Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love

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This book is fully completed. Warning: This story is DARK, read at your own risk, and please remember this is fictional.

Erotica / Fantasy
Chris W
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Read this dark erotic story at your own risk, and please remember this is fictional. You have been fully warned!!!

Regular text = present time and speech that is in the present time of the story

Italics text = thoughts or mind-links

Italics text inside [this area] = past present

Bold text = of Serbian (Cyrillic) or Spanish text

Italics text inside of bold text = Someone is repeating what someone else said or that they had heard from someone else inside of their speaking.


What if Eve and the devil made an unearthly deal with each other before God kicked Adam and her out of his garden forever?

What if the devil promised Eve a long-living and powerful clan on earth for trying the fruit of knowledge and to trick Adam into taking a bite?

What if Lilith, Adam’s first wife returned to the garden of Eden as soon as he swallowed the fruit from the forbidden tree and join them in the first ever threesome?

There is a legend that tells about Adam being extremely ruthless toward Lilith while Eve slowly crawled over to the Devil as he watched his masochist pet getting blooded. As soon as Eve was in arm reach the Devil grabbed her with one of his hand before striking her in the face extremely hard.

“Worthless human, are you enjoying your husband having intercourse with my masochist pet as he bloody her up for our pleasure?” The Devil said to the gorgeous woman while she kept her hands behind her back as the slaps slowly turned into punches.

“My lord, I am extremely impressed by how tough your mutt is as my husband have forcible intercourse with her as I give you extreme pleasure.” Eve said proudly as the Devil took her with extreme force.

After the Devil and Lilith left them, Eve and Adam made clothes before being questioned by father God about why they were hiding from him and wearing leaves as clothes. Next, God threw them out of the garden for eternity while releasing his hounds of destruction into Eden to feed on trespassers forever.


This story is a twist on the vampire and werewolf stories, instead of drinking blood or turning into a werewolf from a bite, you were born as them. This is an extremely dark and sadistic novel that will take you on a journey of dangerous and deadly sexual activities between humans, vampires, and werewolves.

The first clan can morph from wolves to human beings as well as act like them except for one thing when they die; death has no permanent hold on them. The sister clan is pure blood wolves and is led by a female that can speak their language and is built to withstand attacks from the alpha males in the clan as they have extremely dangerous sex with her day and night. The life span of this human is about forty to sixty years because of the abuse upon her body.


Awan was the first Queen of the werewolves, she was the primary wife of Cain along with her baby sister, the widower of Able. The reason that Cain killed Able was that Awan and he wanted Madeline for themselves.

Able and Madeline had been married for about a year before Cain started a sexual relationship with Madeline as Awan watched them before finally joining them. At the time Madeline had turned seventeen and was the daughter of the Devil’s pet, Lilith. Able took Madeline when she was sixteen sometime in the century of B.C.

Madeline had found out that she was pregnant with Cain’s child, so after telling both her Master and Mistress,Cain went out and killed Able. After Able death God called Cain forward instead of punishing him, father God marked him and let the three of them live in the wasteland with the werewolves. After Awan became Queen of the werewolves she laid the king of werewolf, Jaecar as the alphas of the clan mated with Madeline while Cain have intercourse with all the females werewolves of the condemned.

Awan took her place next to Jaecar which made her the most power human on earth. Nine months later, Madeline had failed to produce a child after the vicious clan had assaulted her human body. However, at the same time Awan gave painful birth to King Jaecar’s child which he named Bellona.

One year later, Madeline finally gave birth to a child of slave Cain’s bloodline as Jaecar took his last breath after being attacked by a gang of young blood that was having their way with Awan at the time. The clan had told Awan it was her choice to decide if their should be another King of Werewolf. Awan made the decision of being the solo power and ruler of the werewolves forever.

After baptizing Madeline’s daughter in Jaecar’s blood, she named the child, Cyrene, servant of the werewolves. On Cyrene’s tenth birthday, Awan put a iron collar around her neck before giving her to Bellona as her private servant.

On Bellona’s sixteenth birthday and Cyrene’s fifteenth birthdays, Awan decided to have a competitive competition tournament for females between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one to fight each other with extremely sharp daggers in front of the clan for their sadomasochistic entertainment.

The only rule for this fight was to make your opponents submit without killing them but bodily harm was allowed. Now unfortunately accidental deaths would happen from time to time in those fights and the families of those females that had been killed would be taken extremely care of by the clan forever. Fighting with daggers was extremely risky but it became their lifestyle from that day forward.

The grand winner would face Awan one on one for a ten-round fight with daggers without any armor on or shield. Out of one hundred matches, Awan would only win three of them so when she lost the clan would hunt her as the humans watched with extreme excitement while Cain enjoy the grand winner in satanic and sexual activities along with slave Madeline. Since they were ten years old, Bellona and Cyrene had been fighting each other with training daggers but that all changed one day on Cyrene’s sixteenth birthday.

Bellona had just walked into the small dungeon where Cyrene had been torture the night before by the most vicious alphas she could find under her command. Seeing Cyrene’s sixteen-year-old body laying on the unique table which the clan called the rack.

“I heard that you were begging them to be extremely ruthless with your body in my honor and glory, slave. Are you up to fighting me with real daggers, bitch of mine?” Bellona said to Cyrene as she slid her hand across her human sister’s gorgeous and extremely tough body.

“My lord, I am weak but able to take your full wrath.” Cyrene said to Bellona in a extremely weak voice.

“If you lose to me, I will give you to my bastards once again for them to punish as they see fit, slave.” Bellona said as she untied Cyrene’s wrists and ankles from the restraints of the table.

The following year on Cyrene’s seventeenth birthday, Awan allow both of them to join in the tournament of daggers. Cyrene knew that Bellona was plan on killing her during the tournament with Awan blessing but was surprised when the princess knelt and petted her as she whispered.

“I have other plans for you, slave. The young blood will look after you for me until I need to let out some stress, so now rest, slave.” Bellona had never showed any mercy toward her until now as she felt the extremely sharp dagger sliding across her bloody chest as Bellona kneed her in the cunt before getting up.

The following year on the night before Cyrene’s eighteen birthday as Bellona was ramming her right knee into her cunt while hearing.

“I heard that there will be no tournament tomorrow instead my mother and yours are fighting each other to the death and I signed your lousy ass up, my nymphomaniac bitch.” Bellona whispers in Cyrene’s left ear before kissing her on the left cheek.

Three would going to enter and only one would be walking out as the next Queen of Werewolves. Now Awan must survive the most dangerous fight of her life to keep her powers of Hell. After Awan and Madeline killed Cyrene together, they went after each other with pure hatred. Finally, Madeline fell to the ground just as Awan felt an extremely sharp pain in the back of her neck while hearing.

“Sorry, but the throne is mine now, bitch.” Awan heard Bellona’s voice coming from behind her.

“Your fucking name is not even on the Queen’s list, bitch.” Awan said as she fell to her knees.

“My fucking name is on the death match contract, bitch. See for yourself, dumbass.” Bellona said to her dying mother as she dropped the contract in front of Awan’s face.

“Just minutes before the match started my loyalty and faithful bitch wrote my name on the death contract which means that I am the new Queen of this godless clan of death. They are tried of your weak ass, bitch” Bellona yanked Awan’s head back before pulling the dagger across her mother’s neck while hearing.

“Cyrene, raise and submit to your new Queen forever. Bellona from this day forward you and my hellish werewolves will understand each other as they fulfill your darkest satanic pleasures and needs for eternity. Cyrene, you will remain young and flexible for my clan to share your lousy ass with their young vicious Queen. Take your father and mate with him because you will bore my second clan from his seeds which will be enslaved forever to my werewolves clan of condemnation.”

Cyrene arched backward as the voice disappeared and her eyes slowly started to roll back while Cain mounted her with extreme force. After ninety days, Bellona got up from the Queen’s throne and kicked Cain off of Cyrene as she ordered the werewolves to attack her death kitten until she calls for her. Next, Bellona tied Cain to a horse and rode off toward her estate while dragging him by his wrists behind her horse.


Los Perros despiadados de Dios means ‘God’s merciless dogs’ when you translate it from Spanish into English. No one dares to trespass on their land and those that did were never found. One day an eighteen-year-old female crossed over the fence into the forbidden land which some have referred to as the Garden of Eden from the Bible.

This female could feel herself being watched as she continued walking through the gorgeous garden. As soon as she reaches the middle of this beautiful garden, the female saw a massive creature in front of her. This creature started to growl at her as she slowly knelt in front of him.

“My name is Artemis and I am here to be your Goddess and lead you to greatness just like my grandparents did before God kicked them out of here. Feel free to test me, I am not afraid of you, devilish hounds.” She said to him in an unspoken language to the massive wolf as his clan slowly circle her.

The hounds of God were extremely surprised by this female speaking in their language that no one before her could ever speak including her grandparents.

“Why are you discussing my fate, hounds of God? I am not a werewolf, I despise those weak half-breeds. Come at me with everything you hellish beasts have and if I survive, you will submit to me or die by my wrath says your Goddess.” Artemis said to the King of wolves as she heard them deliberating her fate.

“We will see if your clan can destroy me, mutt,” Artemis said after hearing the king mumbling something in their language.

“From this day forward, I am your Goddess and this clan will be known as ‘Senores Sadicos.’ I know you all understand human language including Spanish.” Artemis said as she finished playing extremely rough with them, only half were still breathing.

Senores Sadicos means ‘Sadistic Lords’ in English. There is no written word about where Artemis came from or what age she took her last and final breath but we do know she was the granddaughter of Able and Eve. However, we also know that she was the only one able to tame those wild creatures. The wolves worship her as their Goddess from that day forward.

Both clans are still among us humans to this day, the following story is about a chosen unique slave named ‘Justin’ that might be able to merge both clans back together permanently and make them whole once again. They will become more dangerous than they already are. In Artemis’ Will, she left orders for the pure wolves to hold a tournament for a new Queen which would lead them in her name forever.

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