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♔ R Y K E R ♔

“Busy?” I whisper in her ear.

“How do you always know where I am?” She raises an eyebrow at me.

“I smell the need of a good fuck on you and follow it.” I chuckle

“Har har. So funny.” She rolls her eyes, but I see the smile that was creeping on her beautiful face.

“What are you doing tonight?” I throw my arms over her shoulders.

“I haven’t had a good kill in a while.” She shrugs. That one answer just got me slightly hard.

“Cancel, we’re gonna do something fun.”

“Oh really.” She turns to me and raises her eyebrow with a slight smile.

“Yup.” I pop the ‘P’ before getting up and walking away.

It’s gonna be really fun.

After school

I skipped my last class to wait for Seph. I love how she’s always so curious on how I practically know her every move. That’s for me to know and her to, eventually, find out.

“Wow, you are a very committed stalker. I don’t know if I should admire that or be freaked out.” I hear my beautiful Devil’s voice.

“Both.” I smile at her. She rolls her eyes with a slight smile and keeps walking to her car. “Where do you get your cars from?”

“Places.” She looks back and winks. “Where we headed.”

“I’ll drive us there.” I say, grabbing the keys she was bringing out, and run to the car.

I go to the passenger side and open the door for Hell’s Queen. She gladly steps in and throws her bag and books in the back. I close the door and go to my side and get it.

35 minutes later

“You know, I’ll kill you before you kill me right?” She turns and smiles.

“It’s not each other we’re killing.” I chuckle.

“Right. Cause it’s natural for a killer to bring his victim to the woods.”

“That would make sense if you weren’t a killer yourself.”

“Shut up I know.” I hear her mumble to herself. I smirk knowing she does this sometimes.

“What’s its name?”


“The thing or whatever you’re talking to.”

“....Flame, she’s in my head, quite a headache maker.”

“She sounds lovely.” I say making her scoff. “We’re here.”

“What are we doing here exactly?” She asks while getting out the car.

“Well, you said you needed a good kill, hunters are here for a good wolf killing. Why not them?”

“Good point. Let’s go.”

She goes to the trunk and grabs a black bag. I grab the bag from her and wink before walking into the woods.

20 minutes and we’re pretty deep in the woods. We keep walking and looking for a group of hunters.

“Are you sure they’re here?” She whispers behind me.

“Baby, I wouldn’t lie.”

Before we take another step, we hear a snap. We pause and look at each other. I slowly bring her behind a big ass tree, with our backs on the trunk, I slowly look and see two hunters. Perfect!

“Two are coming our way.” I whisper to her.

“Great, give me the bag.” She whispers holding her hand out.

I give her the bag, she sets it down, and looks through it while I keep my eyes on the hunters. I hear a “yes” making look down at her and see holding a dagger. A dagger?

“Where did you get that?” I whisper.

“Stole it off a guy I killed.” She smiles at me and I smile back, proudly.

wow, She’s all mine and she’s amazing.

We bend down and when one of the hunter’s leg is in sight, Persephone gets the dagger and slits his leg. He cried out and falls to the ground.

“Max! Max what happened?” His friend yells worriedly and hurried to his injured friend.

“I don’t know something cut my leg, deep.” He cries out.

When the guy bends down to help his friend, I get up while grabbing a knife and slit his throat, making the blood splatter all over his friend. His friend yells in horror and pain.

“You’re scaring the wolves with your screams.” I hear Persephone say behind me.

“W-What do you want?” He says while tears run down his face.


“To fulfill my boredom.” She smiles and bends down to him.

“P-please! I have a little girl.” He begs.

“I remember when I was a child. It was taken away from me.” She says the last part harshly.

"“I-I’m sorry, but I d-don’t even know you, so I didn’t take it.”

“Oh I know, I just need to take my anger out on something. Or someone.”

“N-no PLE-” His pleading gets cut off by her stabbing him over.

She stabbed him over and over, but not enough to kill him. The woods are filled with screams from the guy. I just stood back and admired the evil beauty stabbing the harmless man mercilessly. She goes back to her bag and grabs out a sharp looking pair of scissors.

“I’ll let you live, but we cant have you ratting us out now do we? Well, that’s if you make it out.” She chuckles.

My beautiful psycho.

“Help me with this would you?” She asks me.


I open his mouth and keep it open while she grabs his tongue and starts cutting it off. His screams get louder from each cut, which he made possible. After cutting out his tongue she puts him on his side.

“So he doesn’t choke on his own blood.” She shrugs. “I’m not that evil.”

I chuckle and shake my head.

1 hour later

We found and killed the other hunters. I took great pleasure in watching Persephone kill them without a flinch or blink. It was art when we, or she, finished.

I took her to a very expensive looking mansion so we can wash off. I park the car and we head inside. After breaking in of course. I start unbuttoning my shirt while she was undressing. After unbuttoning, I get pushed on a comfy white couch.

“What are you doing?” I raise my eyebrow in amusement.

“Fulfilling my boredom.” She says while getting on top of me.

I smirk and grab her hips. She bends down and kisses me. I kiss back, I suck on her bottom lip asking for entrence. She lets me in and I explore the amazing taste of her mouth. I hear her moan and she starts grinding on me.

“We should take a shower, as much as I like blood on my hands and stuff, I don’t much like the taste of it. Especially when it’s filthy hunters.” She says against my lips.

I pick her up, letting her wrap her legs and arms around me, and walk to the bathroom and set her down on the counter. I turn on the shower, finding the right temperature, and turn around to see her without panties and taking off her bra. I start taking off my clothes, when done, she was already stepping in the shower.

After washing our hair, I grab the luffa and put body wash on it. I turn her around and start washing her body, I slowly get every curve, when I reach her pussy, I slowly go up her inner thighs. I hear her moan and start washing her pussy, up and down. I hear a few moans. I start kissing her shoulder and up her neck, to her ear.

“You’re so beautiful.” I whisper.

She grabs my hand, stopping me, and takes the luffa. She puts it under the water before putting men’s body wash and starts cleaning me. Once I’m under the water, getting the soap off, I switch spots and let her rinse off. Before I get out, she grabs my hand and gets on her knees.

“What-” I cut myself off when she grabs my growing shaft.

She slowly licks the tip causing a groan to escape past my lips. She sucks at a very painful slow pace that almost makes me wanna push her off and jack off. She pushes myself all the way to the back of her throat and hums to go a little deeper and gags a little.

“Fuck.” I groan out.

Her pace, thankfully, goes faster. Near the end she grazes her teeth against my dick making my cum shoot out and I groan loud in so much pleasure.

She wipes her lips before turning off the shower and stepping me out, leaving me in complete bliss.

Oh I’m gonna enjoy this.

Until next time.

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