The Fallen Angel

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This story is being editing and rewriting as well Hunted by humans with approved by her sadistic Goddess, Chelsey is a Fallen Angel who loves pain. From Goddess Blair’s 1911 pistols to Tranquillizer guns, will Chelsey finally find her true heaven? Banished from heaven only to be enslaved, hunted and tangled up in webs by satan's sadistic child, Princess Blair "reaper of mankind, reaper of souls. (Source for the words above by Phelecia 12 and I am grateful for the permission to use their words)

Erotica / Fantasy
Chris W
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Prologue - Angel cursed to be hunted by demons and humans.

Isaiah 37:36

36. And the angel of the Lord went out and struck down 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians. And when people arose early in the morning, behold, these were all dead bodies.

On the earth, around the year 3060, humans were being killed by a sadist Goddess named Blair, just for her pleasure. Blair was the youngest of two daughters in Lucifer’s family. Blair older sister, Bella was the best bounty hunter that Lucifer had. After Father God’s judgment upon the world, humans were already in decline and was declining even faster since Goddess Blair thirst begin to grow for blood as she continues killing humans for fun and pleasure. Blair did such a great job that Lucifer sent Bella to slow her down.

Goddess Blair was about to kill her one hundred millionth human when Bella step between the human and her.

Bella ordered the human to run and do not look back for any reason as she heard the Goddess of death saying, “Bella, curse you for letting that human escape my wrath. Earth is my domain. I can do as I want with them as you know.”

“Christ, Blair. I knew that you were full of hate because of me abusing you when you were growing up. I was fifteen, and you were seven-years-old at the time I started. I was doing it to train and prepare you for your powers of unholiness, but instead, you filled with ungodly hate for our father and me. Yes, I might have gone too far with my training of hell on you and will admit that I enjoyed abusing your ass. However, it is time to stop killing everything in the universe just for fun, sis.” Goddess Bella said.

Blair smirk as she replied, “Daddy has sent you to stop me at any cost, sis. Are you prepared to die for them because I will fight you to death for their blood, Goddess Bella? Draw your sword of death and prepare to die. Death is the only way that I will stop killing humans. Let us see if you are the best bounty hunter in Hell, bitch? You know that humans are weak; so why save them, sis.”

“I agree with you, humans are weak, but without them, you will have no one to hunt, bitch,” Bella answer her younger sister.

Blair replied, “If daddy wants me to stop killing humans, find me a goddamn bitch, that can survive my full wrath of hell. No human, demon, she-devil, or Goddesses, can take my fiery wrath, including you, Bella and that is why daddy kicked me out of hell. That will be the only way you are going to save humans since we can never truly die, bitch.”

Bella was praying for an unkillable living target for Blair to hunt as their swords clashes with each other.

In Lucifer’s household, Blair had an extremely rough life of hell since her father was a sadist bastard. However, as Blair and Bella fought, Blair begins to gain her unholy powers and hate started to grow for her family of hell.

As this mini-war between two hellcats of Lucifer’s family was going on in the earth, the Holy Father finally caught up to the last sinful angel of his and called her by name just as she was about to leap out of heaven and enter earth for sexual needs of hers.

Hearing God calling her, Chelsey answer him, “Yes, what do you want now, Father?”

God said, “Chelsey, where are you going? By all that is good. How did I miss you, when I sent Satan, his demons and she-devils to hell?”

Replying to God, Chelsey said, “I am going to earth to get laid by humans, of course. All you ever want me to do is sing praises to your son. I have needs and wants if you start caring for me instead of those wicked humans. Maybe, you would have seen me calling out for your love, God. Instead, I went to Lucifer to look for love, and he has shown me love that I never knew. To me, Lucifer has been more of a father to me than you, son of a bitch.”

God replied, “I have shown you love, Chelsey but every time I turn my back; you are on yours in the earth with a human or two inside of you.”

“God, when did you show me, love? You never understood me, always looking down at me. The humans took me sexually as my true father, Lucifer watched, and then he brought me home afterward and filled my darkest desires. Lucifer knew that I enjoy the pain of all types, so he sent his daughters and armies after me for them to abuse with major pain of hell. God, you made me a masochist bitch, and you are surprised that I have been with humans. Who in the hell do you think taught the humans about sadist and masochist, son of a bitch? It was me, I beg and plead with them to hurt me as we had sex with each other. At first, they were scared, but as you can see, they enjoy hurting me and each other while having sex, God,” Chelsey said in an angered voice.

“Enough, I am finished with you since you wanted to be with humans and be their masochist slave forever; so, let it be,” God said as Chelsey felt all her powers leaving her along with her wings

Father God finished by saying, “I curse you to earth forever. You are now and forever a human being. Cursed along with all those that followed Lucifer.”

All sudden on the earth as an ungodly war was going on between Bella and Blair; they were clashing swords with each other as they heard a loud crashing sound and felt the ground shaken as they both said at the same time, “What in hell was that?”

They ran to the forest where the noise came from and saw a beautiful young female lying fully naked on her back in the ground. Blair took her sword and pierced the heart of the young lady as she pledged to hunt and kill all human beings forever.

As Blair turned to leave, she heard, “As long as this Angel of hell is breathing on earth or in hell, you will only hunt her along with your hounds of Hell forever, says me.”

Blair turned back around as she heard, “Time to rise Angel of hell. You are cursed by me to stay on earth and be hunted by my hateful sister, Goddess Blair, forever.”

Then Blair saw Bella getting up while saying, “For it has been written in the blood of this ungodly Angel of hell, amen.”

After speaking those words, Bella disappeared before them as Chelsey said, “First the Holy Father curse me to earth as a human being, and now a damn Deity curse me on earth and hell as an Angel. Can you fucking Gods make up your minds?”

Blair smirked as she swung her sword away at the female until she got bored and told the Angel to come with her. Chelsey saw a huge mansion in front of her as she crawled next to her new owner. As they approached the palace, Chelsey saw two ungodly hounds from hell on all fours guarding the estate in front of a ten feet tall iron gate.

The hounds were on heavy-duty chains that were attached to what looks like old iron hitching posts for horses. As they approached, the iron gate opens outwards toward them automatically. Seeing the two hounds, one on either side of her as Goddess Blair stopped between the hounds and unhooked them as Chelsey notices that the hound on her left was a male demon and the one on her right was a she-devil.

Chelsey heard, “My demons will now chase you around the grounds for my pleasure. When they catch you, they will gently bite you anywhere that they want on your unholy body. Do not worry yourself, my young angel, since my hounds know not to hurt you. They also know that I have to kill you myself which I will as soon as I find your goddamn weakness because the humans are mine domain and I will kill them all.”

Watching her hounds of hell chasing Chelsey around the ground brought pleasure to the sadistic Goddess. Blair’s hounds could read minds, and they saw that Chelsey wanted more from them besides being their catch and release toy.

Blair grin as she read her two hounds' minds and told them that she may allow more freedom but for now the angel was hers to kill. The more Blair tried to kill her cursed Angel; she began to enjoy the masochist nature of her new Bitch. After a long day of hunting Chelsey in her forest of the earth, Blair would lay with her sexually which she could never do with humans since they always die from their wounds.

One day laying in the forest, Blair heard the thoughts of her angel, ‘Goddess Blair, do I bring you the pleasure that you have been searching for in humanity as you hunt me?’

Chelsey heard in her mind, ‘Bitch, hunting you brings me the most pleasure of hell as you lay here under me while I continue to stab away at you as we make ungodly love to each other.’

On the six month anniversary of being Blair’s truly unkillable bitch, Chelsey saw the two hounds of her Goddess approaching and arching back not knowing why they were coming toward her but knew that she was theirs to take at any time no matter what unless Blair was using her.

It had been a couple of months since Blair had left her in the darkest part of the dungeon after the last hunt. Chelsey saw the female hound coming straight at her as the male went around her.

After losing sight of the male hound, she heard growling coming from the female hound, “Do not worry yourself, young angel. Mine name is Jezebel and the one that is going to attack you in five, four, three, two, one…”

Chelsey screams in pain as she felt the male hound mount her arched body as the hugest shaft that ever had enters her tight cunt.

Locking eyes with Jezebel as she heard, “His name is Jeacar, my lover and brother. I do enjoy watching him destroying other bitches, and our Goddess has given you to him for his pleasure. Goddess had told him to carve you up as I watch, bitch. Oh, I see the fear in your eyes, do not worry, I will lick your wounds as I clean up the blood, slave.”

Next, Chelsey heard the male hound growling, “Chelsey, Jezebel is kidding. I will be gentle with you for now, and as time goes on, I will get rougher but only when our Goddess allow it. Blair is watching us from the shadows. The reason she has not taken you out to hunt your ass is that she has been preparing the Master bedroom for you to stay with her forever. Since Jezebel and I have been behaving, Blair is allowing us to have you however we want.”

Seeing concern in her eyes, Jezebel sat up and pushed Chelsey’s head into her cunt as she said, “Now eat, goddamn whore.”

Blair walked over to her pets with a box of brand-new hellish cuffs that had spikes on them. Mistress Blair sat down next to Jezebel, so Jezebel was on her left-hand side. Next, Blair took Jezebel’s right hand and removed an old black leather wrist cuffs and put a brand new dark red leather cuff on. Blair did the same thing to Jezebel other wrists and ankles before moving onto Jeacar. Blair first switched out Jeacar’s old black leather ankle cuffs and then ordered Jezebel to switch spots with her. Jezebel was now sitting next to Chelsey and Blair was on top of Chelsey’s face as she switches out Jeacar’s old wrist cuffs with his new dark red cuffs.

As Blair sat on Chelsey’s face, she felt her slave’s tongue entering her anus slowly. Blair and Jezebel locked lips as Jeacar destroyed Chelsey’s cunt like there was no tomorrow. At this point, Chelsey was not wearing any cuff or collar but soon she will as she moved from the dungeon to the Master bedroom with her Goddess, tomorrow.

Unknown to the young gorgeous and beautiful Angel, Blair was falling in love with her which has never ever happened before.

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