his psycho girl

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“Ryker! Please, d-don’t do this. I-I’m sorry You know it wasn’t what you were thinking. Remember, you love me. Please don’t do this.” She begs me while I slowly make my way towards her.

“You shouldn’t have done it in the first place, after all I’ve done for you.” I glare at her.

“Baby please. I’m sorry!” She says still trying to escape me.

“Sorry you did it or sorry you got caught?”

“Both baby, please, don’t do this.”

“Too late, you’re mine now.” I say before running to get her.

“Ryker no! It was just one!” She yells while running away from me.

“Was it?! I don’t know that, there could’ve been plenty while I was looking or while I wasn’t here! Was it really just one?” I say in a deadly tone.

“Maybe it wasn’t but please, they were so delicious I couldn’t stop myself!” She yells while still running away.

“How could you do that to me, I asked one thing! One!” I yell back, almost reaching her.

“You can’t just swing your fucking snacks in my face and expect me not to look for them and eat them!”

“I never DID swing them in your face!”

“You would eat them in front of me, that’s practically like taunting me to grab them! The chocolate was so good I just could help myself and ended up eating all of your snacks.” She says breathlessly, on the other side of the couch.

“I bought you so many snack, all I asked was for you not to eat mine!” I exclaim with my arms in the air to be more dramatic.

“I’m pregnant I deserve a free pass!”

“Oh no, that’s not getting you out of this mess.” I run for her again.

I chase her around trying to trap her in the room, which worked. I shut the door quickly and turn towards her. Before she can attempt to run around the room I leap over the bed and trap her once again.

“Ryker, please!” She begs knowing what’s to come.

“You shouldn’t have ate my snacks.” I say before picking her up and setting her on the bed and tickle her.

“R-Ryker! Stop!” She yells between laughs.

“No.” I Smile at her.

“I h-hate y-ou!”

“I love you.” I say before stopping.

She breathes, trying to calm herself down, before punching me in the chest. I chuckle before laying on her, not too much to protect the baby.

“Ryker get off you fat pig!” She yells under me and I chuckle, rolling off her.

“Why are you so mean to me.” I say still chuckling.

“Because I can.” She smirks while I glare at her, “because I love you.” She says before leaning in and kissing me.

“I love you too. Now let’s sleep because I know you’re exhausted from all the running around.” I say after we pull apart.

“Yeah.” She says before yawning.

1 hour later: 12:32 AM

We were in the middle of our sleep when Persephone’s phone began to ring, waking both of us up.

We both sleepily looked at each other with confusion. I sat up and looked at the caller before it had stopped ringing. Unknown. We looked at each other once more before laying back down only to have the phone ring again.

I answer only to have the voice sounding robotic and hidden.

“You haven’t gotten rid of me yet, don’t get too comfy. This is only the calm before the storm.” And then it hung up....

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