his psycho girl

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โ™• T H I R T E E N โ™•

โ™• P E R S E P H O N E โ™•

I hate him! I absolutely hate him. I hate his stupid, gorgeous, smile. His annoyingly perfect colored bright blue eyes. His sexy body that I wanna put my fucking hands on. I just hate him! Who the hell does he think he is to just cuddle me and act cute yesterday. I ignored him once again all day today. Right now Iโ€™m getting ready to drink my problems away and have a good fuck. Thatโ€™s absolutely what I need.

I put on the white sleeveless and backless Bodycon dress with my leather jacket and black ankle strap heels.

I grab my bag after finishing my lipstick, and grab my keys before walking out to my car and driving to the nightclub.

Sins. A 28 minute drive from my house. Itโ€™s definitely worth it. I walk to the guard dog, sorry, the guard. I give him a little smile and a wink. Works every time. I walk in and can already smell sexual tension. This is my habitat.

I walk to the bar and order the regular 5 shots of tequila. After downing all the drink, I walk to the dance floor and dance till someone pays attention to me.

After dancing by myself for a few minutes. Some guy finally dances with me. He pulls my back close to his chest, and rests his hands on my hips. I smile while putting my hands back and around his neck, grinding my ass on his now growing bulge.

โ€œIโ€™ve been watching you dance for a while.โ€ He says just above a whisper, in my ear.

โ€œWhy didnโ€™t you come and dance with me until now?โ€

โ€œDidnโ€™t know what the right time was.โ€

โ€œWell, itโ€™s the right time, wanna go somewhere better? Itโ€™s kinda loud and crowded.โ€ I say while facing him now.

โ€œHow can I turn down a beautiful woman?โ€ He smirks.

โ€œExactly.โ€ I smile before taking his hand to a private room.

โ€œNice place.โ€ He jokes.

โ€œPerfectly quiet for us.โ€ I say before kissing his neck.


The room didnโ€™t have a bed but it did have a couch. How I know this, is no oneโ€™s concern. (Wink).

He gently lays me on the floor where a circle, fluffy, rug is at. He quickly takes off his shirt while I take off my jacket. After taking his button up off, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him roughly. I feel his hands meeting the zipper to my dress and bringing it down. He breaks the kiss bringing my dress down, leaving me in nothing but my heels and panties. Cause you know, who wears bras with these dresses? No one, thatโ€™s who.

He puts his hand on the back of my head and roughly kisses me again while his other hand is massaging my boob and pinching my nipple making me moan against his lips. I bite his lip while starting to rub his bulge in his pants. He groans and pinches my nipple slightly harder. It felt so good though so Iโ€™m not complaining. I push him off of me and push him down so Iโ€™m on top.

I grind on him and kiss his neck going down. I get up slightly to kiss him again, but when I get up, I see him. That bastard. My eyes go wide and I stop grinding. I close my eyes for a second and open them to see the guy Iโ€™m suppose to be fucking. I shake my head from that weird thing that happened. Before I can continue, Iโ€™m pushed off him, someone goes on top of him and starts throwing blows at the guy.

โ€œWhat the fuck? What are you doing?!โ€ I yell at the person beating my one night stand.

โ€œNo! What are YOU doing!โ€ He yells back at me.

โ€œRyker? Who the fuck do you think you are beating the guy Iโ€™m fucking?!โ€ I yell.

โ€œYou. Are. Mine!โ€ He says while wrapping his hand around my neck.

โ€œIโ€™ll be yours when hell freezes over!โ€ I slap him which only causes him to tightened his grip.

โ€œWhether you like it or not. You are mine.โ€ He growls out and slams me hard against the wall.

โ€œGo fuck yourself!โ€ I shout at him.

โ€œOh no sweetheart. Iโ€™m gonna enjoy fucking YOU.โ€ He smirks.

โ€œLike Hell you are.โ€ I glare at him.

โ€œYouโ€™ll enjoy it.โ€ He says, sliding his hand down from the middle of my breasts to lower stomach, sending chills down my spine. โ€œIโ€™m gonna enjoy showing you how a psycho fucks you senseless. Iโ€™ll make the worse pain from fucking you, pleasurable. Like nothing youโ€™ve ever felt before.โ€ He says slowly, in the most sexiest voice ever. Giving me butterflies, and making my needy area below, waterfall wet.

โ€œThen show me.โ€ I whisper.

He chuckles before dropping me on the floor, he walks to the door, before he opens it, he stops.

โ€œNot yet, gorgeous, but maybe soon.โ€ With that he winks before leaving me there. With a almost dead body, and horny as fuck.

Well fuck me. Seriously, someone please.

Looks like Iโ€™ll have to use a toy.

Damn you Ryker King!

Until next time. (Wink).

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