his psycho girl

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β™” E P I L O G U E - PART 1 β™”

β™” R Y K E R β™”


β€œBaby, have you seen our little girl?” I say with fake confusion. I hear a little giggle behind my wife’s legs.

β€œNope, sorry, haven’t seen little monster.” She smiles and shrugs.

β€œHm, that’s weird cause I could’ve sworn...” I slowly creep towards Persephone, β€œshe’s right,” I slowly look behind her, β€œhere!”

She giggles while I grab her and throw her up the air and catch her. I put her over my shoulder and keep going, grabbing her ankles I start running around the kitchen with her laughing.

β€œRyker put our daughter down before you drop her.” My wife says while rolling her eyes.

I pull her back up and rest her against my hip. I walk towards my wife and kiss her on the cheek.

β€œMy mommy!” She glares at me before leaning in and kissing where I kissed her.

Me and Persephone laugh, Davina puts her hands up for Persephone and she grabs her.

β€œYou traitor.” I fake hurt.

β€œSorry daddy, I like mommy more.” She slyly smiles.

β€œYeah, daddy’s lame.” Persephone encourages.

β€œOh. You both are gonna get it now.” I glare and get ready to get them.

β€œUh oh, we gotta go!” Persephone yells while running with our babygirl.

β€œThere’s no running from me!” I yell back while chasing them.

We chase each other around until the pups come out their room, from their nap, they start barking and chasing me.

We run until they go back to the front room and β€˜hide’ behind the couch.

β€œOh where oh where could my Princess and Queen be?” I sing.

I slowly look into the kitchen, going around the counter island, I hear giggles when going to the living room and see the three little pups barking at me to distract me from looking at the β€˜hiding’ spot.

β€œHmm, are you under the couch?” I say aloud and look, β€œno? Ok, are you BEHIND the couch?” I say before walking towards the couch.

β€œNo, we’re in the kitchen again daddy”

β€œIn the kitchen? Well I guess I better go check then.” I say and make stepping noise before hiding on the other side of the couch.

I hear shushes before I see Persephone get up slowly gets up, before she can make a run for it, I grab them, making them scream and sandwich ourselves on the couch. The girls are laugh while I tickle our Princess and then kiss my Queen’s face.

β€œGot you!” I growl and kiss both of them.

β€œDaddy! You tricked us!” Davina whines.

β€œI got you didn’t I?” I chuckle.

β€œMeany” Persephone says before sticking her tongue out, Davina sees her do it and copies her.

I chuckle before kissing my beautiful wife on the lips and then kissing my gorgeous daughter on the cheek.

Finally, everything is perfect.

All mine.

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