Worlds of Flavor

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An aspiring chef tries to succeed in her work! The catch is that a lot of the ingridents are tiny planets.

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Chapter 1


This multiverse was known to be a seemingly infinite space filled with an equally vast amount of universes. This fact caused there to be practically limitless possibilities. Allow me to tell you a story about one such possibility that I hope will peak your interest, with you probably being the kinky macrophile or microphile who stumbles upon this story somewhere on the internet. This story takes place in the universe home to the planet named Omniworld, or Omni for short. All life in this particular universe can be found on Omniworld, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean this planet is the only one to contain life. Simply, Omniworld is a lot like Earth you see, except for one major detail. Every so often, seemingly random planets, filled with billions of lifeforms spawn on Omni. But no need to worry, these planets are tiny! No larger than a common marble!

For thousands of years the dominant species, called humans, didn’t know what these strange spheres were. They then discovered life existed on them, just like their own planet and then they discovered another couple hundred years later that the life was actually intelligent humanoids similar to them. Humans now call these spheres planets and refer to their home not as one, but instead a world. They refer to Omni as the only discovered inhabited world. There are some humans who stand for the rights of these planets, but most treat them as multi-purposed treats of meat that can be bought for only a few dollars. This particular story will be focused on the main purpose those ‘treats of meat’ have for the people of Omni, which was to be eaten.

This will start on the planet known as Kaclina. The humanoids on this planet, known as Faclisis, would have looked just like the humans of Earth if they didn’t possess their pointed ears, bald heads and bird-like wings of course. Zander Axel was a Faclisis who lived in a fairly large, but still quiet cozy city. There were plenty of large buildings all around the city with lots of eco-friendly plants and grass throughout it. It was not usually practical to fly somewhere as far as the top of a building, except in dire emergencies. This was because flying far distances like that takes an incredible amount of energy, and would usually drain all of a Faclisis’ power for a short while. Kaclina, similar to just about every other planet, had a tiny forcefield around it. It was strong enough to defend the planet against small environmental dangers and even an action like a human holding it. However, it could be easily destroyed by a force as weak as an aggressive poke by a human.

Zander was on his way to work just like any other weekday, but this time there was a serious tremor that stopped him. People were panicking and trying to hold onto the nearest object to help avoid falling over or other possible damage to themselves. One by one, people started to look up and Zander did not take long to do the same. The young Faclisis’ eyes were greeted with an image of a blue sphere covering the sky. It did not take long for the citizens to realize that they were staring at some sort of colossal eye. The next thing Mr. Axel and the others knew, was that downpour of brown liquid filling the streets. The people smelled and tasted it in order to find out what it was. It was chocolate. Zander Axel felt like his whole world was being turned into some sort of tasty treat for a godlike being, and he was not too far off. Zander used up all his energy to fly up to the tallest building close to him. He was too exhausted to move, so he just stood there among many others to watch their world drown in some sort of chocolate fondue. Everything beside some of the buildings, such as the one Zander flew to, had been completely submerged beneath the chocolate. Axel could faintly see many in the distance struggling through the harsh syrup and trying to fly up to buildings, but it was no use. Like flies in a trap, they were stuck.

Just a few minutes ago it was a normal day of work, but now, Zander’s whole world was ending. Billions had already drowned or got stuck in the chocolate, causing the population to be greatly reduced. Zander and many of the survivors prayed to the godlike being up above, for this chocolate apocalypse to end. However, it was far from over. What the citizens saw next was the view of the god’s eye changing dramatically to its pearly white teeth. All of them immediately knew what was happening and they continued to pray for a miracle, which would never happen. The teeth of insane size tore through entire continents and took much of the land and water into the belly of this beast. Then, a smaller pink beast emerged from the God’s mouth and licked a big chunk of the planet, causing those that were hit to either be crushed, melted or dissolved. Finally, the rest of the planet along with Zander Axel fell through the creature’s gigantic throat into the solar system sized stomach acid, where the last bits of the planet was digested and never seen from again.

The devourer of that planet was a female human and the protagonist of the story named Sophia Underwood. The lady had decided to taste one of the planets she bought in a classic chocolate fondue meal. Underwood made sure she poured just enough chocolate to have some of the population alive when she took her bites out of it. She was an aspiring chef with a childlike personality, and was a skinny redhead that tended to dress colorfully. She had many freckles, blue eyes, medium sized breasts and butt, and usually had her hair in a braid. Cooks on Omni might often have some planets mixed in their food, or have their styles eventually evolve into planet centered meals. However, Ms. Underwood was a bit unique as she always had an interest in planet focused dishes from the start of her career. The main fascination was how the microbial humonids reacted physically and mentally to all kinds of apocalyptic events around them.

It tended to make Sophia feel happy and powerful with having had the lives of billions of microscopic organisms at her fingertips, with the ability to end their lives in whatever way she saw fit. This lady found enjoyment from the chocolate meal she just ate and did not feel bad in the slightest for having just snuffed the lives of billions. This was due to the fact that she saw all of these creatures being far beneath her and their deaths having ended up benefiting humanity by being a delicious snack. Sophia‘s ultimate dream was to become the head chef in a famous restaurant with a focus on planet related meals, and screens being able to show up close views of the destruction of the inhabitants in real time during their consumption.

Sophia had been practicing making various planet meals and showing them to her friends for a while. She felt she was gifted enough to try to get her name out, but she was unsure how. That changed after Underwood heard of a community service organization that was having a bake sale in the coming months to support the homeless. This bake sale was very special as some very famous food critics had already announced they were to be attending the event. Sophia quickly enrolled in the organization after she found that out. Sophia was quick to assist the bake sale and during that time she spent much free time continuing her work with her food. Sophia grew close to a bunch of the bake sale members and when the bake sale was about to begin, the group was thrilled about having a young cook who volunteered to help with the event. Ms. Underwood prepared her best meals and set up an official booth at the bake sale. She designed it to show off and highlight that food was not just a hobby, but a passion of hers.

Sophia Underwood was delighted to see all the happy customers eating her planet meals and hoped that this would assist in spreading the word. However, Sophia’s main focus was on that small group of famous food critics who were at the bake sale. The protagonist zoned out a bit as she watched people pay for some food and consume various planet meals that were being offered here. She watched a fairly overweight woman eat a messily made PLT, which was an acronym for the Planet Lettuce and Tomato sandwich, of course. Then a different girl, who was wearing all the top trends in fashion, walked by with a glass of tea filled with mismatched ice planets. Those planets contained their own microscopic ice cities and were used to add more flavor than regular basic ice cubes. Sophia thought to herself how the many microscopic civilizations were collapsing either by the eating or the meal production as time just went on by.

Sophia quickly snapped out of her daze when she noticed the well known chef Katherine Valentine approach her booth, with that chef’s likeable and somewhat neutral personality. Katherine immediately noticed the more professional display of meals when she arrived to that corner of the event. However, it had taken her a little bit to get to Sophia’s booth as there were quite a few booths being presented before her. Ms. Valentine was not extremely old and the only aspect her age seemed to show was her experience. She had hair dyed white, brown eyes, a nicely weighted body and was wearing a kind of cliche chef outfit. It wasn’t much longer before Valentine arrived at Sophia’s booth and to be honest the young redheaded was a bit intimidated at first. Valentine scanned the many meals laid out before her, carefully deciding which meal she wanted to eat. Soon enough however Valentine decided to buy the spaghetti and planet for ten dollars, as she curiously got out a plastic fork and took a bite.

The planet Golervem and the humanoid inhabitants the Zarlafits, were unaware of the fact that their existence would be reduced to part of a meal at a bake sale. Almon Hence was one of the citizens who looked pretty similar to humans besides his blue skin, flat nails and large head. Almon had lived in the city and was relaxing on the weekend with his son when he felt huge earthquakes shake his nation. They then both looked outside to see the colossal face of Sophia Underwood looking down upon them. The man began to panic as he knew the world was probably over. Seeing a giant goddess in their sky wasn’t exactly a day-to-day event, however, Almon tried to remain calm for the sake of his son. The poor boy had no clue what was happening. The first thing his son said was “Daddy, is that God?” Almon actually stopped to think about that for a second. He had no idea if this enormous being was divine or not, but he realized that if someone was big enough to look at the planet like a small ball, then she might as well be some sort of god. The father soon responded the question with “She probably is.” The Hense family was not a super religious family, even though there was a general belief of God between most of the members including the children. That was all about to change.

The child soon started to pray with a happy and innocent smile believing that God had come to deliver some sort of divine gift to her people. Almon quickly joined his son in his prayers, having to hold back some tears as he was still quite fearful that this sky goddess might not be so benevolent. The kid was a bit surprised at first to see God with such weird fingers, head and skin, but he quickly moved past that as he thought someone with so much power would have to look different somehow. Before the family was allowed to pray for long, the planet’s forcefield was destroyed as the world filled with strange red sauce. The father feared it was some plague of blood while his son was intrigued by what the strange gift could possibly be. However, the harsh reality was soon revealed to Almon to be even worse than his original fears. His son was a bit too young to understand as he thought that the downpour of tomato sauce was to help end world hunger and the hungry goddess would be able to eat the food without harming anyone. Almon could quickly tell that his whole planet was being turned into a snack for a humongous space beast to devour.

That man suddenly burst into tears as his son quickly came to his side, asking what was wrong. Almon felt like he could do nothing else but watch as massive spaghetti noodles joined his world to cause untold destruction as they fell upon the lands, crushing entire cities and landscapes. Then the planet was moved to some sort of behemoth of a carrying case. Time seemed to slow down to those frightened as the few hours of having to wait in darkness felt like days. Almon then saw light shine down on the planet only to reveal a different looking goddess licking her lips. Almon felt it was unfair as a species was able to be an astronomical height. This belief was strong as the only aspects his was able to get over them was a different skin, useless nails and a relatively big head, which was not able to hold nearly enough intelligence to get out of this situation.

Mr. Hense just watched as millions died each in their own way. Many drowned in the sauce, while others were crushed by the huge spaghetti or died in the fissures from the massive earthquakes. It only got worse as what appeared to be a cheap plastic fork of a divine size, smashed down on the planet killing billions. Almon lost his son during this and was thankful that the child had a quick death and did not seem to suffer. The man just continued to witness death as the whole world reached the gigantic maw of the white-haired destroyer. Soon millions upon millions more burned by the saliva of the goddess’ tongue or was crushed by it in a horrifying fashion. Finally, Almon Hense met his demise as his body was slowly dissolved in the flood of saliva. The rest of the world was then swallowed and sent to its final destination of the stomach of Ms. Valentine.

Valentine loved the meal! She quickly finished eating the first planet and put her fork down to grab the other two right after. Katherine was so glad with this that she offered to help Sophia get started in cooking and gave her own helpful advice. Sophia was immediately hired with this new given information and became one of the official chefs in a restaurant known as ‘Foods, Drinks and Having to Plan-et’. She was careful to follow the advice she was given as she moved up with her various tasty planet meals. Soon enough, Sophia was making enough money to stabilize herself and the longer she remained cooking, the better she got. Soon enough people were traveling from all across to globe just to try Sophia’s planet based meals, it was a dream come true! Ms. Underwood continued to impress customer after customer until she was able to become the head chef of the place. Sophia Underwood finally started to wonder if it was possible to become any more well known then just being a top chef in some obscure restaurant. But all that and more, Sophia would soon discover.


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