his psycho girl

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♔ N I N E T E E N ♔

♔ R Y K E R ♔

These past week and a half, Persephone has been acting pretty strange. I don’t know why, she’s sometimes out at night when she thinks I’ve fallen asleep. I know she isn’t seeing anybody, sexually, so I know it’s not that. I plan to make her tell me tonight.

me: hey, where are you?

sexy psycho: Had to leave to do something, be back soon! <3

me: need any help?

sexy psycho: all good!

me: killing someone :(

sexy Psycho: lmao! no of course not, not without you! text you when I’m around the corner. <3

Good, gives me time.

I quickly find the rope for reasons...

Half an hour later...

I dim the lights, heating the car drive in, and get the things I need to get the answers I need from her.

I’ll enjoy this.

I hear the keys before hearing the door opens and the beautiful sound of her voice.

“Ryker? You here?” She calls out.

“Up here!” I call back and hid behind the door.

I hear light, quick, footsteps up the stairs and coming in the room. (Pun intended ‘wink’).

“Babe w-” I cut her off my putting the cloth over her mouth and leave it there till she stops fighting.

I grab her sleeping body and start taking off her clothes, leaving her in only panties and a bra, both a dark blue and lacy. I quickly tie her to the chair and wait for her to wake.

♔ ♔ ♔

Finally after 10 minutes she jolts awake. She blinks a few times before trying to move her wrists and legs.

“Ryker?” She calls out.

“Right here my love.” I walk until I’m in front of her.

“What are you doing? Untie me.” She says moving on the chair again.

“Not until you give me some answers.” I grab the chair and sit in front of her.

“What the hell are you talking about? Untie me before I do it myself and stab you.” She glares at me.

“I promise you won’t get out of this.” I wink at her. “Now, tell me why you have been acting strange lately.”

“I haven’t.” She rolls her eyes.

“Going our late at night, suddenly always having places to go-”

“I always have some place to go.” She rolls her eyes again.

“No, you go, kill, maybe go get a drink, then come back to the house.”

“Wow, you know my every move. Creepy.” She raises an eyebrow.

“Barely noticed babe?” I winked.

“Well there isn’t anything to tell you, so untie me now.” She says struggling to untie herself.

“Tell me. What you’re hiding.” I say while getting up and walking towards her, “I don’t like liars Persephone.”

“I don’t care what you do and don’t like Ryker, believe what you want, but I have nothing to hide.”

“Fine, you chose this.” I smirk before going next to her.

“I did.” She stubbornly says.

I lean down and roughly grab her jaw, forcing her to look at me. I slowly lean towards her and bite her lip, my hand slowly goes down her body until I get between her legs. Before I go to her pussy, I start rubbing her inner thighs, grabbing then and slapping them, making her moan.

“Tell me.”

“I have nothing to hide.”

I put my hand on her pussy and rub painfully slow. She moans and jerks her hips up. I slowly start going faster, feeling her get wetter, I kiss her roughly. When she moans I stick my tongue in her mouth, making her moan more against my mouth. I pinch her clit before slapping it. She moans loud, she starts moving her hips against my hand telling me she’s close. So I stop. Leaving her to whine.

“Tell me.” I say again.

“I. Have. Nothing. To hide.” She says, slightly out of breathe.

“Ok.” I go and grab something from my collection.

I grab it and plug it in before turning it on and walking towards her.

“You sure there’s still nothing?”

“Y-yes.” She says nervously.

I bring the toy to her pussy, on high, and press it against her clit. Her hips jerk roughly and she becomes a moaning mess. I see her legs start shaking and I see her panties soaking in her cum.

“Ready to talk? This may feel pleasurable now but it won’t after a while.”

“St-ill n-oth-ing.” She struggles to say from the vibrator.

“Alright then.” I smirk before leaving the vibrator on her clit and rubbing it in a circular motion.

“Ryker.” She moans loudly.

I take off the vibrator and take it with me to get another toy. I turn it off and grab another toy, I walk back and drop the vibrators on the floor before ripping her panties. I turn one vibrator on and put it in her pussy, I then turn the other on and put it back on her clit, still on high. After a minute, her legs are shaking again and her moans turn to screams.

“Tell me now.”

“No-th-” She didn’t get to finish from all the pleasure.

Her wrists continue to struggle to get free, legs shaking, moans of pain and pleasure, she looks beautiful. I bring her bra up, letting her boobs free. I lean down and suck on the left side, I bite slightly hard making her scream and put head back.

“R-yk-er p-please.” She moans out loudly.

“Not until you tell me.”

I go to the right nipple and do the same thing, making her scream again. I grab the left nipple, grab and tugging on it. With the other hand not holding the vibrator, I taking the one inside her and take it out, letting out her squirting juices. I put it back in and she whimpers before moaning again.

“Is it sensitive yet.” I say rubbing her clit with the vibrator.

“Y-yes!” She screams out.

“Good.” I say before slapping her thigh. “Maybe you’ll start speaking up so I can let you go.”

After waiting for a few moments, and slapping her other thigh.

“I’m being stalked!” She moans out loudly.

I turn off the vibrators and put the down the floor.


“They’re threatening you, I don’t know who it is, but they’re stalking me. They’ve been texting me for a little while.” She says out of breathe.

I slap her before grabbing her jaw, making her look at me.

“Why. The fuck! Haven’t you told me?!” I yell at her.

“Because, I don’t need you freaking out.” She glares at me.

“Freak out?! I’m not gonna freak out, I’m gonna kill the bastard!” I slap her again before finally cutting her free.

“Slap me again and you’ll regret it.” She says when she finally gets free.

“Watch it you lying bitch. I’ll show you the rightful place you belong.”

Suddenly I feel a good kneeing to my private and groan, bending down. I then feel her punch me in the stomach and pushing me to the ground. I groan and cover where she kneed me. She turns me on my back and gets on top with a knife to my throat.

“Now you know YOUR rightful belonging. Bitch.” She glares while putting more pressure against my neck and sliding it, leaving a small cut.

Man, do I love her.

All mine.

No one is gonna threaten me AND stalk my Queen.

Ima find this fucker and kill him.

After I say sorry to my beauty in bed.

Until next time.

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