Mafia Business

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Chapter 10

I couldn’t see anything.My eyes were covered and my legs and arms were tied. I could hear breathing,footsteps. I could smell sea air.

~Where the fuck am I? Who took me here?~

As I was about to speak, someone lifted the blindfold from my eyes. I saw everything. I saw sea. I saw some people. I saw the person in front of me. Everything was clear. And I only had one question...

„What the fuck do you think you are doing Jack?“ He smirked.

„Why ask question you already know the answer to?“ He said, pulling on both of his ears.

„Let me tell you something Jack. You can fool your friends but you can’t fool me. I knew all along you had some shit going. I never trusted you one bit. I’m just sorry for your friends who are worried about you. You don’t feel guilty at all,do you?“ His face fell and he grabbed my thighs so hard I was sure it was going to leave a mark there.

„You of all people don’t have any right to talk about my friends. You blinded them all, especially Nathan. What he did was a great mistake. I couldn’t take it. I thought I could put some sense in him but nothing worked. You gave me no choice.“ I laughed.

„There were plenty of other choices but you just couldn’t accept any other. You hate me and you want revenge. You thought that this was an easy way to get rid of me but believe me when I tell you that you are the one who made a big mistake. I would never do anything to hurt any of you.“ He snickered.

„Your presence alone hurts Caroline. Nathan doesn’t understand how dangerous you are. For him, for us, for our gang. I had to stop you before it gets to late.“ I sighed.

„You alone don’t know how dangerous I am. You only know what I let you know and that’s not even a half.“ Jack tensed and I could see that he was pissed. He checked his watch.

„So,who are we waiting for? Let me guess. He is from Hong Kong and his name is Samuel Wang. Tell me that I’m right.“ He clapped his hands.

„Good job! You just won a million dollar question. Congratulations!“ I laughed.

„You should give me something harder. This one was a piece of cake.“ He gave me a fake smile.

„How about you guess what’s he planning to do once I give you to him?“ He asked with his eyebrows raised.

„He would take me to Hong Kong and marry me. Nothing special.“ I said.

„And how about your father....Do you know what he planned for him?“ He asked me again.

„No. I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me?“ I said now looking at him with a serious experssion on my face.

„I’m not sure if you want to hear this but oh well....Turns out that Samuel Wang shares my hatred for your father so instead of building it up after your marriage, he’s going to bring down your father and The Family altogether.“ I smiled.

„He can try but he won’t succeed. That’s all I have to say. Where the fuck is he? I’m tired of waiting.“ I said.

„He’ll take care of your father,you’ll see.“ He checked his watch again and I saw couple of cars coming from the distance.

„Here he comes.“ Jack said and rushed to the car. When the door of the car opened, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

~How can a beautiful man like this be such a psycho? He could be a fucking model with his golden hair, blue eyes and a really nice body. What is he doing in the biggest mafia in Hong Kong. He’s better off to Paris Fashion Week show.~

Nathan was sitting in the living room,not being able to calm down. The rest of the guys went to bed but he couldn’t get himself to fall asleep even though he was extremly tired. Dark thoughts had occured him. He couldn’t stop blaming himself for Caroline’s kidnapping. His head fell in his hands as he tried to think of the places where she could be. He felt like the more he thought,the harder it was to get an answer. Just as he was about to make a riot, he felt someone sitting next to him.

„I think it would be better if I keep you company here than being awake with horrible thoughts of what could you do in this state.“ Said Clyde.

„I can’t say I disagree with you but I don’t think I’m a good company right now.“ Nathan told him.

„I’m sure that there is some logical explanation to this Nathan. I have a feeling that it's right in front of us but we just can’t reach it because there’s something we keep missing.“ Clyde said with a serious look on his face.

„It’s eating me alive that she is somewhere out there within my reach,that she’s maybe in danger,hurt...Like you said,there’s something missing and I just can’t figure it out...“ Nathan said with anger and frustration in his voice. Clyde took a deep breath and closed his eyes like he just remembered something.

„It just occured to me. Listen to this. There isn’t any evidence or traces to who took hostage of Jack,right?“ Clyde said and Nathan furrowed his eyebrows.

„I don’t understand what that has to do with Caroline.“ Nathan said bluntly. Clyde ran his hands on his face, frustrated.

„What if Jack wasn’t actually kidnapped....What if all that was just a trap,to make us think that he was?“ Nathan opened his mouth to say something but Clyde held his hand out to silence him.

„Everyone knows he despites Caroline,like really hates her. What is really strange is that he was here just the other day,telling you about how you should break it off with her and get rid of her and when you didn’t want to,she suddenly goes missing? I mean, come on,it’s just logical.“ Clyde stated.

„He had a perfect plan. He faked his kidnapping, we of course went out to search for him,Caroline is home with Alex who of course,like any of us, doesn’t have any idea of what’s going on and she goes missing. It all adds up perfectly.“ Nathan stood up and began pacing the room.

„Even if that’s true, why would he do that?“ Nathan asked.

„He thinks he’s saving The Royal Blood this way...“ Just when Clyde said this, Nathan remembered that Jack said the same words.

„But what about Alex? Do you think he would’ve hurt him like that?“Clyde shook his head.

„Nathan, he thinks he’s doing this to save us,of course he would do anything.“ Nathan thought for a moment and than he nodded.

„You’re right. Go and wake everyone up, we need to talk.“ Clyde went to do what Nathan had told him and couple of minutes later,everyone was in the living room.

„Listen here, Clyde and me had a little talk and we came to conclusion that Jack faked his kidnapping and he’s creditable for Caroline’s disappearance.“ Nathan said and everyone remained quite for some time. Then all of them nodded in agreement as if they finished stacking the puzzle.

„Since Alex is to say closest to Jack,would you be able to give us a hint where could he be?“ Nathan looked at Alex with raised eyebrows. Alex was quiet for couple of minutes than he said

„I think it might be somewhere by the sea. He said he likes spending time there. Maybe by the shipping dock.“ He said and Nathan nodded.

„Okay,let’s go and see.“

I watched as Jack talked with Samuel by his car. I tried to free my hands but the ropes were wrapped so tight I could only strip my skin off by trying to get out of them. I then tried to make the chair fall by rocking it back and forth and when I did,the only thing that was broken was my body. As I tried to move myself, a man’s face appeared in front of mine. He was smiling like he just saw the most fascinating thing on planet.

„Oh Caroline,the time has finally come. I can’t express how I’m feeling right now.“ Samuel Wang said while lifting me up,together with the chair. I rolled my head back and then I straightened it,looking at him. He looked at me with amusment ,running his fingers down my arms.

„Aren’t you a fiesty little thing? Don’t worry, I really like that.“ He came close to my face,breathing on my cheek and down my neck. He trailed his hands down my legs and unwrapped the ropes. He then did the same with my arms. I rubbed my sore arms and looked at him.

„So,I guess you are Samuel Wang. It’s quite a pitty that I don’t share the same feelings about meeting you.“ I said and he smirked.

„Well,that’s sad but I’m sure it’ll change soon.“ He said while lifting me up in his arms. As we were about to leave, I heard a gunshot rang out. I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

„What the fuck is going on here?“ I asked him and he looked at me with furrowed eyebrows while squeezing me really tight.

„Watch your mouth, I don’t want to hear you say that again. The gunshot we heard is just my men taking care of trash.“ Samuel said as he continued to walk. He made it to the car before he placed me down. I knew it was pointless to try and run and I also knew I couldn’t leave Jack like that. He was sitting on the floor next to one of shipping conteiners,holding his wounded leg that had lots of blood oozing out. Samuel walked over to him with me right behind him.

„You fucker! We had a deal!“ Jack said with anger.

„Oh my God,how naive all of you actually are? The Royal Blood, The Family...I just can’t wait to get rid of you all.“ Samuel said while taking his gun from his waistband. He set the gun against Jack’s head.

„Do you have any last words?“ Samuel asked.

„We don’t need to go that far Samuel“ I said and he looked at me with a smirk and pressed the gun further in Jack’s head.

„Don’t we Caroline?“ He asked and I placed my hand on his hand that’s holding the gun.

„We don’t. He is hurt enough. You sent the message. Leave him alone now.“ I said and Samuel looked at Jack playfully.

„That’s so sweet of you Caroline.“ Samuel said while rubbing his chin and bitting his lower lip.

„Change my mind.“ He said in challenging tone. Jack hissed in pain. I didn’t have any other choice. I moved my hand away and placed my body against Samuel’s. I placed my hands around his neck and looked at him straight in the eyes. My lips were inches away from his when he placed his free hand around my waist,squeezed me against him and kissed me hard. He then pushed his tounge in my mouth and the kiss seemed to last for eternity. After some time he broke the kiss and smiled widely.

„I wasn’t expecting that from you Caroline but you clearly know how to drive a hard bargin. I wouldn’t look like a good husband if I don’t listen to my wife,right?“ He then moved his gun from Jack’s head and placed it into his waistband.

„I don’t get why you wanted mercy for him when he’s going to die before they can even find him.“ Samuel said while commanding to his men to get ready for moving. I took a chance to go to Jack while Samuel was distracted. I whispered something in his ear.

„It’s time to go Caroline.“ Samuel said while lifting me up in his arms. I gave Jack a nod and Samuel carried me to the car. He placed me in the backseat,buckled me up and sat next to me. I took a deep breath and smiled at him.

Nathan found himself at the shipping dock together with the guys after hours of searching. The place was quite big and they splitted up to search it faster. They covered the whole area and searched everywhere they could reach. Nathan who was with Sam thought of something.

„Sam,you earlier told me something about Samuel being a psycho and that Caroline should be careful. What did you mean by that?“ Nathan asked.

„All I can say is that Caroline’s father had planned this long time ago. Like, I found tons of Caroline’s pictures and videos and all kind of creepy shit. Looks to me like he has obsession over her,like,a really hard one.“ Sam said with uncomfortable look on his face.

„Remind me next time when I ask about something that curiosity killed the cat.“ Nathan said.

„Do you hear that too? It sounds like Andrew.“ Sam asked and Nathan turned around to see Andrew shouting and waving his hands. They ran to him. When they arrived,they saw wounded Jack laying on the ground. He was pale like a ghost and there was blood everywhere around him. Nathan took a deep breath. He and Sam lifted him into sitting position.

„Sam,go find Clyde.“ Nathan said and Sam went off. Nathan crouched next to Jack,tearing the fabric from his shirt and wrapping it around his leg. Nathan than looked at Jack.

„It’s not that bad Jack. Be strong. Sam went to find Clyde. He’ll help you when he gets here.“ Nathan told Jack but he was shaking his head.

„This is all my fault Nathan. I handed her over. I took her from you. I did that,it was me.“ Jack said with tears in his eyes. Nathan closed his eyes and sighed.

„I know that Jack. Don’t waste your energy. Is she with her father now?“ Nathan asked curiously.

„I wish I could say she is Nathan.“ Tears fell from Jack’s eyes and Nathan gritted his teeth.

„What the fuck is that supposed to mean Jack?“ Nathan said through gritted teeth.

„I wanted to protect us. I thought I was doing the right thing. But I turned out to be so fucking naive and stupid.“ Jack said.

„Who did you hand her to Jack?“ Nathan managed to ask.

„Believe me,it was going great. I had a deal. I had everything right. But I was so fucking wrong. He lied. He tricked me. He didn’t want anything except to destroy everyone.“ Jack continued to ramble.

„JACK! Answer my fucking question!“ Nathan shouted and in that moment Clyde came running with Alex and Sam. Clyde was fast to kneel in front of Jack to check his wound. Jack swallowed hard and looked at Nathan who was burning with rage.

„Samuel Wang. I gave her to Samuel Wang. Nathan, words can’t explain how sorry I am.“ Jack cried. Nathan’s heart fell. He stood up slowly and ran his hands down his face. He was lost. He was broken. He was doomed. She was lost. He lost her. He lost her for good.

„But the saddest thing was that she helped me Nathan. After everything I did, she saved my life.“ Jack said and Nathan turned around to look at him. Jack winced as Clyde removed the bullet from his leg.

„What do you mean she saved your life?“ Nathan asked.

„Samuel wanted to kill me. She stopped him and sacrificed herself for me and for us.“ Jack said and Nathan closed his eyes while bitting his knuckle.

„How did she sacrifice herself?Is she okay?“ Nathan asked with concern in his voice.

„Caroline gave herself to Samuel.“ The guys all gasped. Nathan saw red. He punched the nearest conteiner as hard as he could.

„Caroline gave me a message for you Nathan. She told me to live and tell this to you.“ Jack said while still crying. Nathan nodded his head towards Jack as a sign for Jack to tell him. He wasn’t sure he wanted to hear what Jack was about to say.

„She told me to tell you that she’s not going to forget you and not to wait for her. To stay out of trouble and keep us safe.“

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