his psycho girl

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โ™• T E N โ™•

โ™• P E R S E P H O N E โ™•

I had put on a black long sleeve off the shoulder knitted crop top and black ripped skinny jeans with black faux suede platform Stilettos and a red lace choker. My makeup I just kept natural and blood red lips.

I grab my purse, take off my phone off the charger, grab my keys at the door and head off to my car. 15 minute car drive later, and I make it to Daring. I make my way in and already notice all the sexual tension everywhere. The creepy weirdos staring at the young women. Rapistโ€™ look for their next victim. Just what I need to get rid of the anger I have, thanks to Ryker.

I go to the bar and order a couple shots of tequila then a mix drink of their choosing. After downing the 3rd shot I feel someone touch my arm, I look up and see kinda decent looking man. Rapist.

โ€œHey gorgeous.โ€ He winks at me before sitting. Without permission, might I add.

โ€œHey.โ€ I say playing hard to get.

โ€œCan I buy you a drink?โ€ He asks while sliding his greedy, disgusting hand up and down my arm.

โ€œNo thanks, already paid for.โ€ I say looking at the bartender thatโ€™s giving me my drink.

I quickly thank the bartender before looking at the crowd of dancing people. Sadly I only get a few seconds to enjoy it before dipshit next to me decides to talk to me again. Iโ€™m gonna have fun killing him. Slowly.

โ€œWanna get out of here?โ€ He whispers in my ear.

โ€œNo thanks, Iโ€™m leaving by myself.โ€ I say getting up, I leave some money for the drinks and walk out.

As expected, Mr creepy rapist follows me out and grabs my arm. Forcefully pulling me towards him before having a death grip on my waist.

โ€œI tried being nice sweetheart, you obviously donโ€™t make it easy.โ€ He says before trying to kiss me. I love my head before he reaches my lips.

โ€œI do, donโ€™t I.โ€ I smile.

I was about to knee him where it hurts but someone had to ruin it. At first I didnโ€™t know who Prince Charming was that was trying to be my savior, until they turned around. Welp. There goes my fun night.

โ€œYou ok?โ€ He asks while looking at my face and probably looking for injuries. Cute.

โ€œNo! You destroyed my chance of a great kill night!โ€ I yell at him.

I was about to slap him but he grabbed my hand with one of his and his other hand was around my throat having a good but not painful grip.

โ€œThen Iโ€™ll kill him for you. Donโ€™t try to hit me, gorgeous, Iโ€™ll break that hand of yours.โ€ He smirks.

โ€œAnd Iโ€™ll break your arm if you try.โ€ I glare

โ€œWhat have I told you about these men you hang around gorgeous?โ€ He sigh, shaking his head in fake disappointment.

โ€œBite me, I can do whatever the fuck I want. What did I say about you not owning me.โ€ I roll my eyes.

โ€œBut I do, youโ€™re all mine.โ€ He whispers the last part close to my lips.

โ€œIโ€™m not.โ€ I say trying to push him away.

โ€œYou donโ€™t have a choice. You. Are. Mine.โ€ He tells me.

โ€œSorry, this Harley Quinn doesnโ€™t need a Joker. Iโ€™m a lone wolf, I donโ€™t need anyone else.โ€ I smile at him

He tightens his grip on my neck. To any normal girl, sheโ€™d probably freak out that her Air pipe is closing from the grip. I think we already know Iโ€™m no normal girl. My thought on it is โ€˜can he go tighter? Itโ€™s making me very horny.โ€™

โ€œI like it rough puddinโ€™ I may not need you to help me kill but I could need you for other things.โ€ I tell him with a smirk and my hand going down his chest to his abdomen.

โ€œYouโ€™re psycho. But youโ€™re my psycho.โ€ He smirks before moving his hand from my neck to the back of my head and smashing heโ€™s lips on mine.

Oh my.

Lord help me.

I didnโ€™t even realize how quickly I reacted to his kiss until I moved my hands to his hair, and tug making him groan against my lips.

His soft lips against mine. The electric feeling thatโ€™s going through my body from his hands and lips on me. I was so lost in it I didnโ€™t know that he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, feeling his hard on. I moan against his mouth one last time before his lips find their way to my neck.

Before we get further, I hear a groan from behind him. Oh shit, I forgot about Mr rapist. I push him off me and slide down from him. I walk to the rapist and quickly pull out my knife and stab him in the throat.

Well this has been an interesting night.

Until next time. (Wink)

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