his psycho girl

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β™• E P I L O G U E - PART 2 β™•

β™• P E R S E P H O N E β™•

β€œRyker!” I call out while walking to our room.

β€œYes baby?!” He calls back.

β€œHave you seen bullet? It’s his bath time.” I say when I walk into our room.

β€œNope, maybe with Princess.”

β€œDavina! Where are you hiding bullet?!”

β€œUh, I don’t have bullet!” She yells back.

I roll my eyes at her bad lying and go towards her room and into her β€˜secret’ room.

β€œGive me bullet, he needs a bath.” I say while spotting him.

β€œHe hates baths!” She whines.

β€œUgh, do you wanna take a bath with him?”

β€œYeah!” She exclaims before getting out out her little hiding room.

β™• β™” β™• β™”

After taking her bath and putting her and the pups to bed, I finally make my way to our room and flop down on the bed. Ryker gets up and goes to where my feet are before bringing one up and starts massaging them.

β€œYou’re such a great mom, you’re a beautiful woman and a outstanding wife.” He compliments. Making me smile.

β€œAre you gonna always gonna say that when I come to bed?”

β€œYes, I’ll always make sure you’re doing a great job and how you look while doing it.” He winks at me.

β€œFor a killer you sure do have such a red, beating, heart.” I chuckle.

β€œI can say the same for you.” He smirks.

β€œI love you.”

β€œI love you too.”

And that’s our story.

Of how I Persephone blaze...well, Persephone King now, became

His Psycho Girl.

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