Mafia Business

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Chapter 12

Samuel beckoned me to come to him. I got up and went to him. As I stood in front of him, he pulled my hand and placed me on his lap. I placed my hands around his neck and he smiled. He took one of my hands and kissed it. Samuel then placed his lips on mine, kissing me lightly at first but then he licked my lips and opened my mouth for his tongue to come inside. We shared a passionate kiss while his hands roamed my body. He was so focused on me while my mind was elsewhere. All I could think about was tomorrow and what is going to happen. After a couple of minutes when my mouth already began to hurt from all the kissing, I placed my palms against Samuel’s chest and broke the kiss. I could see the lust into his eyes and how much he wanted to ravish me. I was disgusted but I had to keep it together. After all, this was all an act I had to put up with.

„I'm really tired, Samuel. Let's go to bed.“ I said and Samuel nodded his head.

„You are right. We should be in our best state for tomorrow.“ He said and picked me up. We arrived in our room and he placed me back on my feet. I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I got out, Samuel wasn't in the room. I laid in bed and closed my eyes. I heard the door open and footsteps coming close to the bed. I kept my eyes closed and my breath steady. I felt movements on the bed and Samuel's hand caressing my hair.

Everyone went to sleep but Nathan couldn't bring himself to sleep. They spend the whole evening trying to come up with a plan but nothing good enough came to their mind. Nathan knew that they had to take a great risk if he wanted to get her back. He felt like the more time passed, the more anxiety he felt. His phone suddenly rang and Nathan put his thoughts aside. The ID of the caller was unknown.

„Nathan Matthews speaking.“ He said.

„I bet you thought someone was calling to tell you some information about Caroline but I’ll have to disappoint you and say it's me wanting to have a talk.“ The person on the other end said and Nathan immediately knew who was the person.

„I assume it's Samuel Wang that I’m talking to. What is it that you have to tell me?“ Nathan decided to play dumb. Samuel laughed and Nathan could hear movements. Soft breathing could be heard and that made Nathan uncomfortable. He was having a hard time controlling his anger. He sat up straight and bit his knuckle.

„Do you know how beautiful Caroline is while she is sleeping?“ Samuel asked and Nathan's hand tightened around the phone.

„We had a diner earlier. I bet you don't know how sexy she looks in a dress since she doesn't prefer to wear it, but do you know what was even sexier? The lingerie she wore underneath.“ Nathan knew what game Samuel was trying to play but it still made his blood boil.

„You know, it's really hard for me to control myself when I see her like this...“ Nathan could hear movements again. He could also hear Caroline's soft whines. He lost all control he had till now.

„Wang, if you touch her, I swear to God...“ Nathan said through gritted teeth.

„And what if I do? What are you going to do Nathan?“ Samuel said teasingly.

„I'll fucking kill you, you fucking bastard! What the fuck do you want from me?“ Nathan snapped and Samuel began to laugh.

„It’s time to get over with this, don't you think so? I want you to meet me tomorrow at 5 pm sharp at the address that I’ll send you. You better show up and you better come alone because if you don't, Caroline will be the one to suffer the consequences.“ Samuel hung up and a text popped on Nathan's phone right after. Nathan kicked the coffee table and then he proceeded to kick the sofa all over the living room, breaking other things in the room in the process.

I woke up from my barely 2-hour sleep since I couldn't fall asleep before the sun was up. I felt so tired like someone was beating me with a bat the whole night. I laid in bed for some time, just looking at the ceiling. I thought about the phone call Samuel had last night. I'm sure it was Nathan. Samuel talked some shit and riled Nate up. I'm sure he was furious. No good. I heard the door open and I saw Samuel coming in while holding a tray filled with food.

„Good morning Caroline. I hope you slept well becausе we can't afford you to be tired on such a big day like this, can we?“ Samuel said and came close to the bed. He sat down and motioned me to sit as well. I sat up and he placed the tray in my lap. Despite the uneasy feeling that I had in my stomach, I began to eat because I couldn't stand his nagging.

„Both of them are coming later.“ He said and I looked at him blankly.

„Is that so? That's good.“ I said but I didn’t mean it at all.

„I didn’t even need to try hard to persuade your lover. Looks like you got him wrapped around your little finger.“ He said and I smiled.

„You just wait, I’ll have you wrapped around my little finger as well.“ I said and Samuel smirked.

„We'll see about that.“ He said and kissed my lips, removing the tray from my lap.

„There will be professionals coming soon to do your hair and makeup. We need you to look better than ever for this occasion.“ Samuel said and went out of the room, locking the door. I stood up from the bed and walked over to the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror. I looked horrible. I had dark circles under my eyes, my skin was dry and white as sheet, my lips chapped. In one word, I looked like a corpse and to be honest, I felt like one. The look in my eyes was so empty like I'm some doll. I kept looking at myself for some time and then the makeup artist and hairdresser came. They worked on my face and my hair in dead silence. After they were done, I truly looked amazing. My face looked so fresh and my hair was glowing. They placed some clothes for me on the bed. I'm sure it was Samuel who picked my outfit for today. There was white lingerie similar to the one I wore last night. Next to it was a satin dress, also white. When I picked it up, I felt uneasy. When I got into it, I couldn't hide the disgusted look that I had on my face. It was so short that it barely covered my ass. The slits on the sides were up to my waist, my lingerie almost showing. The collar dipped so low that if you looked from the side, you could see my bra without a problem. There were also some white high heels which were actually the only item of my outfit that I liked. I felt like a cheap whore who is about to meet up with her client and be fucked for some shitty amount of money. Samuel came inside the room and smirked while looking at me from head to toe.

„Just when I think you can't get better than that, you surprise me with proving me completely wrong. I'm astonished.“ He said, standing behind me and placing his hands on my wlist, his eyes on mine.

„I thought we were going to meet my father and Nathan but it looks like we are going to the brothel.“ I said and Samuel laughed.

„Do you think of yourself like that?“ He asked and I narrowed my eyes.

„In this outfit, I do.“ I said.

„Well, that's too bad. You shouldn't think so low of yourself. Besides, I'm sure your lover is going to love it. Let this be his parting gift.“ Samuel said and I frowned.

„That frown doesn’t suit your gorgeous face Caroline, so wipe it off. Come on, we can't make our guests wait.“ He held his hand out for me to take but I only passed him and went out of the room. We went to the garage, got into the car and began to move. I watched Samuel's every move. He was loading two guns that were in his lap. I thought to myself.

~Is he really going to use separate guns to kill them or is there some other meaning to this. Is he going to make them kill each other? Or is he going to give one to me? I guess we’ll have to see. I need to think smart and not make any wrong moves.~

Samuel finished loading the guns and looked at me.

„Are you nervous Caroline?“ He asked me.

„Not at all.“ I said and he smirked.

Sam walked into the living room and saw Tyler cleaning his guns.

„Yo, Tyler, have you seen Nathan?“ Sam asked

„He said he was going for a ride. To calm himself or something.“ Tyler said blankly.

„What?! He never drives when he is troubled. Shit.“ Sam said, frustration clear in his voice. Tyler looked at him, confused.

„He clearly didn’t go for a ride to calm himself Tyler. That ride is probably to drive himself into death because that's what is waiting for him if he went to rescue Caroline all alone, which he probably did.“ He said.

„You are right Sam. I didn’t even think about it like that.“ Tyler said.

„It doesn't matter now. We should focus on finding him before he is dead. It’s just that I don’t even know where to begin.“ Sam said and sighed.

„Well, he could be anywhere.“ Tyler said and Clyde appeared out of nowhere.

„I know where he is.“ He said.

„How do you know. Did he tell you?“ Sam asked and Clyde smirked.

„No, but the tracking device I have in his car did.“ Clyde said and Sam narrowed his eyes.

„You put a tracking device in Nathan's car? When and for what reason?“ Sam asked.

„Since a long time ago. Actually, I have them in all of your cars. It comes in handy in times like this, don't you think?“ Clyde said and Sam frowned.

„You really are dangerous Clyde. Just get the fucking location and let's get moving. We have no time to waste.“

When we arrived at the destination, I went out of the car, not waiting for Samuel and went inside what looked like some old and abandoned factory. The clacking of my heels echoed against the walls. Seems like we arrived first here since no one else was present. Samuel walked in and closed the door. He approached and hugged me from behind.

„Can you feel my heart beating? I have a feeling like it's going to come out of my chest.“ He said.

„Yeah, I can. You sure are excited.“ I said as I removed his hands and walked further away. I couldn't let him feel my heart because I think it was beating even faster than his. There was a sound of a car outside. I looked at the door, waiting to see who is going to come and Samuel smiled.

„Looks like our first guest is here.“ Samuel said and the door opened. It was my father who came through that door. He walked over to Samuel while laughing, holding his hand out.

“I knew you could find her, truly reliable.” My father said, his face hardening after Samuel rejected to take his hand. His arm fell to his side and he looked at me. He began walking towards me, dissatisfaction with my outfit clear on his face. My father, who sold me to this man was now walking towards me. I should hate him but I can't. I missed him. I wanted to hug him, right here, right now. Samuel came up behind him, placing a gun against my father's head. He halted and spun around. Samuel's gun was now pressed against the middle of his forehead.

“What is the meaning of this Wang?” My father asked. I walked over to them.

“Do you think I'm scared? Do you think you scare me? I'm far from scared. In fact, I’m disappointed. I can't believe I was about to let my daughter marry you.” My father said and Samuel began to laugh.

“You are in no position to tell me that Edward. It looks like our other guest is here.” Samuel said and my father turned to look at the door. Nathan walked in, looking around. He first looked at Samuel and then at my father before he met my eyes, that were already on him. He looked at me from head to toe and his face stiffened.

“Are you going to explain this to me? What is he doing here?” My father asked and pointed at Nathan, who now walked closer to where we were standing. He looked like he was thinking about something.

“This man, right here, is in love with your daughter Edward. How pathetic, don't you think so?” Samuel said and my father turned to look at Nathan, eyes narrowed.

“Is he speaking the truth?” My father asked Nathan, who was looking at me. He then glanced at my father.

“Yes, it is the truth.” He said in a sharp tone. My eyes widened for a moment and my heart skipped a beat but I regained my composure right after, not wanting Samuel to notice. Samuel clearly didn’t like my father's reaction. He looked at me and pulled me closer to him, wrapping his arm around my waist. Nathan reached for his waistband.

“Are you sure about that?” Samuel asked Nathan as he placed the gun that was on my father's head now on my temple. If looks could kill, Samuel would be dead by the look that my father was giving him.

“If I were you, I would remove that gun you placed on my daughter’s head.” My father's hand was already twitching.

“You two are no fun.” Samuel said, reaching into his waistband and pulling out his second gun. Nathan narrowed his eyes.

“Quit playing around Samuel. What the fuck do you want?” Nathan snapped and Samuel smiled. He trailed his gun on my neck. I couldn't tell who was more furious – my father or Nathan.

“I want Caroline to choose. This is going to be her decision.” He said, smirking.

“So it’s my decision, right? Give me the gun.” I said and Samuel smile at me. He gave me the other gun while pushing the other one against my throat.

“You can choose who are you going to kill – your father or your lover. The one who lives, I’ll let him go. If you don't shoot any of them, I'll kill them both.” Samuel said wickedly. Nathan and my father looked at me. I glanced at the gun and smiled to myself.

“Caroline, come on. Do it. Just shoot me and let's finish this already.” My father said while looking at me.

“Caroline.” Nathan called me. I looked at him and felt Samuel’s hand gripping my waist as hard as possible.

“Don't kill your father Caroline. You can't replace your father but you can always find someone else to love. Just shoot me.” Nathan said with a sad smile on his face. My father looked at him with a strange face. Samuel pushed the gun further against my throat, urging me to hurry up and decide. I glanced at my father and met his eyes. I nodded my head at him and he narrowed his eyes at me but after a moment, he nodded back. I pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger.

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