his psycho girl

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“You like that don’t you?” He whispers in my ear giving me goosebumps.

I bite back my moan while he keeps rubbing. Oh how this was never suppose to happen.

“Admit it. You like this more than you expected.” He bites my neck. I couldn’t help the moan that had slipped from my lips.

“Told you so babe.” He says against my neck and still rubbing.

“Nothing no one else done before, love.” I smirk. Before I realize, his hand goes to my throat.

Kinky. But let’s go back to how this heated conversation began, shall we?

1 hour ago

“Oh my god. That’s it, if you don’t leave me alone, I’ll smash that thick head of yours with a door!” I yell at the lost puppy following me.

“I didn’t appreciate you avoiding me, so I’m gonna follow you so I know you won’t do it again.” Ryker says before putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Ugh, you’re irritating. Go. Away!” I say before shoving his arm off my shoulder.

“I’d hate to leave your gorgeous self by yourself.”

“Well, I’ve done it before you shoved yourself into my life.” I roll my eyes and walk fast.

Unfortunately, I have short legs so I didn’t get far with his long fucking legs. His 2 steps are my 5 steps. Damn tall people. Damn my curse of being short. Damn Ryker King.

“I had to help your lonesome self.” I can practically feel his wink.

“Well, you were a loner too so, fuck off and go back to that. I have class anyways so.” I say stopping near the door to my next class.

“Then I shall see you when you get out.” I winks before leaving.

“I’ll be gone before then!” I yell. It being no use since he was already gone. Damn him!

After class

Ok just gotta hurry and leave before he gets here.

‘Ha! Good luck with that.’

You really are useless sometimes

‘I’m just realistic.’

I quickly walk out of class, ducking my head, and blending in with everyone else that’s rushing out the class. Unfortunately, with my luck, I bump into the door or wall. Nope, neither. I look up and see, him. Ugh!

“How was class gorgeous?” He smirks at me knowingly.

“Didn’t last long enough. How the hell did you get here so fast anyways?” I look at him with so much confusion.

“I didn’t go to class. I went to the bathroom then outside for a cig.” He shrugs.

“Lovely.” I roll my eyes.

“Be nice beautiful and stop trying to ignore me.” He says with a little annoyance.

“Fuck of King. You don’t own me, nor do I like hanging out with you.”

Before I know it, I’m pushed into a room and hear a lock.

“What the fuck are you doing King?”

“Why? Afraid I’ll do something?” I can already feel the smirk on his gorgeous annoying face.

“Not afraid. Annoyed.”

I go to unlock the door but he pushes me against the wall. Our bodies are pressed against each other, our faces are inches apart.

“You are truly gorgeous.” He says moving my hair that strayed to my face.

“So I’ve been told. Many times. By you. Oh, and let’s not forget the men that I go search to kill.” I smirk.

“You don’t mean that, you like me more. Admit it, and if I touched you, you’d like that too.” He smirks back making mine fall and glare.

“Not likely.”

“Oh really?” He whispers.


I slowly feel his hand sliding down my stomach and inside my skirt, moving between my legs.

“Wanna day that again?”

“I really won’t like it much.” I say keeping my posture, even though on the inside I’m begging him to slide a finger in.

I haven’t had sex since the incident. Which was a LONG time ago. Lord help me, or Satan, he works too.

Getting side tracked in my mind I didn’t realize he slid his hand back between my legs. I quickly come back to reality when I feel him start rubbing me.

That’s how we are here now.

“Nobody will touch you like this. Ever.” He practically growls out.

“I can if I let them.” I glare at him.

I quickly knee him where it hurts and take off running. I run out the school and towards my car, then I quickly jump in and turn it on and speed out.

Who the hell does he think he is?!

I wanna chop his hand off and feed it to him!

I’m so angry. I need someone to take it out on.

Just imagine Ryker’s sexy face and stab the person over and over again.


That’s what I’ll do.

First I’ll go change. It’s club time.

Until next time. (Wink)

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