his psycho girl

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♔ T H I R T Y ♔



“You’ve been asking this non stop and yet I tell you over and over, I’ve checked the tickets of every person there and they all have normal names.” Dimitri tells me while I sit next to him at hack spot.

“He said they left, obviously someone’s name has to be a bit off!” I shout while abruptly getting up, making the rolling chair slide back.

“Relax, we’ll find her.”

“Two months! She’s having the baby soon, if not already!” I tell and run my hand through my hair.

“Hey man, we’ll find her. You nor I have stopped looking at possibilities at where she could be. Now go and clear your head , if your head is clear, we’ll have a better chance of finding her. Go take a breather.” He calmly says while he has a hand on my shoulder.

I nod before walking out, grabbing the papers of all the tickets. I go outside and sit down on the curb, I take a deep breath before grabbing the papers and looking at the names of all the tickets. I start getting irritated not being able to find them, I throw the papers and close my eyes.


“Tell me about your time in the psycho ward.” I ask Persephone while we lay in bed after 5 amazing rounds.

“Well, it wasn’t enjoyable obviously,” She chuckles, “I made quite the impression though. Although, I’d still get punish when I was too out of line, they’d take you to a room and tie you to a chair. Then get a little rag and squeeze the water out the rag to where they wanna electrocute you. And they’ll do that till they find fit.”

“Were you always there?” I ask while rubbing her arm.

“No, but I have been there a few times.”

“How’d you escape?”

“I had found this little underground while I was doing my little midnight exploring. It was all dusty and had webs, I don’t even think some staff knew about it. I found a small window with wood hammered to it. So the next day I planned on how to take it down and get out. I did.”

“Impressive.” I smirk down at her.

“Shut up and kiss me.” She chuckles before I lean down and kiss her.


Then it clicked, they didn’t leave. She was here the whole time, and I’ve been wasting time! I run back in and go back to Dimitri.

“They aren’t gone!” I yell before opening the door.

“What are you talking about?”

“Persephone said that she escaped under the psych building, maybe this Olivia girl seen her leave and figured out how to get out too!” I say realizing everything now.

“Why would she take her back there?”

“She’s fucking crazy, that’s were they met, and that’s the LAST place I’d think of.”

“What are we waiting for, let’s go!” He shouts while running out.

♔ ♕ ♔ ♕

15 minutes later of fast driving, and we’re finally here. We turn off the car and I run out, not caring about closing the door. I run around the building until I find a small window, big enough for me to fit I hope, before I go in I hear Dimitri tell for me. I roll my eyes and look for him.

“Ryker!” I hear him again.

I run and find a small trail of blood, I start getting worried and run faster. I find him on the ground with someone in his arms. I walk closer and see Persephone covered in blood. I get down on the floor and feel my blood run cold at her unmoving body.

“She’s still breathing, but barely, we need to get her help. Fast.” I light breathe out relief and quickly carry her back to the car and we drive fast to the hospital.

♔ ♕ ♔ ♕

After they took her to surgery, an hour and a half ago, the doctor finally came out.

“Are one of you her husband or family?”

“I’m her husband.” I say and step forward.

“Well, She has a couple stitches on her head, minor concussion. The baby is perfectly fine,we did a C-section and she’s being taken care of now.”

“She?” I whisper.

“You have a babygirl, congratulation.” He smiles.

“And my wife?”


“So I can see her?”

“Yes, you can see her.”

He leaves us and before I take a step forward, I see the cops coming in.

“I’ll take care of this.” Dimitri says before walking away.

I quickly walk towards her room and I go inside. She lays there peacefully, a IV attaches to her and heart monitor. I walk towards her and grab her hand, a minute went by of me rubbing her hand with my thumb before she wakes up with a groan.

“It’s ok baby, you’re ok.” I whisper to her.

“Where am I?” She asks.

“The hospital.” Her eyes go wide before she puts her hand on her slightly flat stomach

“The baby’s fine, she’s being taken care of now, they’ll bring her later. First you have to get more rest” I say and she sighs in relieve before nodding.

“You’re gonna be ok. Everything is ok now.” I tell her while she closes her eyes.

“We’re ok.” She whispers.

She finally falls back asleep and I walk out to find Dimitri.

“Hey,” He says when he sees me, “How is she?”

“Fine, what did the cops say?”

“They didn’t see her there when they went.”

“So she’s gone, but she was practically dead when we seen her before we left.” I say getting frustrated again.

“Hey, it’s fine. If she did leave, she won’t be alive for long.” He reassures me.


“I’m gonna head out, stay with your girl. Stop stressing, and just enjoy having her and your baby back.” He pats my shoulder.

“See ya.” I say before we walk away.


Persephone was released 3 days ago, along with our baby. We finally came to a new house I broke into. I dropped the keys on the table and turned to my beautiful girlfriend.

“I missed you.” I whisper to her after I grab her waist and pulled her to me.

“I missed you too.” She whispers back and kisses me.

“Let’s go put her to bed.” I say looking at our babygirl.

“Yeah.” She says walking towards a room.

She find a spot and builds a little nest in the middle of the bed, with blankets, she sets her down and kisses her forehead.

“She’s so beautiful.” She whispers.

“She is.” I whisper back and hold Persephone close.

“I wanna leave here.” She says before looking at me.



“Run away together?”

“All I need is you two.” She says and I smile at her.


“Great.” She smiles

“I want you to be my wife.” I blurt out.

She stares at me for a little before smiling and nodding.

“Marry me?”

“Yes.” She says before wrapping her arms around me.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Got married.

Moved to UK.

Lived our lives.

Me, my wife, and our babygirl.

This was everything to me and I wouldn’t change it...


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