his psycho girl

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β™” T W E N T Y - T H R E E β™”

β™” R Y K E R β™”

It’s been 3 days since I was kidnapped by some sick freak after my girl. 3 days since we found out that she’s pregnant with my baby. You have no idea how fucking excited I was when she told me she was really absolutely pregnant. I’ve been taking her out to kill as many people as she can while she’s still early in her pregnancy, because when the time comes, I will NOT let her go out. I may be a killer but I would never kill my own child because of recklessness. oh! and after she got me back that night, we had no more anonymous messages.

After a long night, Persephone wanted to go back to our new house and rest. Her sleep schedule is getting weirder, she sleeps more but I guess that’s normal for her.

She goes upstairs, where her bag is, and changes. 10 minutes later and she comes down the stairs in a comfy over size jumper and socks.

β€œFeeling ok? Want food? Are you comfortable?” I quickly ask when she sits on the couch.

β€œRyker, i’m fine.” she rolls her eyes and chuckles.

β€œyou sure?”

β€œactually, I AM kinda hungry now that you mention it.”

β€œon it.” I quickly walk to the kitchen and search the owners cabinets and fridge.

I found something we’d both enjoy having for dinner. I start boiling the water and was about to turn around when small hands make their way to my stomach. her arms wrap around me and she kisses my back.

β€œI’m so glad I have you back, I missed you all that time you were gone.” she mumbles against my back.

I turn around, with her arms still wrapping me, and wrap my arms around her shoulders bringing her close. I kiss the top of her head a bunch of times, feeling her smile. I put my hands over her hair, over her ears, and start cover her face with kisses making her giggle and try getting out of my grip to move her head.

β€œI love you Persephone Sapphire Blaze.”

β€œHow do you know my middle name?” she says looking at me weird.

β€œI confess my love for you and you ask where I know what you middle name from?” I roll my eyes and chuckle.

β€œyup.” she raises her eyebrow with a small smile on her faces, thinking I don’t see it.

I humph and flick her forehead, before moving her arms to my shoulders while I grab her legs and wrap them around my waist. I move us to the counter and set her down with my arms still around her waist and hers around my shoulders.

β€œI love you too.” She whispers against my lips.

I move my right hand to the back of her head and push her head more and kiss her hard. My left hand goes to her thigh and holds it while my right hand goes back to her back pulling her against me more. Her arms wrap tightly around me not wanting to let go, which I have no problem with at all.

Hopefully this fucker stays away.

Finally she’s all mine, I’m gonna find him first and rip him apart.

At least that’s what I thought....

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