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"Answer me darling,would anyone miss you?Think hard and long,maybe your life depends on it." The alley outside of club was dark and as i walked deeper in the darkness of the alley,shouting noise could be heard.I walked a little closer to the place where the noise is coming from and saw three people.Two of them were holding guns and literally ganging on the other one.As i tried to take a better look at the men in front of me,i recognized the man that was tortured.It was Mr.Grey,one of my fathers best friends.I was suprised to see him messing with some boys in dark alley.But that's when i heard gun shooting.I couldn't believe that the guy killed Mr.Grey.

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Chapter 1

Here I am. Celebrating with my father, sisters and his friends. Celebrating him reaching the top. Top of the best mafia gangs. Not really happy about it but still I had to. My father is the boss of American most famous gang. He is so happy right now. It wasn’t easy. He nedded to battle a lot of gangs to reach the top, especially 3 mafia gangs that were better and stronger than the others. My father gang is called The Family. Other 3 that I mentioned before are named The Kingdom, The Royal Blood and The Ross Family. I’m the boss of gang named The Kingdom. I’m battling second place with The Royal Blood. As the boss of gang, I wasn’t happy that my father reached the top. I wanted to be on top but that was impossible. Why? Because my father is in this business for so long and me....You can say that I'm still at the beginning. I mean, my father has been the boss of his gang for about 30 years and I’m just 3. I’m 20 years old and I created my gang when I was 17 years old. I can’t even compare to my father. So yeah, here I am, celebrating his success. In my life, I only have my father and my two younger sisters. My father is famous under the name Mr. Kingstone and my sisters names are Mia and Jenna. Mia is 18 years old and Jenna is 16 years old. They are my whole world. My real mother was murdered by The Royal Blood when I was 7. My stepmother has been killed by The Ross Familiy when I was 11. I never went to school as I was home-schooled. I really wanted to have my own gang so I decided to create one. And I did. When I turned 17. The thing about me that is very interesting is that no one knows who is the boss of The Kingdom, the second strongest gang in America, except my family. I really had a hard time creating one because my father would not let me go outside so I had to sneak and go out. When my father found out he was really pissed but eventually, he was okay with it. In fact, he is really proud of me. My gang has 100 people in it including my six best people and me. We have our own house....More like a mansion than a house. My gang has destroyed and killed many important gangs and bosess. I’m really proud of myself. I wanted my sisters to live with me but my father was against it. He keeps them in his house all the time and never let them out. They are also home-schooled. I feel sorry for them but I can’t go against my father.

This “party” was really becoming boring so I decided to go. Also, I was supposed to go to the club with my best friend tonight.

“Do you like the party dear?“ My father asked me.

“Sure....Erm, dad, I need to go. It was fun. I will come by in couple of days. Take care of yourself and my sisters. Love you all.“ I said to my father.

“Oh, alright dear. See you soon and take care.“ My father said. As I was about to go out, a hand grabbed my arm. It was some random guy that my father invited to his party and that I never met before.

“I advise you to let go of my hand before I break it.“ He smirked.

“Mr.Kingstone, I never knew you got remarried.“ My father looked at him.

“Don’t be so preposterous. I will never marry again as long as I live.”

“So you just keep pretty ladies in your house in case the mood should take hold?“ The guy asked him.

“It’s none of your business. Dear, you said you need to go so go ahead.“ My father said to me. I twisted the guy’s arm and he whined in pain.

“Next time, I will make sure it is broken you motherfucker.“ I exited the house and I drove right to the club I was supposed to go with my friend Mary. I walked in the club and immediately spotted my friend. I went to her and she hugged me so tight.

“Caroline, I missed you so much!“ She said to me happily.

“I missed you too honey. We haven’t seen each other for so long. I was so busy that I couldn’t find time.I’m sorry.”

“No need to be...Let’s now enjoy our time together!“ We laughed and ordered drinks. I was drinking quite a lot but alcohol didn’t have affect on me. But that didn’t count for Mary. She would easly get drunk.

“Caroline, look at those boys that are looking at us...They are HOT! Can I invite them to sit with us? Please?“ I smiled.

“Sure honey, why not?“ She smiled to me and went to call the boys. She came back with the boys and one was seated next to me and the other one next to Mary.

“So Caroline, the boy sitting next to you is Andrew and the one next to me is Alex, am i right?”

“Actually, you are mistaken....I’m Andrew and that is Alex.“ Andrew said and Mary blushed.

“I was never good with names anyway....Caroline, remember when I used to call your dad Mr.Ross?“ Mary laughed.

“Mary, can you bring me another drink? I really want one.“ I asked.

“Sure, I know the perfect drink for you!“ She then went to bring me a drink.

“You don’t look like a gangster.“ Alex said.

“Well, I'm not even trying to so yeah.”

“But your friend said that your father is Mr.Ross...Isn’t that like The Ross Family?“ Alex asked.

“My father name is Mr.Kingstone....Mary is just constantly substituting him for Mr.Ross.“ I said.

“Guys, I’m back with the drinks!“ Mary came with the drinks for all of us. As the time was passing, Mary talked privately with Andrew so did I with Alex.

“So, what is it that you do Caroline?“ He asked.

“Well, I have my own business so yeah....And you?”

“Oh, I run family business.“ He said.

“That's nice.“ I said while smiling. He was getting really close to me and I did too until Mary and Andrew stood up from the table.

“Where are you going?“ I asked.

“To dance of course” Mary said and walked to the dance floor with Andrew. Alex began getting closer to me again but I wanted to get another drink so as I stood up, I felt a little dizzy and ended up falling into Alex’s lap.

“I’m sorry, I think I need some fresh air.“ I said and walked out of the club. The alley outside of club was dark and as I walked deeper in the darkness of the alley, shouting noise could be heard. I walked a little closer to the place where the noise is coming from and saw three people. Two of them were holding guns and literally ganging on the other one. As I tried to take a better look at the men in front of me, I recognized the man that was tortured. It was Mr.Grey, one of my fathers best friends. I was suprised to see him messing with some boys in dark alley. But that’s when I heard gun shooting. I couldn’t belive that the guy killed Mr.Grey.

“Oh shit.“ I accidentally shouted and that’s when they saw me. As I was about to pull my gun from my pants, a hand with handkerchief was covering my mouth and nose and in couple of seconds, I fell in his hands unconscious.

I wake up in a car with a guy that killed Mr.Grey.

“Who the fuck are you and why am I here?“ My hands were tied with rope.

“Oh princess, ladies don’t curse. You are here because I’m taking you to my boss. We are part of a gang so don’t do anything stupid.“ He said...His gun laying in his lap.

“Are you going to kill me?“ I smirked.

“Well princess, that’s on boss to decide. Pray that he is in a good mood or you are probably going to finish like Mr.Grey.“ He said teasingly.

“You said you are part of a gang...Which one?“ I asked. I don’t think that he is part of my dad’s gang because most of his people are a lot older than this guy so it must be either The Ross Family or The Royal Blood.

“Princess, you ask a lot of questions...We are part od The Royal Blood and it looks like we are home.” He said and again placed a handkerchief on my mouth and nose and I was unconscious. I woke up to find my hands tied high above my head with handcuff and blindfold around my eyes. I heard some voices. It was a guy that brought me here and another one that I don’t recognise.

“Why did you brought her here? He is going to be mad!“ Man that I don’t recognise said.

“She began pulling out a gun and I was suprised so it made more sense to just bring her here.“ The guy from the car said.

“Grabbing a girl with a gun and bringing her here would take a lot more time and effort than putting a bullet between her eyes!“ The guy said with anger.

“Sorry we’re not all perfect like you Jack. Next time the boss has a big hit, I’ll tell him to send you.“ A new voice said.

“I think that ‘the boss’ should send whoever the fuck he wants.“ I could hear that the other two greated the person. They apologised before he dismissed them. I could sense him walking around me in circles and his eyes burning holes through me.

“Well, well, well...Look who we got here. Wander a little too far from your party darling? I’m wondering, will your friends miss you...Will they miss you when I put a bullet between your eyes?”

“Hah, that’s none of your fucking business.“ I said smirking.

“Darling, no cursing. Don’t you have any manners?“ He asked while taking the blindfold off. I laughed hard and opened my eyes just to see large room in front of myself. He was behind me, slowly walking to the front.

“Answer me darling, would anyone miss you?Think hard and long, maybe your life depends on it.”

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