his psycho girl

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♕ T H R E E ♕

P E R S E P H O N E ♕

Ah. Another day at school. Everyone is still talking about what happened to my last victim, David Andrews, which happened two weeks ago. people need to let things go, I mean its not like so many people liked him, he was a jackass who only had ‘friends’ because he was in sports and ‘hooksup’ with so many girls. which personally to me is pretty gross but whatever.

Anyways, back to whats happening. While I walk go my locker a annoying human being decides to push me near my locker knocking my books down. of course, Octavia Marigold. The girl I plan on taking my sweet, sweet time killing and enjoying doing so. Until then she will have to wait for her torture. When I’m about to pick them up her stupid little sidekick kicked them further. Heather long, now her, I can put next in my kill spree.

“Sorry, you I didn’t see you there.” Octavia says with a smirk.

“I-it’s ok.”

“Of course it is.” She rolls her eyes and walks away.

How I just wanna wrap my hands around her neck and give her a painful death.

‘Soon seph.’

“‘Soon’ better come fast then.” I mumble while picking up my books.

After picking up all my books I make my way to my to second to last class. When turning the corner I accidentally bump into a goddamn wall.

‘That’s no wall seph’

I look up and see the one and only. Ryker King. Of course this is my day. In all honesty, I will enjoy having my way with him, if you know what I mean (wink), before killing him. He may not seem all that, but his attitude make me wanna rip him apart.

My crazy thoughts were cut off when hulk, over here, decided to put his hand on my throat and slam me to the wall.

“Watch it.” He growled out like an animal.

“Relax Superman don’t shoot your laser eyes.” I say sarcastically, already hating my day.

He put pressure on my neck starting to close my air pipe.

“You should learn who you’re speaking to sweetheart.” He gives an evil smirk.

“Funny, I should say the same to you. Sweetheart." I smirk back.

He pulled me away from the locker only to slam me back to it, very hard might I add. No worries, I like it rough. Hehe (wink wink).

“Ouch.” I mock.

“You make me wanna rip your tongue out.” He says angrily while putting more pressure on my neck.

“We-Well c-an you m-make it quick, we h-ave cl-ass.” I say with the little breathe I have.

Next thing I know, I’m slammed to the wall once more and then dropped. I gulp all the air back into my body that was taken from me. Ryker literally took my breath away. Huh, who would’ve thought.

“Watch that mouth of yours, love, might get you killed one day.” He says walking away.

I get up mimicking his stupid sexy self.

Ah. Finally, the end of this eventful day. As much as I love looking for twats to kill. I gotta say I’m not that big of a fan of school itself.

I walk to my temporary home to kill time. It’s Friday, meaning heather will be at a gay club. Did I mention she’s a lesbian that hasn’t came out yet. Don’t get me wrong I’m bisexual myself so I have no problem with it.

I spent my time gathering all my toys (no not sexual toys, although these toys do get me excited, just not in that way.) and take it to my temporary car. I drive all the way to this abandoned warehouse I found after killing Andrews. I drop off all the toys and walk to a dark area and start changing into a deep V black romper and black wedges. I put eyeliner, highlight, mascara, and red matte lipstick.

I look at my hand mirror one more time, fluffing my wavy hair for volume and checking my makeup before heading to my car and going to the club.

Redline. I’ve only been here once, not that I didn’t like it, I just haven’t been here after the first. It’s kinda electric, but also somewhat classy, if that makes sense. I check myself one last time before stepping out the car and walking to the door. I give the guard a smile before he lifts me in with a curt nod. Last time I came I made sure I was always welcomed here.

I walk over to the bar passing lesbians and bisexuals giving me hungry looks. I smile and wink at them. When I make it to the bar I sit down and wave down a bartender.

In all honesty, she was gorgeous, fair natural glowing skin, light blue eyes, and light brown hair that carelessly flowed down to her waist. She was maybe a B-cup, flat stomach, and before she came to me she bend down to hand someone else a drink. She had a small but firm ass. It’s too bad I have a job to do. She smiles while walking over to me. I notice the little dimple she has.

“Hey gorgeous, what Can I get you?” Her angelic voice asks.

“A couple shots of tequila would be great.” I say before giving her my million dollar melting smile.

“No problem.” She grabs two shot glasses and sets them in front of me, she pours the drink and pushes them closer to me.

“There you go.” She smiles.

“Thanks.” I down both the shots loving the burning feeling. “I’ll see you around.” I say winking before I walk away to the crowd.

After a little of searching I finally find my victim. To my satisfaction, she’s with none other that Bryan Fuller. He’s an abuser to some, his last girlfriend was gonna go and report him before he threatened her and kept abusing and cheating on her. Disgusting pig. He too is bisexual, so I heard, he denied it though. Obviously it wasn’t a lie.

I walk towards them on the dance floor, heather is swaying her hips on him while his hands are on her waist following her moves. I walk up and put my arms around heathers neck swaying with them. I look up and smirk at both of them. I lean closer and kiss heather, who kisses back instantly. I feel Bryan move and is now beside us, he starts kissing my neck and squeezing my ass.

I stop the kiss to breathe for a second before going to Bryan and kissing him with heather feeling up on me. I stop the kiss and smile at them.

“I don’t think people here want a live porn.” I joke.

“Lead the way then beautiful.” Bryan says winking at me.

I gave them one last glance before I turn around with a sadistic smile on my face. I walk back to my car, unlocking it, we all get in and I start driving off.

After a 10 minute drive of Bryan touching me. We finally make it.

‘Play time. Finally, I was getting annoyed of these stupid cunts.’

I let out a little laugh at flame while getting out the car and starting to head in.

“You didn’t wanna do this at one of our houses? This looks a bit scary and uncomfortable.” Heather says nervously, rubbing her arms.

“Why would i get blood on either of your beds?” I tilt my head to the side.

“W-what?” She asks with hers and Bryan’s eyes wide.

“I, Persephone, am going to give you a slow death.” I smile at them.

“Persephone?” Bryan looks confused and slightly frightened.

“Yup, the ‘nerd’ you guys pick on. Shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Saying is very much true don’t you think?” I ask bringing out a knife.

“You’re crazy!” Heather yells before starting to run away.

“Why must you people run?” I roll my eyes and throw the knife skillfully and it stabs her leg letting her give out a ear piercing scream.

“Heather!” Bryan yells before looking at me with wide eyes again.

“Regret messing with me now?” I smirk at them holding another knife. One hand at the end of the knife and my pointer finger at the tip of the knife. I slowly slide my finger down the blade of the knife.

“Get away from us your psycho!” Heather yells with a sob.

“Bryan. How’s that girlfriend of yours? Still beaten?” I smirk

“I’m going to kill you.” He glares

“Fuck! That was my line.” I roll my eyes and put the hand, not holding the knife, on my hip.

“What do you want from us?” Heather sobs out like a bitch.

“The joy of hearing you scream for help.” I wink at her.

I walk to the table that’s a couple steps away from me, and grab the metal bat walking over to Bryan.

“You. Will wait for your turn.” I hit behind his knee hard making him fall to the ground and yell of pain.

I hit him in the stomach and hear a groan of pain. I smile and hit his face hearing a *crack* and a yell. Feeling satisfied, I kick him in the stomach before leaving him there bloody and in pain.

“Now you.” I smile at heather.

“N-no. Please! I’m sorry for everything!” She yells and begs.

“Too late cutie.”

I grab the bat and hit her arms hearing her scream brings a smile to my face. I kick her so she’s laying on her stomach. I grab and twist the knife.

“AHH! Please! I’m so sorry!” She screams.

“Sorry darling. Too late for that.” I smirk and twist the knife again.

I take out the knife fast and set it beside me. I grab the bat again with one hand and grab her arm with the other.

“Up.” I demand.

She slowly gets up whimpering. When she’s full up and leaning on her good leg I step back and pull back the bat swinging and hit her bad leg. She scream falling down again while I just laugh. I take a glimpse up and see Bryan trying to gain balance. I grab the knife that was in heathers leg and walk over to him. I grab his neck and dig the knife in his side. Making him yell in pain and fall back down. I kneel down and shove the knife down further and give it a little twist.

“Don’t move until I’m done with her.” I say before getting up and walking over to Heather again.

“Well as fun as this has been, Im getting a little sleepy. Let’s make this snappy shall we. Quite literally might I add.” I tell her with a tired smile.

I walk behind the crying pathetic girl. I give her a kiss on the cheek before snapping her neck.

‘What a beautiful sight’ flame sighs Im satisfaction.

“A beautiful sight indeed.” I smile, taking a moment to look at the limp body in front of me.

“Alrighty then! Onto Mr. Abuser.” I say excitedly and strut to him.

“P-please.” He coughs out and winces from the pain.

“I’m sure that’s what your ex was saying when you were beating the crap out of her.” I glare at him before smiling at him.

“Now lets get rid of these fighters yes?” I ask grabbing one of his hands.

I walk to the table and grab a butcher knife. I walk back over and kneel next to him. He looks at me with wide eyes and shakes his head with tears in his eyes.

“No! Please no!” He yells trying to crawl away from me.

“Don’t worry, as much as you don’t deserve it, I’ll make it quick. I would say painless but that would just be a while lie.”

I lift up the knife bringing his hand flat down on the ground, and bring the knife down quickly before he moves it.

He screams in pain and looking at his now detached hand. I walk to the other side while he’s focused on his bleeding arm. I kneel down and do the same with the other hand.

I wait until he’s almost bleeding out, on my phone playing Fortnite and winning (fucking losers), I grab my bat and walk to him.

“I’ll make sure to tell your girlfriend about her happy loss.” I say before smashing his head over and over with the bat till he’s not moving, and he no longer has a face.

I blow my stray hair that was falling in my bloody face.

“This warehouse did need some color.” I smile at the artwork.

‘Indeed it did.’

‘Well, time for clean up.’

“Ugh, My least favorite part.” I groan before walking to my car for a towel and clean off some of the blood.

I go to the trunk and grab cleaning supplies to clean off any trace of me.

That was the rest of my night.

Now, time for another peaceful sleep.

Until next time. (Wink).

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