his psycho girl

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β™” S I X T E E N β™”

β™” R Y K E R β™”

I woke up in the best mood I have ever been in. Persephone was still sleeping with light, soft snores, and laying on her back. I smirk before leaning forward. I kiss her and suck on her neck. She moans softly and bends her head back a little. I rest on my forearm and use my other hand to grab her boob, while still sucking and kissing her neck, leaving marks. She moans again and slowly, lazily, moves her hand down to her pussy. I quickly grab her hand from going any further, making her groan in frustration.

She slightly opens her eyes and rolls her eyes at me.

β€œTease.” She mumbles.

I chuckle and suck on her boob that isn’t covered by the sheet. I feel her hand go to my hair and brush through it while I leave more marks on her boobs. I slowly go on top to hover over her while I kiss her. I put all my weight on my right forearm while I rip away the sheet down to her waist.

β€œHurry.” She groans in frustration from my slow pace.

I smirk and kiss between her breasts and lightly bite under the right breast making her moan. I kiss to the left and bite under. I kiss all the way down to her waist and pull the sheet all the way off her beautiful body. I take one lick of her glistening core, already getting addicted to the way she tastes. Wanting to tease her, I bit her inner thigh and do the same to the other side.

β€œRyker!” She complains before pouting.

β€œYes beautiful?” I hide my smile by kissing her thigh.

β€œStop teasing. I didn’t tease you.” I look up to see her rolling her eyes.

β€œWhat do you want, baby?” I kiss all around her pussy.

β€œI want you to put your skilled tongue on my clit and make it useful.”

I chuckle before saying: β€œas you wish.”

Oh man, I’m really gonna love being with her.

Until next time.

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