his psycho girl

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β™• E I G H T β™•

β™• P E R S E P H O N E β™•

If I didn’t wanna kill Ryker then, I definitely wanna kill him now. Sure, he’s sexy with his handsome face and amazing body. I really wanna see what it looks like without clothes. But I still wanna kill him, with those beautiful blue eyes and soft kissable- NO, I’m definitely killing him. Ok maybe I’ll have sex with him first.

I’ve been avoiding Ryker at school for the whole week at school. It’s now Wednesday and I’ve still been trying to ignore him, until now that is.

I was mindlessly walking to class when I was pushed into the wall knocking my books and glasses on the floor.

β€œYou’ve been avoiding me gorgeous.” He says in a low voice, sending a shiver down my spine.

β€œThat I have been, you dropped my glasses, be a gentleman and pick them up for me.”

β€œYou don’t need them, why wear them?” He asks, still holding me in place.

β€œBecause who would guess a innocent nerd can kill someone without a blink of an eye?”

β€œSays the feds who will look into the bullied girl, and her specific bullies just happened to be dead.” He deadpans.

β€œI’m good at acting, I got this. Don’t worry your little head about it, love.” I push him off me and grab my glasses. β€œNow if you’ll excuse me, I have class to get to.”

β€œNo worries, we have the same glass. I’ll happily walk with you.” He winks before lightly grabbing my arm and drag me to class.

I groan but let myself be dragged. We make it to class, with people having curious stares might I add. Ryker ignores the teacher asking for our tardiness. We sit down and wait for the bell to ring, at least I was hopping for quite and waiting.

β€œThis class bores.” Ryker complains.

β€œNo one forced you to come to class, your dragged me here.” I roll my eyes.

β€œWhatever.” He grumbles.

β€œShh I wanna sleep.” I say putting my head down.

β€œSorry gorgeous, I just don’t wanna be bored by myself.”

β€œWell, there’s plenty of people as bored as you.”

β€œNone will catch my attention.” I can literally feel his sexy, annoying smirk.

β€œWell, I’m hoping your attention on me will fade quickly.”

β€œNot a-” I cut him off by putting my hand over his mouth.

β€œShhh. Sleep if you’re so bored.” I whisper-yell before putting my head back down and closing my eyes.

I’m gonna kill him.

It’s official.

But first, I needa fuck his sexy, beautiful, annoying ass.

But let’s get through this class without wanting to murder Ryker slowly.

Until next time. (Wink)

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