his psycho girl

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β™• T W E N T Y - S E V E N β™•

β™• P E R S E P H O N E β™•

I hear the car leave and start getting up, I have one hand on my stomach while I walk into the kitchen and go straight to the fridge. I open up the freezer and find ice cream.

β€˜This. Is EXACTLY what I am looking for.’

β€˜You fat ass.’

β€˜First, thank you I noticed my ass was getting fatter and I love it. Second, I’m pregnant so I’m gonna take advantage of this so I can eat whatever the fuck I want.’

I say while opening, and throwing the top making it land somewhere on the floor.

β€œEh, I’ll find and pick it up later.” I shrug before walking back to the room.

1 hour later

β€œAh, I feel better.” I say while rubbing my stomach.

β€˜I can’t believe- I cant believe you just ate. All. That. Food!’

β€˜It wasn’t even that much.’

I shrug while looking down at the small mess on the bed. The chocolate wrappers and some chocolate that smeared on the blanket, the ice cream pints, the plates and some food that fell off the plate.

β€˜Is it not that much now?’

β€˜Ugh, you’re just being dramatic.’

I get up and start getting the plates and putting the chocolate wrappers on the top plate. I throw the wrappers away and put the plates in the sink before cleaning the rest of the mess.

After changing the blanket I finally lay back down and turn on the tv.

β€˜Ugh, it’s already almost 1, where the hell is Ryker. I miss him.’

Before Flame can reply, my phone goes off making me excited to hear from Ryker. Except, it wasn’t him.


We haven’t had this call in months, why now?

β€œWhat do you want this time?” I say after answering.

β€œJust calling and telling you that I’ll be there to pick up soon.” It says with a cover voice.

β€œWell, you should really watch who you’re stalking. I sure as hell ain’t gonna go easy.”

β€œOh I know, I know you much more than you think.”

β€œWell then you know how I plan on killing you. Slow and painful. I actually won’t kill you even after you beg me, I’ll kill you when I get bored.” I spat

β€œYou’re so sexy when you’re a angry. God I missed you.”

β€œI’m sure you’ll miss my knife cutting your throat.”

β€œLooks like the pregnancy made your funnier.”

β€œHow do- never mind you disgusting fuck.” I roll my eyes.

β€œI’ll see you soon, my love, very soon.” They say before hanging up.

β€˜Fucking creepy fucker.’

And then, 5 minutes later,

Hell broke loose.

Until next time....

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