His Daddy: Damien Lexton

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Damien Lexton is a billionaire. Him and his family owned half of the world due to their various businesses. A lot of people wants him but only Elias Graziano knows the dark secret of Damien Lexton. Who are the Lexton family? They are one of the most powerful and famous family in the whole world. They own half of the business in America and not only that but they also have numerous establishments all over the world, making their family name, The Lexton Corporation well-known. Damien Lexton is respected, loved by all his employees for being the ideal boss. He knows how to treat the people working under him and everyone is loyal to him. He was known for his kind and understanding personality But there’s more to the Lexton Family especially Damien Lexton. And only Elias Graziano, a 17 year old high school boy, knows the secret.

Erotica / Romance
Elle Sugi
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“Why?! Why do I have to come to this damn party?!” I asked, glaring at dad who was being helped by mom to put his tie around his neck.

Dad rolled his eyes at me for the nth time. “Because we are being invited by the Lexton family. It’s the least we can do to Damien.”

I resisted the urge to throw a curse at dad. I couldn’t believe he had to pick me up from school just to go to Damien Lexton’s party. All I wanted to do was finish my homework, play some games and go to sleep. Why do I have to dress myself up some fancy ass clothes just so to look presentable in front of that asshole? Just seeing his face was enough to send me to hell.

The doorbell rang. Mom and dad perked and I saw the excitement on flashing on their faces. I grunted as I watched mom go down the stairs. Dad faced me and shook his head after seeing how clumsy I was with the tie.

“Come here, Eli,” he said. I hesitated but he gave me a warning glare. I gave up, stood up from their bed and walked towards dad. “You have to behave yourself, Eli. You have to impress Damien, okay?”

“Why?” I snapped. I hated how much dad put Damien in a pedestal. He’s treating him like he’s our god and savior. I admit Damien helped our family a lot but I’m sure we already paid for it by working in his company.

“Because you have to let Damien see big you’ve grown,” he said, smiling tenderly at me. “If it’s not for him, it’ll be impossible for us to send you to school.”

I tried not to roll my eyes in sarcasm. Let him see how much I’ve grown? Right. Sure. I’m sure he missed me after seeing one another a day ago.

“Dear!” mom called from downstairs, “the car’s here!”

Dad finished fixing my tie. He grinned at me and patted my head. “Let’s go?”

I stared at him before sighing in defeat. “Okay.”

Damien Lexton was the owner of Lexton Corporation. They have a lot of businesses all over the globe. Chains of supermarkets, five-star hotels, oil companies, schools, hospitals, so on and so forth. The Lexton Corporation holds almost half of the world’s resources and they were beyond rich. They’re also a major player in entertainment such as producing famous Hollywood movies. Damien Lexton was an extraordinary man. Not a lot of people knew him personally as he was a private man who keeps his life away from the public’s eye. He was famous for having a handsome face and he was always the number one sexiest man in the world. Damien Lexton’s existence was perfect. He was the face of multiple magazines and a lot of women wanted him. I wouldn’t blame them, Damien was filthy rich, handsome and had a body of a Greek god. His personality was pleasing too and I often see women swooning over his gentleman act.

The black Lexus sedan drove us to our destination. Damien’s holding a thank you party bullshit for the employees of Autumn Ridge Hotel. It’s one of the hotels Damien owned and dad worked as a waiter there. Every six months Damien would throw parties for his employees all over the world to thanked them for their services. It’s one of his ways to satisfy his workers and even if he couldn’t come to all of the parties, he made sure the president of each company would deliver his speech. Damien valued the people working under him and it one of the many reasons why they would stay loyal to him.

I wanted to get out of the car but I didn’t want to disappoint mom and dad. Dad wanted me to personally thank Damien for helping me with my education.

Arriving at Autumn Ridge, the sedan car parked in front of the entrance. My parents and I got out and I saw the dashing proud smile my mother had. This was the only time of the year where she could dress up like royalty. She worked all her life as a teacher in one of Damien’s schools in town. She couldn’t wear nice clothes jewelries without any occasion. Damien provided us with those clothes and I wasn’t surprised when the suit he gave me perfectly fit my body.

“Hey Paul,” one of the guards greeted dad. Dad and I waved a hand at him and mom gave him a big smile.

We went to the hall located at the 23rd floor. Dad and mom were talking about how the three-day party would benefit everyone working in the hotel. It was so everyone could attend while the hotel continue running. Upon entering the hall I was blinded by the bright lights from the chandelier. Everyone was wearing their best dresses and they were together with their family eating the expensive food only the rich could afford. The loud chattering deafened me for a second. I wasn’t good in large crowd and seeing many people in one place made me anxious. I walked behind dad who sat down in one of the vacant tables. I busied myself with my phone, playing games while dad and mom talked to the other people who sat in our table. A few minutes later, the lights dimmed. There was a spotlight directed in the stage of the hall and someone climbed up to make an introduction. I wasn’t really listening. Dad was giving me a silent glare but I didn’t care. I’m already doing him a big favor in coming here.

“ -- let’s welcome, Damien Lexton!”

The crowd applause. I tore my gaze away from my phone and the moment I saw Damien climbing up the stage, I knew I was a goner. It’s only been a day since I last saw him but -- I stood up, slamming my hands on my the table.

Dad was surprised. “What’s wrong, Eli?”

“I - I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Okay, make it fast. You have to greet Damien, okay?”

I bit my lip and nodded. “I know.”

I hurried my way to the bathroom to avoid hearing Damien’s voice. I didn’t want to hear him, I didn’t want to see him. He’s driving me insane.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Elias.”

“Stop it, Elias. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Sto -- ”

“You’re talking to yourself again.”

My skin crawled as soon as I heard that low and raspy voice. I turned to the right and saw Damien by the door. He closed it behind him and I heard the lock click.

I gulped. “T-the…the speech?”

“Don’t be stupid. Not a lot of people like a long speech,” he sarcastically said.

I glared at him. “Why’d you lock the door?”

“Why not? This place is mine.” I was slowly backing away while he moved forward. When he noticed I was trying to escape, he narrowed his eyes. “Did I say you can move?”

The tone of his voice drastically changed and I knew right there and then that there’s nothing I could do to escape from this man. He’s owned my life and the people around me. There’s nowhere in this world where I could hide from him. Abruptly stopping, I lowered my head. Damien closed the distant between us. He stood in front of me, inches away. I could feel his heat against mine and my body automatically reacted just by smelling his scent. It was like I’m in euphoria.

“You’ve been behaving pretty well for a slut,” Damien whispered in my ear. “What do you want for reward?”

I moaned when his warm breath hit my sensitive ear. “D-Damien…ah!”

All of a sudden he grabbed a lock of my hair from the back, forcing me to look at him. The piercing blue eyes drowning me, his lips curling into a sadistic smile and his scent engulfing me, this man had violated me multiple times. He made sure I wouldn’t be able to get aroused other than him. The tattoo inked on my crotch symbolizing his ownership of my body and soul, Damien was my --

“Don’t make me repeat myself, Elias. Address me properly, pet.”

I looked straight into his eyes. Smirking, I said, “I want you to fuck me, daddy.”

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