his psycho girl

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β™• F O U R T E E N β™•

β™• P E R S E P H O N E β™•

Again! Who the fuck does he think he is turning me on like that and just WALKS AWAY! no no no no. That’s not how it’s played. I’m gonna fuck with him like he’s done with me. Fucking twat. UGH!

Since I know he stalks me, and it’s Sunday, I took a nice, long, hot needed bath. I look through the closet, in my new house, and find my White long sleeve off the shoulder ruched Bodycon mini dress. I put winged eyeliner, mascara, and fruity chapstick.

I give myself one more go in the mirror before walk out grabbing my handbag and going in my 2018 Honda civic. I drive back to the nightclub I went yesterday. This time i’ll make sure I get the upper hand. no one makes me sexually frustrated without getting payback.

I make it to the nightclub, I grab my bag and make my way inside. I was greeted by a very delicious light skinned body guard. I quickly kiss him on the cheek before walking inside. I take about 6 shots before going to the dance floor. I keep dancing till I can find a good looking guy to fish out my stalker, aka Ryker, and show him how its really done.i finally feel hands on my hips and I let them guide me to move.

β€œwhat are you trying to do, have men killed because I can make that happen.” He whispers in my ear.

β€œI’m bored, and horny, let me be.” I bluntly say while still grinding on him.

β€œi’ll help you with that then babe. all you had to do was ask.” he says before grabbing my hand taking to the private area.

This will be easier than I thought.

He pulled me all the way into a room, closed the door and locked it. when he turned around I quickly pushed him to the door and started kissing him roughly. His hands where holding my face before they moved up and went to my hair, he grabbed it and yanked it back. I moaned, and from the pleasurable pain, I almost forgot about my plan. Almost. I quickly regain my posture and focus on what I’m suppose to be doing.

I grab his hand and bring him to the bed. I push him on it, I pull my dress up, showing him my lace panties, I slowly pull them down and step out of them. I shove them in his pocket before unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down a little below his boxers. I get on top and bend down, kissing and biting his neck, and grinding on him. I moan a little feeling his growing member run against my soaked needy kitty below.

β€˜Focus you weak bitch.’

β€˜Go back into hiding and let me concentrate.’

After hearing many pleasure groans I feel that this is the time to run away before I get too caught up into it, more than I already am. I kiss my way to his ear before whispering.

β€œPayback is a bitch don’t you think?” I quickly get off.

While walking fast to the door, I push my dress down to cover my lower regions. When I’m at the door, I look back to see a very dumbfounded and very horny Ryker.

β€œI’ll show you the real thing, just not yet. Maybe soon though.” I wink before walking away.

β€˜I’m slightly proud, you got distracted, but you still did it. Good job.’

β€˜You try seeing if you kitty can handle a good fuck, then judge me.’

Well I can’t wait until what tomorrow has in store for me.

Until next time. (Wink).

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