The Fallen Angel

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This story is being editing and rewriting as well Hunted by humans with approved by her sadistic Goddess, Chelsey is a Fallen Angel who loves pain. From Goddess Blair’s 1911 pistols to Tranquillizer guns, will Chelsey finally find her true heaven? Banished from heaven only to be enslaved, hunted and tangled up in webs by satan's sadistic child, Princess Blair "reaper of mankind, reaper of souls. (Source for the words above by Phelecia 12 and I am grateful for the permission to use their words)

Erotica / Fantasy
Chris W
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Prologue part 1

Isaiah 37:36

36. And the angel of the Lord went out and struck down 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians. And when people arose early in the morning, behold, these were all dead bodies.

On the earth around the year 3060, humans were being killed by a sadistic Goddess named Blair for her pleasure. Blair was the youngest of two daughters in Lucifer’s family. Bella is Blair’s older sister, she was also the best bounty hunter that Lucifer had.

After Elohim’s judgment came upon the world, humans were already in decline as Blair’s thirst for blood begin to grow as she hunted them for entertainment.

Blair did such a great job that Lucifer sent Bella to slow her down. Goddess Blair was about to kill her one hundred millionth human when Bella step between the human and her baby sister.

Bella ordered the human to run and do not look back for any reason as she heard.

“Bella, curse you for letting that human escape my wrath. Earth is my domain. I can do what I want with them as you know.” Blair, the Goddess of death saying to her older sister as the female ran away.

“Christ, Blair. I knew that you were full of hatred because of me abusing you when you were growing up. I was fifteen, and you were seven at that time. I was training and preparing you for your powers of unholiness, but instead, you filled with ungodly hatred. Yes, I might have gone too far with my training on you and will also admit that I enjoyed abusing your gorgeous ass. However, it is time to stop killing everything in the universe just for fun, sis.” Goddess Bella said to Blair.

“Our father has sent you to stop me at any cost, sis. Are you prepare to die for them because I will fight you to death for their blood, Goddess Bella? If so draw your sword and prepare to die. Since death will be the only way that I will stop killing human. Let us see if you are the best bounty hunter in Hell, bitch? By the way, you know that humans are weak; so why save them, sis.” Blair smirk as she replied to her older sister.

“I agree with you, human are weak, but without them, you will have no one to hunt, bitch.” Bella answer Blair as she pulled her sword out of it sheath.

“If daddy wants me to stop killing his human slaves, find me a damn indestructible harlot that can survive my full wrath of Hell. That will be the only way the human race will be saved. No human, demon, she-devil, or even Goddesses can take my fiery wrath, including you, bitch.” Blair replied to Bella as they swung away at each other.

Bella was praying for an unkillable target for Blair to hunt as their swords clashes with each other. While this mini-war between the two hellcats of Lucifer’s family was going on the earth, in Heaven Elohim finally caught up to the last sinful angel of his. Calling her by name just as she was about to leap out of Heaven as she prepare to enter earth for some sexual needs.

“Yes, what do you want now, father?” Chelsey answer Elohim, her father as she turned around to face him after hearing him calling her.

“Chelsey, where are you going?” Elohim asked her as he slowly approached her.

“I am off to get laid by some gorgeous human of course.” Chelsey said to Elohim with proud.

“By all that is good, how did I miss you when I sent Lucifer, his demons, and she-devil to Hell?” Elohim asked Chelsey as she give him both bird fingers.

“All you ever want me to do is sing praises to your youngest son. I have needs and wants, if you start to care for me instead of those wicked human. Maybe, you would have seen calling out for your love, father. Instead, I went to Lucifer my brother to look for love which he has fully shown me in ways I never knew. To me, Lucifer has been more of a father than you, son of bitch.” Chelsey answered her father with pure anger.

“What do you mean, Chelsey? I have always shown you love but every time I turn my back, you are on yours in earth with a human or two inside of you.”

“Father, when have you shown me any kind of love? You have never understood me and has always looking down at me. The humans would take me sexually as Lucifer watched before he would bring me home and filled my darkest desires. Lucifer has sent both of his sadistic daughters along with his ruthless armies to abuse and feed my needs for pain.” Chelsey said to Elohim with extreme anger while continue.

“You have made me into a masochist bitch and you are surprised that I have been with humans. Who in the Hell do you think taught the humans about sadomasochistic things, bastard? It was me, I beg and plead with them to hurt me as we had intercourse with each other.” Chelsey said to Elohim in an extremely angered voice.

“Enough, I am finished with you since you wanted to be with humans then I will granting it, harlot.” Elohim said with extreme anger toward Chelsey as she felt her powers leaving along with the wings.

“I curse you to earth forever, harlot. You are now fully human and cursed along with all of those that followed Lucifer.” Elohim finished saying to her as he pushed her off the cliff that she was stand on in Heaven looking over earth.

An ungodly war was going on between Bella and Blair clashing swords with each other as they both heard a loud crashing sounds while feeling the ground shaking.

“What in the Hell was that? They both said at the same time.

They ran to the forest where the noise came from and saw a beautiful young female lying fully naked on her back in the ground. Blair took her sword and pierced the heart of the young lady as she pledged to hunt and kill all humans forever.

“As long as this Angel of Death is breathing on earth or in Hell, you will only hunt her along with your hellish hounds forever, says me.” Bella said as Blair was leaving them.

“Time to rise Angel of Death. You are cursed by me to stay on earth and be hunted by my sister.” Bella finish saying as Blair turned back around toward them.

“For it has been written in the blood of this ungodly Angel of ours, Amen.” Bella said to Blair as she got up from the ground before leaving them.

“First Elohim cursed me to earth as a full human. Then a damn Deity curse me as an Angel on earth and in Hell. Can you fucking Gods make up your minds?” Chelsey said as Bella disappeared before them.

Blair smirked as she swung her sword away at the gorgeous female until she got bored and ordered the Angel to follow her.

“Chelsey, the begotten daughter of Elohim and my beautiful masochistic pet. How have you been, gorgeous harlot?” Blair said to the fallen angel as they slowly head toward her mansion.

“You are in a great mood and I am so glad to finally be home, Goddess. ” Chelsey said to Blair as she crawled next to her on the stone path toward the mansion.

“I am just glad to have you home permanently now, my ugly bitch. Is that better, worthless whore?” Blair said to Chelsey with a smirked.

Suddenly Chelsey flew backwards ten feet as Bella appeared out of nowhere walking toward her wearing a black trench coat.

Chelsey slowly sat up on her knees as Bella approach her while Blair watches with a grin.

“What happened, bitch? You were never this easy to fuck up, bitch.” Bella said to Chelsey as she dropped a extremely old black leather bag.

“I heard you praying and was coming down when the old man caught me. How come I did not die when Goddess Blair stabbed me in the heart, Goddess Bella? Not that I am complaining reminding you, my lords.” Chelsey said to them as she watch Blair pulling out her vest holster which held two nineteen-eleven pistols.

“Gorgeous bitch, even without your powers death has no hold over you. However, your body will heal much slower now, beautiful tramp. Oh before I forget our father has called for a special council meeting which you need to be at, Blair. So take your ugly mutt home then come straight to Hell, gorgeous lover of mine forever.” Bella said to her baby sister while kneeling in front of Chelsey.

“Move your damn ass, mutt. My newest hounds are waiting for your ass. They are extremely ruthless just the way you enjoy them, mutt.” Blair said to Chelsey while kicking her in the back of the head as Bella slowly disappeared before them.

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