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β™” T W E L E V E β™”

β™” R Y K E R β™”

I wake up from my peaceful sleep feeling someone on me, I look down and see Persephone on me. Her arms grabbing onto my waist, her legs on either side of mine. This is perfect. I wrap my arms around her, pulling her closer. Her even and calm breath hitting my neck making chills run down my spine.

After a half an hour of closing my eyes and taking in this calm, amazing moment. I finally hear a little groan before she starts stirring. I kiss the top of her head while she wakes up more and more.

β€œWhere am I?” She asks in her cute sleepy voice.

β€œMy temporary place.” I say while rubbing her back soothingly.


β€œBecause you fell asleep in my car, so I brought you here.”

β€œYou kidnapped me you perv. But as long as you keep doing that I’ll forgive it.” She sigh enjoying the back rub.

β€œOk gorgeous.”

After a few minutes of giving her a back rub, I though she had fell back asleep until I felt her hand being mine down to her butt. I stopped breathing for a little, wondering what she was doing.

β€œRub.” She demands.

I slowly start rubbing, after a couple seconds, I ease into it and rub without stiffening. I heard a little moan against my neck. Without meaning to, Ryker Jr. Was waking up and getting excited.

β€œIf Jr. Down there does stop poking me, I rip it off.”

β€œSorry.” I say nervously with my eyes wide. I try and think of every nasty thing I could and finally it was going down.

β€œI’m hungry, let’s get food.” She says quickly before getting up.

Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I slowly get up from the perfect spot sooner than my liking. I grab my bag of clothes and change into a simple black shirt and jeans. As I put on my shoes, Persephone steps out with her hair up in a ponytail, makeupless, and clothes fixed. Wow.

β€œWell, lets go eat.” She grabs her purse and walks out the door.

One step closer.

She will be mine soon.

Food is a way to a woman’s heart.

I’ll have her heart sooner than I thought.

Until next time.

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