his psycho girl

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β™” E L E V. E N β™”

β™” R Y K E R β™”

I kissed her. She now know she’s mine. Her lips, soft and plumped, and oh so good and taste. Mmm. I need and want more.

I quickly grab her arm, I put one hand on her waist and the other behind her head and kiss her again. The kiss was lustful, fast, passionate, needy. She wraps her arms around my neck, bringing me closer, I wrap mine around her waist and make our bodies impossibly close. I bite her lip making her moan, oh man that moan! I couldn’t help but groan back. Of course perfect moments come to an end when she pulls away.

β€œAs heated and interesting as this night has been. I’d rather not give people a free porn show.” She laughs before wiping her fingerprints off the blade and dropping it next to the man.

β€œCome with me then.” I grab her hand.

β€œAs great as that sounds, truly, I’m quite tired.” She says rubbing her tired eyes.

β€œWe’ll both sleep then.” I grab her hand once again and drag her to my car.

β€œI’m not even energized enough to fight so, whatever.” I smile in triumph and open the car door for her.

She sits in the passenger seat, I close the door and quickly walk to the driver’s seat. Once I sit, I already have the keys in the ignition. After getting out of the parking lot, I grab her hand and drive all the way to the new house I broke into.

A couple minutes away from the house, and I feel her hand limp in mine, telling me she fell asleep. I smile while making it to the house and park. I turn off the car and look at the beauty asleep next to me. How peaceful and innocent she looks. I get out and go to her and pick her up, closing the door I make my way inside the house and all the way to our room for the night. I lay her down softly. I take off her shoes then pants, not her top since I notice by the hardening of her nipples that she had no bra on which turned me on all the more, and I do the same with myself only wearing boxers. I hop into bed, I grab her so she lays on my chest and wrap my arm before finally having a peaceful sleep.

(Whispers) until next time.

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