Fallen Angel

By Chris W All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Fantasy


Banished from heaven only to be enslaved, hunted and tangled up in webs by satan's sadistic child, Princess Blair "reaper of mankind, reaper of souls. (Source for the words above by Phelecia 12 and I am grateful for the permission to use their words)

Prologue - Angel cursed to be hunted by demons and humans.

POV from Satan’s two hellish Daughters

“Bella, curse you for letting that human escape my wrath. Earth is my domain. I can do as I please with them.”

“Christ, Blair. I knew that you were full of hate because of me. But enough killing humans just for fun.”

“Daddy sent you to stop me at any cost, sis. So are you going put me down because that is the only way that I will stop killing humans? Let’s see if you are the best bounty hunter in Hell, Bitch. Humans are weak why are you trying to save them, Bitch.”

“I agree with you, humans are weak, but without them, you will have no one to hunt, bitch of mine forever.”

“If daddy wants me to stop killing humans, find me a goddamn bitch that can survive my full wrath of hell. That will be the only way you are going to save the human race.”

Bella was praying for an unkillable living target for Blair to hunt.

While in heaven God, the Holy Father was during with the last of his disobedience Angel and here is the conversation between father God and the sinful angel named Chelsey.

POV from God and one of his wicked Angel


“Yes, Holy Father?”

“By all is good. How did I miss you, when I sent Satan, his demons and she-devils to hell?”

“You were to damn busy with those wicked human beings while I pleased them, goddamn father God.”

“Every time I turn my back; you are on yours on the earth with a human or two. I am finished with you since you wanted to be with humans, let it be so, tramp.”

Just then Chelsey felt all her powers leaving her along with her wings as God Almighty said, “I curse you to earth forever. You are now and forever a human being. Cursed along with all those that followed Satan.”

POV from Earth as curse Angel fall from Heaven

“What in hell was that?” Both Blair and Bella said at the same time.

They ran to the forest where the noise came from and saw a young beautiful sexy female laying fully naked on the ground. Blair took her sword and pierced the heart of the young lady as she pledged to hunt and kill all human beings forever.

As Blair turned to leave, she heard, “As long as this Angel of hell breathing on earth or in hell, you will only hunt her along with your hounds of Hell forever, says me.”

Blair turned back around as she heard, “Time to rise Angel of hell. You are cursed by me to stay on earth and be hunted by my hateful sister, Goddess Blair, forever.”

Then Blair saw Bella getting up while saying, “For it has been written in the blood of this ungodly Angel of hell, amen.”

After speaking those words, Bella disappeared before them as Chelsey said, “First the Holy Father curse me to earth as a human being, and now a damn she-devil curse me on earth and hell as an Angel. Can you fucking Gods make up your minds?”

Blair smirked as she swung her sword away at the female until she got bored and told the Angel to follow. Chelsey saw a huge mansion in front of her as she crawled behind her new owner. Then Chelsey saw two ungodly hounds from hell standing guard behind a ten feet tall iron fence.

Hounds were a female and a male as she heard, “My demons will leave you alone for now. As for me, I will find your goddamn weakness, Bitch because the humans are mine domain and I will kill them all.”

The more Blair tried to kill her cursed Angel; she began to enjoy the masochist nature of her new Bitch.

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