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"You're Psycho, but you're MY psycho." He smirks before moving his hand from my neck to the back of my head and smashing he's lips on mine. ♕Persephone Blaze, a 18 year old girl, that enjoys being a psychopath. She was born this way. Literally. She was born with psychosis and manic depression. With the help of the voice in her head, she named Flame, she got through every bad thing and became the girl she is now. When it came to killing, Persephone always loved to play with her prey before the kill. ♔Ryker King, a 22 year old heartless killer. After his mother died when he was 3 his father would beat him at the age of 5. What he didn't know was he has a disorder, psychosis. At 8 years old he snapped and killed his dad. He felt relieved, then after another month from it, he had the need to kill more and more. He became a cold blooded killer. Unlike Persephone, he just kills. The night he finished his latest kill, he passed by a abandoned place and heard screaming. He went to it, when he seen Persephone slowly kill the guy. He could've sworn his heart pumped and a spark went off. It was then he knew. She was his psycho girl.

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♕ O N E ♕

♕ P E R S E P H O N E ♕

“Please! Please don’t do this!” My new victim begs.

I grab a dull knife stalking towards him. With a big excited smile on my face. When I reach behind him I bend down slight so my lips are touching his ear.

“Let’s play a game shall we?” I whisper with a little giggle.

“No you crazy bitch!” He shouts.

“Tsk. Tsk. You’re being very bad.” I pout walking next to him.

“Let me go. Please!”

“I just wanna play.” I say smiling again.

“Fine. What are we playing?” He says getting nervous.

My smile widens, if that’s even possible, and I show him the dull knife that was behind my back.

“The knife game of course!” I say with a little jump of excitement.

“N-no something else, please.” He stutters looking frightened.

“Oh c’mon, I’m amazing at this game. I’m basically a professional.” I shrug before grabbing his left wrist and bringing it out.

“N-NO!” He shouts fighting me by pulling his wrist back making me pout again.

“Either you cooperate, or, I’ll just simply cut off your fingers slowly. Your choice.” I say going back to smiling at the answer I know he’ll pick.

After a few moments he finally answers with a mumbled ‘ok’ and let’s me grab his wrist again and bring it to the table. I bring the dull knife to the outside of his thumb making him slightly flinch already.

“Ready?” I smile at him.

“N-” I cut him off

“Great let’s get started!”

I start off slow tapping the end of the knife on the table going back and forth from the outside of his thumb to between his other fingers. He flinched at first, as I start going faster I see him pale a little more and slightly sweating.

“Aren’t you having fun?” I smile at him.

“I think we should s-stop now.” He gives me a nervous smile.

I keep looking at him with a confused look while I go as fast as I can playing the game. I see when I don’t pay attention to the game his other hand is shaking.

“You don’t wanna play?” I scrunch my eyebrows.

“Not this game.” He says with his hand shaking.

Just take his finger already

“Not yet.” I say out loud rolling my eyes.

“W-what?” He asks.

“The voice in my head is telling me to take your finger.” I smile.

“Y-you’re insane!” He shouts in my face.

“That works too but I prefer psychopath.” I wink at him before getting to his thumb and bring up the knife to chop it off.



Where are my manners? -facepalm-

Hello. I’m Persephone Blaze, Im 18. You’re probably wondering how I became the wonderful person I am now? No? Well I’m gonna tell you anyways. Grab your snacks, sit back and relax while we do a rewind to how I became me now.

9 years ago...

I was just getting in my room after getting a slap and a couple punches by my mom. Yup. My mom did it. I have abusive and alcoholic parents that love to blame me, well, 9 year old me, sometimes a molester of a father some days. I was told I had Manic depression which is a bipolar disorder and psychosis when I was 7.

Which leads me to what happened when I was alone in my room crying in the corner in the dark room. Which was usually what I did after a beating and trash talk. This time was different.

‘Stop crying and fight back.’

I heard a voice say. I jumped and looked around my room. I walk to my lamp and turned it on. No one was there.

‘Fight back seph.’

“W-who’s there?” I say nervously.

‘I’m here to help you Persephone.’

“Where are you?” I say looking around my small room.

‘In you’re head.’

“What are you doing there?” I slightly tilt my head to the right.

‘Helping you obviously, now you need to go in there while your mom is shitfaced drunk and hit her In the head.’

“B-but she’ll beat me if I even get near her.”

‘She’s too drunk, you’ll be fine trust me. Now hurry before your dad gets back.’

“O-ok” I slowly walk to my door and open it.

I walk to the corner of the hall and check where my mom is. She’s watching tv.

‘Now go grab the lamp and hit her head twice to knock her out.’

“Why would I do that?” I whisper.

‘Because She’s a bad person and you need to leave this hell whole.’

“Ok.” I whisper before doing what she told. Slowly walking and quietly grabbing the lamp that’s on the small table next to the chair.

I unplug it from the wall, I get behind her and raise my arms. I bring the lamp down on her head as hard as my little weak self could. After hearing a big THUMP noise and seeing her fall to the ground I go around and get ready to hit her again.

“You Little bitch!” She yells while bring her bloody hand from her head to her face.

Right when I was pulling the lamp again, the door opens revealing my dad. I freeze in my spot not knowing what to do.

“James get her she’s crazy!!” My mother yells bringing his attention to them.

He looks over and stands there shocked for a few moments before getting angry and stomping towards me.

‘Throw the lamp at him and run to the kitchen’

“Are you crazy, I can’t do that?!”

“Who are you talking to?” Dad says stopping in his tracks and looks at me still angry.

I throw the lamp at him, he catches it with a smirk. Before he could do anything I run to the kitchen.

‘Grab a knife.’

Not wanting to get a beating I don’t say anything and grab one from the drawer and hold it.

‘Stab him in the leg.’

I was gonna say something but I already hear the stomping near the kitchen and decide to stay quiet and just do as told.

“Get out here you weak pathetic excuse of a daughter.” He spits out.

When I see his leg come into view I close my eyes and bring the knife down on his leg. Next thing I hear is a man scream and another THUMP. I open my eyes and see the knife in his leg.

“You crazy bitch!” He shouts looking at his leg.

Being in an apartment, people are bound to hear the commotion. As expected, someone knocks on the door before slowly opening the door. The first thing she sees is my dad with a knife in his leg and me just standing there. She then looks over where the living room is, since this place is so small, and sees my mom unconscious with some blood coming out her head. She looks back at me before taking out her phone and calling someone.


“I can’t. Where will I go?” I say. The girl looks at me confused.

“She’s in my head.” I give a small smile.

The girl looks nervous before getting her phone out again but this time walking out to the hallway.

‘Leave. Now! There’s some money inside your mom’s pillow. Take it and leave.’

“Ok.” I say not wanting to ask questions about how she knows.

Once I had the money I walk towards the door. When I open it the girl is getting off the phone and looks at me. She looks at the money then back at me.

“Where you heading?” She says nervously and her fingers are slightly moving.

‘Something’s wrong, you need to leave. Right now. She looks too nervous.’

“Just gonna get something to eat.” I smile at her.

“Why don’t I see if I can make you something?” She gives me a nervous fake smile.

“No, I’m fine.”

“I insist.” She presses

“I’m good.” I say to her and try to walk around her.

“Your parents are hurt, why don’t you stay so I can help you.” She puts her hand on my shoulder.

I hear sirens coming close and fast. Behind her I see men walking fast towards us.


I turn and start running not looking back. I keep running even down the 3 flight of stairs trying not to fall.

Before I can make it to the door a hand grabs my arm roughly and pulling me back. I start struggling, tugging and punching, he grabs both my arms while the other one comes behind me and Injects me with something to make me go to sleep.

When I wake up. It’s dark, small, and there’s nothing here. No bed or anything. Just in a room.

‘It’s a psych ward. They think you’re crazy.’

“Am I crazy?”

‘No. you’re psycho, they just don’t know that it’s a good thing.’

“How long am I gonna stay here?”

‘I have no idea.’

“Well, Flame, I guess it’s just you and me for a while” I say looking at the four walls that have scratches and dried blood on ’em.

’Flame. I like that.”

“Me too.”


6 years later, after me and Flame thought of a plan. We killed lots of people in there and escaped. People are still looking for me for that killing incident. Ever since that masacre, Flame tells me it’s healthy to get a little killing once in a while.

I went to high school to keep a low profile, with Mine and Flame’s intelligence , we graduated early. Now I’m a Freshman in collage.

Anyways. Back to the fun shall we?

After a couple times of trying to cut off his thumb with the full knife. I finally did it, with him screaming the whole fucking time.

Finger after finger of being cut off. I finally make his wish come true of dying. I grab my small hand gun and shoot his head.

“You were boring anyways.” I huff.

‘The next one will be better I promise.’

“Hopefully.” I pout.

“Well I’m getting hungry. Let’s go eat.” I skip out and into my dark blue BMW.

“Maybe we can find a new victim on our way there.” I smile.

‘Sure little psycho.’

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