Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love

By Chris W All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Fantasy


This is fully fantasy. It about a young 22yrs old, guy named ‘James’ marrying his 21yrs old stepsister, Jennifer. Born in a unique mob family, Jennifer is finding her way as a full sadistic dominatrix bitch over females. While James is slowly finding his way in becoming most fear man on earth. There is a lost gene only found in Jennifer and some female bloodlines, that is taken Jennifer completely over. Can James fully coupe knowing his wife darkest secrets? Will Jennifer allow the darkest part of the dominatrix gene to take her fully over? Will true love finally end the dominatrix gene once and for all? This story is about rough sex, bdsm, sadistic and masochist relationship between the submissive and their owners. Please read the whole story first before you judge it. This is my very first book ever. Any and all comments are welcome. They have 100% free will to choose how far their owners can go with them. If you are not into bdsm, sadistic and masochist, or rough sex, you might want to skip this fantasy story. As I re-read this story and try to improve it, things will change in the chapters as I slowly clean and sharpen the storyline.


Training for forty plus hours a week with some help from her mother’s servant, Jenna. Jenna has been training Jennifer since her fifteenth birthday when she gave Jennifer a box with a note on top of it, which read: ‘This is your new workout uniform, BITCH.’

Inside the box were a black sports bra and a pair of black shorts for her to wear as she fights Jenna in her very first match ever. Jenna trained Jennifer in a hardcore fighting style that she called ‘Freestyle’ which the rules were simple, anything goes to win. This fighting style also included kickboxing, judo, and ju-jitsu techniques.

Since there was no referee, Jenna had the final say over how far the fight would go; she also gave Jennifer a safety word to use if a five minutes break was needed.

Next Jenna asked Jennifer to enter into the MMA fighting cage as she follows her which was one of two that was built into her parents’ house and this one was built in the floor of the family gym that was on the first floor. The cage was an octagon shape and was sixteen feet wide by six feet tall. When Jennifer reach the middle of the cage, Jenna orders her to stop and put her hand behind her back. Next Jenna orders Jennifer to turn around to face her.

Then Jenna grin at her as she grabs Jennifer by the throat as she said, “Choking, kicking, biting, open-handed and close handed punches are all allowed but raking of the eyes, are not allow for this first match of ours, do I make myself clear, Sweetie.”

Jennifer softly said, “Yes, I understand, Jenna.”

Jennifer learned fast that Jenna did not only could talk the talk, but she could walk the walk. Since it was the very first match between them, Jenna took it easy on Jennifer to see how much she knew about fighting the right way. Jenna was very impressed with Jennifer since she did not use her safety word, as Jenna got rougher during their matches. By the end of the week, Jennifer was kicking Jenna sexy ass as they fought, which gave her the greatest pleasure of all.

Jennifer grades were falling, so on her sixteenth birthday, Jenna made a deal with her. That deal was ‘Once a month on report card day, Jenna would submit herself to Jennifer’s will as long as Jennifer grades were A’s or B’s on the report card, anything less would be a day off from fighting for Jenna.’

When Jennifer heard the terms of the deal, she grabbed Jenna by her very long black hair and slapped her hard in the face as she said; “It will be a cold day in Hell before you get a day off from fighting me, Jenna. You might be my mother’s servant, bitch but you will always be my bitch to fight with however I want to, so I accept your deal, Bitch.”

Jenna enjoys seeing Jennifer pissed off about not fighting, made her smile as she said, “Jennifer, show me what in the hell you got Bitch.” Jennifer let go of Jenna as she told her to get into the MMA fighting cage now.

As soon as they got into the fighting cage, Jennifer grabbed Jenna by the hair from behind and slammed her face first into the mat. Jennifer knew the rules and knew that Jenna could stop the fight at any time if she did not keep her attitude under checked.

Jennifer kicked Jenna in her right ribcage as she said to Jenna, “Get up now, Bitch.” Both Jenna and Jennifer fought very roughly that day as Jenna saw how much passion Jennifer had toward fighting. Jenna saw Jennifer was doing her best to control her emotions during the fights were getting better each day.

However Jenna wanted to see how much punishment Jennifer body could take so as she choking her, whispering, “Jennifer, you can’t use your safety word during this match. I know what your true limits are and I will push your body harder to find your breaking point because we have been fighting each other for a year now and it is time to go to the next level, Bitch.”

Jenna loosens her grip around Jennifer’s neck just enough to allow her to whisper, “Bitch, I told you from day one to push me hard. My sister is a fighter, my mother is a fighter, and my grandmother was a fighter. My mother owns Darkest Desire Adult Studio that she inherited from her parents. She runs one of the hottest hardcore fighting companies in the world. You taught my sister, and now she is fighting in my mother company, and I want to join her, so push my body to pass the breakpoint no matter what. I do not want any safety world from this point forward, Bitch.”

Jenna and Jennifer started to kick away at each other in the ribcage and chest as hard as they could while punching each other. Both Jennifer and Jenna have been fighting each other for five hours straight nonstop when Jennifer kicked Jenna in the head hard, which made Jenna, landed onto the mat face first. Jennifer knelt next to Jenna and right away she could tell that Jenna was out cold.

All of a sudden Jennifer felt a hand grabbing her long blonde hair. This person yanked Jennifer head back hard, Jennifer looks up as she said softly, “I am so sorry Mother, I didn’t mean to kick Jenna that hard in the head, is she going to be okay?”

Kim grins at Jennifer as she said, “Sweetie, I have done worst to her and so have my fighters especially Julie.”

The very next day, Kim walked into the gym and sat down as Jennifer and Jenna started to fight each other even harder.

Jennifer love to play rough with Jenna, so when she came home from school on her eighteenth birthday and saw a note from her mother which read, ‘Sweetie, I am in my private playroom with Jenna, and we are waiting for you, so please move your ass down to my dungeon as soon as possible. I have put your name into the system, and you should be able to guess what your password is, Sweetie, Love Mom’.

Jennifer ran to her mother’s playroom that once was the basement until her parents turned it into a dungeon for their adult games of pleasures with Jenna along with their male and female friends.

The dungeon was full of adult toys like whips, paddles and other bdsm stuff as well as a full-size square-fighting cage that went from the floor to the ceiling and was twenty feet wide, made out of cold hard steel. Jennifer saw Jenna hanging from the ceiling by a pair of black leather wrist cuffs.

Jenna was fully naked, over her head was a black leather suffocating hood. The hood had two small hoses coming from the nose area of the hood. Jennifer follows the small hoses with her eyes to a big air hose which went to an old air compressor.

Around Jenna’s neck was a black leather collar with the following word ‘BITCH’ written in diamonds. Jennifer also noticed that there was a pair of black leather cuffs around Jenna’s ankle.

This was the first time Jennifer ever saw Jenna wearing those adult things. Jenna was seven years older than Jennifer, being a masochist bitch at age twenty-five for one of the cruelest Mistress ever was rough, but Jenna loves pain.

Jennifer heard her mother voice from the shadows of the dungeon, “Jennifer, I want you to release your anger onto that Bitch right now. Do not hold back; I want you to destroy her in front of me, now.”

Jennifer walked up to Jenna and started to kick away at the bitch. Instead of thinking of Jenna as a person, Jennifer did not see anything but a punching bag in front of her. All of Jennifer bottle up emotions came out at one time.

After twenty minutes of destroying Jenna body with kicks and punches, a very dominant female voice said, “Enough.”

Jennifer stopped and back away from Jenna body. Jennifer thought to herself, ‘My God, why didn’t my mom stopped me sooner.’

Jennifer saw her mother grinning at her as she heard, “Now Jennifer, my slut. I know that you have been sleeping with your stepbrother, James, and Jenna since your seventeenth birthday. How did it feel to hurt Jenna and do not lie to me, Bitch?”

Thoughts of destroying Jenna body was giving her enjoyment as she said, “Mother, I did not want to stop hurting Jenna. I wanted to continue dishing out pain onto her goddamn body. Yes, you are right. I have been sleeping with Master James and slave Jenna since last year. That bitch of yours can take a fucking beating both sexually and physically.”

Kim said, “To be a true Mistress and to control that very dark side of yours will take time. I was hoping that the sadistic gene would have passed you by, but it did not, so every day after school I want you to hurt Jenna’s body. I know that she can handle the hell that I am allowing to happen upon her body. You will choose when she deserves a rest as well as choosing to destroy her. I have removed all user from the keypad; you are the only one that is allowed in here, from this point forward, BITCH.”

Kim turned to Jenna and said, “May your fucking Goddess have mercy on your body as you are fully hers to destroy from this moment forward.”

Then Kim left the dungeon. For the next three years until her twenty-first birthday, Jennifer went down to the jail every day with the intent of harming her human dog. Jennifer never shows mercy to Jenna; it was not because she did not want to. Jennifer tried over and over, but the beast inside of her had entirely taken over. It got to a point where she needs some fresh meat.

On her twentieth birthday, Jennifer went out looking for a bitch that would fully submit to her and her alone. Jennifer went to a strip club that her mother owns and picked out an eighteen-year-old female to give her a private show. As soon as the female was fully naked, Jennifer stood up and clamped both hands around the girl’s neck.

Jennifer asked if the bitch was scared; the girl only said two words, “Do it.”

As Jennifer began to squeeze the bitch neck hard, their eyes locked onto each other. That is when Jennifer realize what her mother had done. Jennifer started to care about this bitch as she continued choking her. Jennifer realizes at that moment why it was so easy to punish Jenna body like she was nothing. Jenna taught her how to fight and destroy, so harming Jenna was enjoyment for her. While hurting this young bitch was not given her any pleasure like Jenna did in the dungeon.

A dominant female voice said, “I could not teach you love until you destroy what you hated first, my love. I have seen the hellish demon in your eyes since the first day you and Jenna started fighting. I was hoping that loving James was enough, but by your seventeenth birthday, I saw it was consuming you. So I decided to give my pet fully over to you know that you could have killed her. Not even your beast side wants to destroy Jessica. Jessica is not here as a stripper but as a submissive for your pleasure, my love.”

Without releasing her hold on the bitch, Jennifer turned her head and seeing her mother standing there. Kim went on by saying, “I will train you as a Mistress on her. Jessica will be fully submissive to you and only you until you choose to share her with James.”

“Mom, will I ever get that feeling of destroying someone like I do with Jenna?”

“Only God will know, my love.”

Jennifer turn back around as she said, “Damn bitch, you could have fought loose while I was talking to my mom, but instead you stood here, why?”

“I am your slave; I have signed my body, soul, heart, mind, and life over to you and only you. Mistress, don’t you understand, Jenna was never truly your slave. Jenna always had belonged to your mother, and you could not have her fully unlike me. I am fully yours, even when you share me with James, soon to be your husband. You will never lose any rights over me.”

Jennifer kissed the bitch lips.

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