his psycho girl

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♔ T W E N T Y - N I N E ♔


This was the longest kill I’ve ever had. The fucker couldn’t be found. I finally made it home, exhausted as hell.

“Persephone! I’m back!” I call out.


Figuring that she’s probably asleep, I go to the room and see a bump in the bed, showing me that she’s asleep. I go to the bathroom and take another shower to take off all the blood off my skin and clothes.

After I finished cleaning myself I dry off, throw on some boxers and go into the room. I sigh while walking to the bed, I turn off the light and start getting into bed. I climb in and go to wrap my arm around her until it felt that it wasn’t a body. I quickly got up and switched the light on. I moved the blankets and see pillows. Fucking pillows!

“Persephone!” I call out, “fuck!!”

I grab my phone and called an old friend, after a few rings, before it went to voicemail the phone finally answers.


“Someone took Persephone, I want her found. Now.” I growl the last part.

“Woah, ok start by telling me what happened.”

“I was out having fun, like I do once every week, and I come back home not realizing that she wasn’t in the bed. After my shower, I got in bed and realized it wasn’t her in bed.” I rush out trying to hurry the process.

“Ok, lemme check street cameras and see if I can find anything.”

I rush to our closet and check to see if she took some clothes, 5 minutes later and Dimitri finally gets back on the phone.

“Ok, so there’s a grey honda civic that past by around 1 am. They were driving kinda fast, I’m checking the directions they are going and they’ve been driving West for a few minutes.”

“Could you figure out where they stopped?”

“Yeah, hold up.” He says and I wait for a couple minutes, “they went to a secluded area with no cameras, so the furthest I can get you is 2nd street.”

“Ok, thanks I’ll call when I find something.” I hang up and run out with keys in my hand.

I drive fast to the direction Dimitri gave me. The 20 minute drive turned into 10 and i drive past all the buildings until I see the grey car ahead. I turn off the lights and rush out the car. I look inside the car and see it’s empty, so I look up and see an abandoned building. I run and and look all over the place.

“Persephone!!” I call out, “baby where are you!”

I run in the last door with a broken door. Computers, almost everywhere. I slowly walk up to it and see a paper with an arrow pointing to the ‘ENTER’ key. I slowly click it and each computer had a word on it.

“You’re too late, she’s mine now.”

Then after I read them all, it went black and then back on with another set of words.

“Look behind you.”

I quickly look, just in time when someone was about to punch me. I push myself to the ground to dodge it, I quickly get up and we fight. I finally get one shot to the head and put all my power in my right fist and hit him, putting him on the ground, knocked out.

I drag him to the chair in front of the computers and run to my car real quick, grabbing my ropes I run back inside and start tying him to the chair.

After 5 minutes of waiting, I started getting bored and continuously slapped him in the face till he woke up. Finally after the 10th slap the beast awoke.

“Ah, sleeping beauty decided to wake up.”

“You think this is gonna work?” He chuckles, “you really must be stupid as fuck.”

“Of course I can make you talk.” I say before pulling the some cables from the computers off.

“Ooo, I’m scared. They did that in the psych ward that you’ll just be giving me a pinch.” He scoffs.

“Maybe, but, we’ll see how it goes.” I say before going behind the door and pulling out the gasoline. I pour it on him and get the wires ready.

“Tell me what I want to know.” I say deadly.

“Your girl is great in bed, but I guess you already knew that. You and half the men-” I cut him off by putting the wires against him.

I leave them there for a while while they shock him until he catches on fire. I smile while he screams from the flesh burning, I wait for a few seconds before grabbing the fire extinguisher and putting it out.

“Wanna talk?” I raise a brow.

“I prefer my bitches not to talk.” He says while in pain.

I pour more gasoline and shock him again till he catches fire. Again I wait, again I take out the flame with the extinguisher. I keep going until almost his whole body is burned to a crisp, I even see some bone in his leg. I make sure the flame doesn’t get too much on his face.

“Start. Talking.” I grit out.

“She’s not here anymore. They went on a plane and left.” He says and my eyes go wide.


“She didn’t tell me.”

“She?” She scrunch my brows in confusion.

“Olivia, she used to be Persephone’s pet at the psych ward.” He grunts out.

“Do you know anything about where they’re going?”

“That bitch could be anywhere.”

“That wasn’t so hard now was it.” I say before pouring the gasoline on him and pouring some going to the door.

I leave the gasoline leaking out more and more, I grab the wires and drop them on the line of gasoline.

“No! No! Let me out!” He yells while I walk away.

By the time I make it to my car, half of the house is on fire.

I’ll find you baby.

I promise.

Until next time...

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