his psycho girl

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β™• F O U R β™•

β™•P E R S E P H O N E β™•

Oh the weekend. My favorite two days. One, being that there is no school, and two, I get to relax and spit any victims of my need. What a lovely day it is, bright and beautiful day for an easy calming kill. Sounds about right.

I walk out the crappy abandoned house I was staying at till I found a new one. I let my hair flow in the nice cool breeze, I wore light blue ripped skinny jeans with a pink off the shoulder bodysuit, a white choker, and lastly, white and pink adidas.

I throw on my white oversized aviator mirrored sunglasses and walk to my new temporary black 2014 Ford Mustang.

I take a 15 minute drive to Starbucks. When I walk out the car I feel the stares of men and a few from woman. I run my fingers threw my hair while walking and swaying my hips more for the stares. When I walk into Starbucks I see a group of guys looking at me and smirk. Disgusting pigs. I take off my glasses and wink at them and proceed the show for people staring.

I order a water for now until I leave and see a cute nerdy guy on his laptop probably reading or whatever. I grab my water and make my way to him.

β€œHey.” I flash him a melting smile.

β€œUh. H-hey.” He says nervously. How adorable.

β€œMind if I borrow your laptop?” I sit in across from him and grab his hand.

β€œN-no go ahead.” He rushes out and quickly pushes the laptop towards me.

β€œThanks handsome.” I wink and go on his laptop. He looks cute for a nerd.

β€˜Search him’

I go on Safari and start searching everything about the mysterious Ryker King. Finding nothing I decide I’ll just hack Into anything that would have any information on him.

β€˜HA! I found something!’

β€˜Congrats! Want a cookie?’

β€˜I wish I can slap the sarcasm out of you.’

β€˜By all means. Slap yourself, that’ll be a great sight to see.’

β€˜Anyways! Let’s see who Mr. mysterious is.’

’He’s 22?! What the actual fuck?β€²

β€²What’s wrong with that?β€²

β€˜He was in a psych ward. For what?’

β€˜Hm who knows. I mean who other than psychos go there? Hm I wonder.’

God save this woman inside my fucking head.

That’s all it says about him. Hmm. Weird. I shrug and look back at the cute nerd nervously trying to concentrate on his book.

β€œThanks for the loan.” I smile getting up.

β€œN-no problem.” He smiles back.

β€œBye handsome.” I kiss his cheek and throw my sunglasses on walking out, with a sway in my hips, to my car.

I’m gonna figure him out before I kill him of course.

He’s a mystery I intend to read through. I wanna know everything.



I wanna break him slowly.

But for right now, I need a new kill. I’m feeling great and I need a good kill later to end my day.

So until then. (Wink).

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