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♕ T W O ♕

P E R S E P H O N E ♕

School. Some people would call it “hell whole” or maybe even “jail.” I call it my kill spot. I kill all bullies and just rude terrible people. “You’re a psychopath. Why kill other mean people?” You ask? Well. I may be a psychopath but that doesn’t mean I watch people get pushed around or I won’t see a rapist rape a girl. No.

Im a psychopath who doesn’t accept that bull, now whether I have a heart or not doesn’t matter. I’m crazy but not stupid.

In college, Im just a normal nerdy lowlife that everyone thinks they can push around. Little did they know.

I was putting in my combination when the door opened, in a overdramatic way might I add, Revealing the “mysterious muted badboy” also known as Ryker King.

Now let’s talk about Mr. Mute badboy, he keeps to himself and people have rumors about him being this killer and whatever. Again, little did they know (wink wink). He walks, no, stomps down the hall with people looking at him. No matter how scary people say he is, girls still drool of the fact of how “bad” he is. Guys of course are afraid of him wether the rumors are true or not because he still can beat a guy down. Which by the way is pretty sexy if you ask me (wink). Sorry I’ll stop.....

I look up above my glasses while he passes by. He looks up, still walking, and looks me in the eyes for a moment before looking away. In all honestly, he was damn sexy. Killer or not, I’d have intercourse with him. Why don’t you just say sex? Well I’m too smart for that. Also because I’m suppose to be a nerd so I’m using big words while I’m at school.

Last class

I get to class early to get the seat in back because school has worn me out and I didn’t get much sleep since victim number....48?..... I don’t remember. Well she kept me up all night, all she had to do was cooperate. After a few minutes in class and me finally getting tired enough to start dozing off to sleep. The door opens. I annoyingly put my head up from my arms and see Ryker walking in, not acknowledging the teacher nor is the teacher caring, and walks towards me. Specifically the seat next to me, and just flops on the seat getting comfy.

I sigh putting my head back down and closing my eyes again. Sadly and annoyingly, the idiot next to me was clearing his throat. I ignore the first one, then the second, until the third one I finally realize he was trying to catch my attention. I roll my eyes and look up at him with a bored face.

“What?” I say kinda harshly.

“You’re in my seat.” He says annoyed.

“Well, Im sure you can suck it up.” I give him a sarcastic smile before putting my head back down.

After class


The whole day me and flame have been going back and forth on who are next target is gonna be.

After finally deciding, we follow him to his apartment.

Victim: David Andrews.

Reason of death: Rapist. Drugs and rapes girls.

Last time he did his disgusting ways, was with his study partner. How I know these things don’t matter. I threw on some clothes that show cleavage and compliment my curves knowing he’ll fall for it easily. I ditched the glasses and put some little natural makeup. I’m a “hot tamale.” I walk up to his apartment door knocking a couple times and taking a step back waiting. After a couple minutes, he opens the door. He was about to probably yell at whoever was at the door until he looked at me. He was in nothing but a towel, about to get in the shower.

“Who are you?” He asks with a smirk.

“It’s me. Persephone.” I smile at him.

“The nerd? Seriously?” He furrowed his brows still with a slight smirk.

“Yeah. That Persephone.” I giggle.

“Wow you look Uhm... hot.” he smirks.

“Thanks. Gonna invite me or not?” I smile innocently.

“Invite you?” He raised his eyebrow with a small smirk.

“In your house obviously.” I giggle.

“Right. Come in.” He moves enough to let me in.

I walk in to the nice apartment. It was plain dark colors, not even pictures of anyone but himself, not that I’m surprised.

“Come, you can wait in my room while I change in the bathroom.”

“Sure.” I smile.

He leaves to his bathroom while I sit comfortably on his bed waiting. After a few minutes he comes back out in nothing but basketball shorts.

“So what do I owe the pleasure of seeing your beautiful face?”

“I heard your study partner bailed on you, thought I could help you.” I smile at him.

“Oh yeah? I’d like that.” He says slowly looking me up and down.

“Me too.”

“How ’bout you study Sex Ed with me first.” He puts his hand on my knee.

“My favorite subject.” I move and straddle him with my arms around his neck.

I lean down and kiss him slowly. I bite and pull on his lower lip. He groans and fastens our make out. He puts his hands on my waist while I grind on him. When I feel his hard on I smile in the kiss.

I stop the kiss and lay him down on the bed and smile at him before I go back to kissing him again I suck on his lip before I bite it, hard, making him push me back.

“What the fuck!” He yells wiping the blood from his lip.

“Oops. Too rough for you, love?” I smile innocently.

“Stupid bitch.” He smacks me hard enough to make me hit the ground.

“I’m not stupid, but you are for letting me in.” I look up smiling at him.

He walks up to me and pulls my hair before slapping me hard again.

“You worthless bitch.” He spits out at me.

He throws me down and kicks me in the stomach. Making me hold it and groan.

He goes to kick me again but roll to the side and turn to kick him where it hurts. He falls to the floor and I go over to him, I grab his hair and bang it on the floor a few times.

“Say sorry.” I whisper in his ear.

“Crazy slut!” He yells.

I bang his head harder on the floor hearing a crack coming from his nose and a groan.

“Oops, and it’s psycho slut to you.”

I pick him up by his hair and bring him to his mirror.

“Look at you. Look at the face that raped those girls, bastard.” I push his head forward letting him see clearly of his bloody face.

“It’s your tu n to feel their pain.” I say before smashing his face in the mirror over, and over, and over again while he screams in pain.

I push him down on the floor and start kicking him until my foot starts hurting. Then I grab the toilet tank cover and beat his face with it until I see he isn’t moving or breathing.

“Sorry about your face, love.” I smile before dropping the cover next to his body and walking out the apartment.

‘35 bodies dead’

What an accomplishment.

Let’s go see who’s next.

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