Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love

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This book is now finally finished and yup, I screwing up my book again 🤪. Now book 2 the new start of the most powerful mob family in the world coming in Dream Life of Jennifer, Julie, and Jackie story is now in work, this book is full finished. About a new type of mob family as a stepbrother and his sister with a unique life style for submissive female and their owners. Storyline is about rough sex, bdsm, S/M relationships. This is fully fantasy. It about a young 22yrs old, guy named ‘Justin’ marrying his 22yrs old stepsister, Jennifer. Born in a unique mob family, Jennifer is finding her way as a full sadistic dominatrix bitch over females. While Justin is slowly finding his way. There is two unholy clans Jennifer belongs to one of them and Justin belongs to the other. Will Jennifer’s darkest part of the dominatrix side to take her fully over? Please read the whole story first before you judge it. This is my very first book ever. Any and all comments are welcome. The characters have 100% free will to choose how far their owners can go with them. If you are not into bdsm, sadistic and masochist, or rough sex, you might want to skip this fantasy story. As I re-read this story and try to improve it things will change in the chapters as I slowly clean and sharpen the storyline.

Erotica / Fantasy
Chris W
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This storyline takes a unique look into the what if’s.

What if Eve and Lucifer made a unearthly deal with each other before Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden by God?

What if, for Eve to try the fruit of knowledge; Lucifer promised Eve, that he would give her the most powerful and long living clan on the earth, if God threw her out of his garden?

As you read this story, bits of information about this clan and it sister clan will appear throughout. This is a twist on the werewolf and vampire stories, instead of drinking blood or turning into a werewolf from a bite. Both clans look like human beings as well as acting like them except for one thing, when they die, death does not hold them. The human race is out number by them. To keep their power, the clan will do something that is unseen to the humans and becomes even more powerful than they already are.

The main characters are stepbrother and sister. However, to understand how they met each other and their birth; we have to go back couple decades. This is a dark and sadistic story, there will be rough and painful sex of hell.

Warning: Read this story at your own risk and please remember this is fictional.

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