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β™• T W E N T Y - O N E β™•

β™• P E R S E P H O N E β™•

3 weeks later...

3 weeks.

3 weeks without Ryker.

3 weeks of being physically sick.

3 weeks without another text from the unknown number.

3 miserable weeks...

I have been puking for the last 5 minutes, at the moment, and I have just been feeling out of it since Ryker left. I need him, I want him back. No texts, no notes. Nothing. The unknown number just vanished after taking Ryker.

I finally get up from the toilet and brush my teeth before changing into light blue skinny jeans and a baby blue loose shirt. I throw on my white tennis shoes, grab my phone and go get something to eat. After not being able to find Ryker, I’ve just been eating more.

10 minute drive later and I make it to a little burger stand. I quickly order a cheese burger and extra fries, then sit down and start eating. In the middle of eating my fries, my phone dings. I jump a little out of excitement and look at my phone. Only to see a video of Ryker, beat up and chained like an abused animal. My eyes started to burn from the tears threatening to escape, the lump in my throat fighting to come out with a cry out for him. But I don’t, I put my hand over my mouth and fight the tears back.

throw some money down on the table and speed walk out the burger place and into my car. When I get in my car, I quickly text the number back.

Me: Where are you? What did you do to him.

After that, nothing. I waited 20 minutes at the burger place, I stopped waiting and drove back home. I waited some more, staring at the phone for a reply. Nothing at all, that video was the last thing I got the whole day. Until tonight.

Unknown: I will give him back, but you are MINE. After you’re satisfied with seeing him, you will stay away away from him and be with me.

He sent me the address and I quickly ran to the car and drive fast towards the address, which was a abandoned place in the woods. I run out the car and to the place, not caring about the car.

β€œRyker! Ryker where are you?!” I call out.

I run from room to room, looking through all rooms and finding nothing I start to feel like crying again. Before I do I hear a creak on the floor under me. I stop walking and back up to hear it again, I move the worn out rug and see a little handle, I open it and call out again.

β€œRyker! You down here?!”

Finally, I hear a groan, I hurriedly climb down the steps and find Ryker chained up. I run to him and check the wounds.

β€œRyker oh my god. What happened to you.” My tears finally fall down my face, the tears not wanting to stop falling.

Looking around, I see a Key to the lock and grab it, when I unlock it he fell on me. I tap his face to try and wake him up.

β€œRyker, c’mon baby, wake up. I need you to wake up for me.” I say through my nonstop tears.

I hear him groan again, so I quickly get him up while he’s conscious. We slowly walk up the steps and towards my car where he lays in the back so I can drive back to a new house I found a couple weeks ago.

He’s ok.

I have him back.

β€˜For how long?’

Until next time...

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