Controlled Sex

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Book 1: King Edward wanted to save his island paradise through the perfect sexual encounter. Unfortunately, he didn't live long enough to see it through. Now it was up to Princess Angelique to finish his work 1669 Ian Worthington’s life as a pirate has always been filled with excitement and the thrill of the sea, but as stimulating as it once was, the young captain finds his heart longing for a new experience. King Edward, of the Island of Westerly, has spent the past 20 years traveling the world, researching the perfect routine for sex, but he needs someone willing to test his technique. For Ian, it sounds like the perfect solution for a dull life. Angelique Abbott holds her father in her arms as he drew his last breath. Unable to see the completion of his dream, the king’s goal to bring a bordello and peace to his little island is left on the shoulders of his daughter. Morals and inexperience pull on the young queen’s conscious as she tries to find a way to make her father’s dream come true, but she’s forced to accept whores on her island. With Ian’s promise to see the king’s technique put into action, Angelique finds her hands full. Can the pirate captain save her island, while rescuing her lonely heart from a life of solitude, or will she find a civil war on her hands? Book 1: Controlled Sex Book 2: Primal Attractions

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Chapter One

January 1669

Throughout all my travels, the one constant I have found is that the woman is a submissive partner during sexual intercourse. Likewise, what I have discovered is that most women are sexually frustrated and dissatisfied more than 80% of the time. Throughout history, this has led both men and women to relieve their frustrations through infidelity, adultery, and in many cases - murder.

The greatest book ever written, the Holy Bible, describes countless stories of treachery, sabotage, and faithlessness from the gentler sex. Stories are passed from one generation to the next, in every culture I have encountered, practically from the beginning of time, of women who have done the unthinkable in the name of sex. Due to their discontent, the man is left flustered and without a single clue of what could make his woman act like a wild she-cat. In turn, the male’s eye begins to wonder, and he turns to the affection in another woman’s bed.

With careful study and studious investigation, I have discovered that if a woman is sexually stimulated, encouraged to explore the depths of orgasmic satisfaction, she will be happier, more even tempered, and contently satisfied with little thought of betrayal to their male counterpart. Through the physical power of passion, the woman will be loyal to her man, more gratified with taking care of the house and children, and less likely to stray to greener pastures.

Orgasm has long since been assumed to be strictly for the satisfaction of he who has a penis, and yet I have learned that women find just as much - if not more - satisfaction from orgasms as a male does. A lady’s imagination is one of wonder and amusement. The images that play out within their minds, created by a whispered phrase or a gentle caress, can cause as much sexual stimulation for a female as the swell of a woman’s breast can for a man. A few carefully chosen words can pave the path toward the climatic fulfillment of a woman, and therefore encourage a quick reaction.

There are many special places on a woman’s body, little known or ne’er explored, that can rouse a woman’s fire. Once touched, either with a kiss or the flick of a tongue, a man can control the fantasies of a female, and can therefore bring out the hidden beast of the long-ignored flurry of passion. Men, in turn, can - and do - find just as much gratification in causing his woman to climax, as he does in his own apex of relief. If taught properly, the man can master and control the reactions of the female’s responses and can practically cause orgasm with a simple command.

For the past twenty years, I have researched a multitude of sexual encounters, activities, and scenarios from all over the world. I have obtained and learned skills in the art of lovemaking, from the Orient to the American Colonies, and everywhere in between. I have studied the written word of ancient writings that dictate how to seduce and govern a woman’s passion, from some of the greatest minds the world has ever produced.

With special perception and refined discipline, I have created, what I believe to be, the most ordered and greatest structured hold a man can have over a woman. The technique I have created is for the satisfaction of the woman, not the man, and yet the male will find as much gratification in the control he has over the female.

A man needs to be taught at a young age how to love a woman’s body to the point of orgasm. This will create contentment in the household upon marriage, which will repute the need for extramarital relations. However, this given, the need for experienced and trained women is demanded for the lessons necessary. After all, who knows what a woman wants better than a woman.

It is my belief that a young man of the maturing age of fourteen or fifteen should begin slow and meticulous training in every aspect of gratification, from the talent of caressing and kissing, to the balanced knowledge of orgasm and sexual intercourse. These courses need to be weekly until the man is of marrying age, but no longer than his eighteenth year.

The women responsible for training these young men must be taught themselves, with a strong hand and deep discipline. If they are to teach a boy how to love a woman, they must first know the ways a woman’s body functions. By this, a specific set of guidelines must be established in which the women may never divert. Every man must be taught as the others, to keep a uniformed and balanced community. With these lessons, a special home must be established in which to instruct with detail. This house will be known as a bordello. A place of which sex is freely explored and expressed.

I have compiled the multitude of techniques and styles of sex gathered throughout my travels and have therefore conceived a specific set of rules for the deepest fulfillment of physical contact. For the sake of pleasure and sexual gratification, these rules for the Island of Westerly have been put into place.

This is the gift I present to my people, my descendants, and the future of my home. Once taught, I am certain this technique will transform my kingdom into the paradise my ancestor sought to create when he first discovered the island. From my hand to yours, I offer this guide as a stepping stone toward an island sex will save, to a future, where sex will be embraced and celebrated as it was always intended.

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