The Last Tear

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" why?'' " Because Jaan, No one except me should even look at you in the eye and he did. " " Could you let go ?” Boldly spoken true to her personality she now wanted to go away. But that would happen if he or his arms would let go. " You’re new here, darling. ” He spoke for the first time. Honoring her to hear his dark and intimidating voice spoken in true terms of a man he still stared down at her. " Welcome Jaan."

Erotica / Romance
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An easy, happy to go lucky girl passes her 12th grade with average grades and this very summer started her college life but, didn't college life mean something full of new adventures and troubles ?

And not to forget, boy trouble too.

What would our dear lovely Alia Adani deals with a possessive lover who fell for her in the first sight. What if the man happens to be an epitome of power and seeks more of it.

Would she fall for the darkness he has or would she tame it.

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