatically and started walking away, seething. Her face was almost the colour of her hair. I turned around in Sebastian’s arms only to see him darkly staring at me.

“Boyfriend? I really like the sound of that,” he said, making my eyes go wide. I hadn’t even realized I said it at the time, but looking a Sebastian now, I really don’t regret it.

He leaned in for a kiss but was stopped when someone else pulled me back by the waist.

I was about to panic, but the stranger threw me other his shoulder and started to walk away. I only calmed down a little bit when Sebastian shouted at our retreating figures.

“Really Theo! Give me back my girl, asshole!”

My captor, Theo chuckled from beneath me. “No way bro! Have fun on your own!” I swear I could’ve heard Sebastian grumbled but I never saw him make a move towards me. Traitor.

“Maizie! Are you okay?” I heard Rosie shout and I looked up to see her looking at me nervously. I went to shout back at her before I saw Sebastian’s figure make his way through the crowd before quietly talking to her. She nodded in understanding, before grabbing his arm and Caylee’s and pulling both of the to god knows where.

It made me a little jealous, but I knew I had nothing to worry about with my friends and that my worry should go to the stranger that was holding me captive.

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