Mafia Business

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Chapter 16

Andrew jerked out of my hands and went to pour himself another drink. I turned to look at Alex and murmured “What was this for?” but he just shook his head.

“Are you willing to explain Andrew?” I asked as I looked at him. He downed his drink in one gulp and glared at Alex.

“Sure I will Caroline. This fucker here slept with my girl because we got into a fight!” Andrew yelled, obviously angry. I looked at Alex and raised my eyebrow. His eyes widened and he shook his head fast in denial.

“That's not true! She is not his girl, they just hooked up before.” He said. I frowned.

“Oh dear God. Is this really happening? There are millions of other girls in the world but both of you just had to go for the same one. First of all, Andrew, if you really only hooked up with her before, then you don't have any right to get mad because she is being with other guys. Second, Alex, for Christ's sake, why did you do that? If you were upset with him, you should have just talked it out. Is that really so hard? You are supposed to be brothers, how can such a thing tear you apart? Men are really a pain in the ass.” I said and sighed. Silence filled the room. I glanced at both of them before speaking.

“Look, this is neither the time nor place for this. If you can't put this behind you, grow the fuck up. I came here to ask if you will help me to find Nate so I want to hear you answer Andrew. Are you in or out?” I asked him.

“I’m in Caroline. Just, I need time to put this with Alex behind. I swear it won't interfere with work though.” He said and I smiled.

“Alright. I'm glad to hear that. So what were you saying Alex, how bad is it out there?” I asked him.

“It's pretty bad. We should get out ASAP. Samuel confronted me. He asked where you are, where is Nathan. He told me he was notified that you will be here tonight.” He said. I nodded.

“Okay. We better head out now. Where are Tyler, Vic and Jess?” I asked Alex.

“Tyler came with you?” Andrew asked with a smile on his face and Alex frowned. I almost laughed at that.

“He went to start the car. Victoria and Jessica are also with him. We should be very careful with how we do this. I think you should go first Caroline. He will know who you are if he sees you with us.” Alex said. Andrew furrowed his eyebrows.

“Who are Victoria and Jessica?” He asked.

“They are my comrades. You will meet them soon. I agree with you Alex. Let me go first so I can make an opening for you two. If anything happens, try to find a way to escape. Don't worry about me. I'm sure Samuel won't kill me but I'm not sure about you two. Do you understand?” I asked them. They both nodded. I placed my mask back on my face and headed out. As I walked through the casino, I looked around. The casino was already empty, except for the bodies that were laying all over the floor.I went for the exit but I noticed someone’s presence behind me. I bent down, avoiding the attack. I took a step backward and saw who my attacker is. It was Sheng. My bodyguard while Samuel held me captivated.

“Did you get fresh air?” He asked me. I smirked.

“How are your wounds, Sheng?” I said and his face fell. He lunged for me and I began running. As I turned to look if he was behind me, I collided with something. I quickly pulled away and I was faced with a man's chest. I looked up to see who the owner was even though I already knew. I remember that smell, sandalwood. I also remember those hands that were now grabbing my wrists. Samuel. In his full glory. I must admit, he looked stunning. With his blond hair slicked back, his ocean blue eyes that were probably the most beautiful thing on him stood out like they were some rare diamonds. His suit was black, perfectly hugging his well-built body. If I didn't know better, I would have thought he was some model or actor and would ask for his autograph. One of his hands reached out and took off my mask. He looked at my now bared face. A huge grin spread on his face. I would say it was creepy if he wasn't looking so damn good. He placed his palm on my cheek. His actions were quite suspicious so I held my guard up.

“Hello, Caroline.” He said, his voice calm. Not good.

“Hi, Samuel. You look really good tonight. Did you get ready especially because you knew I will be here?” I asked, placing my hand on his chest. He smirked.

“Thank you, darling. Actually, this is how I looked on the day of our wedding. Since you ran away, I thought that tonight you will for sure see me. You look more beautiful than ever. Quite a daring outfit, I would say. Not something I would expect to see you in. Did you, by any chance, wear this for me tonight?” He asked while he was undoing my hair.

“Black hair really suits you, Caroline.” He said, playing with my wig.

“What's with this attitude Samuel? I ran away on the day of our wedding, embarrassed you in front of your whole family and you are acting like nothing happened.” I said, already tired of playing his games. Samuel smiled. He grabbed my chin gently, stroking it with his thumb.

“You are right. You did something very bad and unforgiving. I'm actually furious despite how gently I'm treating you now. But one thing I learned about you is that I could hurt you and you wouldn't even cry a single tear. You don't care about what I do to you.” He said than he grabbed my chin so hard that I thought he will break it and pulled my face so close to his that I could feel his breath on my lips.

“But it's quite a different situation when someone dear to you is in danger.” He said and I clenched my jaw. I then saw from the corner of my eye that two of Samuel's bodyguards were carrying Alex and Andrew towards us. They came close to us and held Andrew's and Alex's hands behind their backs.They were both bleeding. I turned my eyes to Samuel.

“Let them go, they have nothing to do with this.” I said. Samuel smiled.

“Oh, but they do darling. They are essential to me. They are my way to you. Now, if you don't want me to hurt them, you should behave.” He said. I nodded.

“Good girl. Come here now.” He pulled me towards the nearest poker table and he leaned against it. He then forced me to kneel in front of him. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Now, I plead for your attention. Be sure to watch this very carefully you two so you can always remember the sigh of your beloved Caroline sucking my dick.” Samuel said and I gritted my teeth. He smirked and nodded towards his crotch. I could hear Alex and Andrew thrashing around and yelling for me to stop, to not do this. But I must because it is important for my plan. I unzipped his pants and took his dick out. I placed small licks on his tip.

~ At least he is clean. I don't know if I would be able to do this if he didn't take care of his private parts. ~

I licked his whole length, up and down until it was covered in my saliva. As I was about to take his tip in my mouth, he grabbed my hair and yanked my head back.

“If you even think about biting my dick, you can say goodbye to your friends forever.” He warned me. I nodded and took his tip in my mouth, sucking at it. I looked up to see his face. His lips were parted, face painted in pleasure. I then took as much as I could of his dick in my mouth and began moving my head. Samuel's moans filled the casino. My jaw was already hurting and I prayed for him to cum soon. When I began to slow down, he grabbed my head and pushed his cock all the way to the back of my throat. It took me by surprise and I almost gagged. It didn't help that his thing was actually big and I thanked God that I persuaded him not to have sex before I ran away. He began thrusting his hips, ramming his dick in my mouth. I tried my hardest to stop them but my tears began to flow. I steadied myself by placing my hands on his thighs. All of the embarrassment disappeared now as I was basically fighting for air. Samuel didn't show any mercy as he violated my mouth. I felt his thing getting bigger and throbbing. He was reaching his climax. After a few more thrusts, he exploded in my mouth, making me choke. I didn't have any choice but to drink some of it. He finally pulled away and placed his hands on the table, panting hard. I got up, grabbed his head and kissed him. I parted his lips and made him drink his own cum. He didn't seem to mind as he kissed me back passionately. Since he was distracted with a kiss, I placed my hand on his waist and touched his gun. As I pulled it from his pants, I broke the kiss, colliding our foreheads hard, making him fall on the table. I was able to point the gun at one of the bodyguards and shoot him despite the dizziness I felt. I then shoot the other one.

“Alex, Andrew, run!” I yelled. They began running. Just as Sheng pointed at me to shoot me, I managed to kill him first. I went after Andrew and Alex. I heard Samuel yelling in the distance “This is not over Caroline, we will see each other again.” As I ran, more of Samuel's bodyguards tried to stop me but I got rid of every single one of them. I went out of the casino and walked towards the place where our car was parked. We somehow managed to make enough space for all of us to ride. No one said anything. The whole ride was silent. We arrived at Nathan's house. As we got out of the car, I pulled Andrew and Alex to the side. Their faces were covered in both pain and anger.

“Are you okay? Were you hurt?” I asked them. Andrew scoffed.

“How can you even ask that, Caroline? You don't care about yourself at all? Why did you do that?!” Andrew yelled.

“Yeah, you are right. I don't care about what happens to me, but I do care about what happens to you.” I said and Andrew turned away from me.

“You didn't have to do that for us, Caroline. We could have thought about some other way. That act alone hurt us more than any wound ever will.” Alex said, sadness lacing his voice. I grabbed Andrew's arm and made him turn towards me.

“Listen, sometimes, you have to do things you don't want to for the sake of people who are dear to you. As someone older than you, I feel the need to protect you. I think of you as my brothers. I would do this a hundred times if it means you will be safe. I protected my little sisters my whole life. Now that I met you, I will do anything in my power to protect everyone from The Royal Blood. I would never be able to face Nate if something happened to you in my presence. You need to know that Samuel isn't just some ordinary gangster. You saw what he is capable of doing. Do him wrong, he will do you even worse. I watched him for a whole year, he isn't someone to be taken lightly. That's why I have to play his game. Because I don't want to lose anyone else. Please, understand me and put this behind you as well as your fight. You are brothers, you should stick together. If not for yourselves, do it for me, okay?” I said and hugged them.Alex immediately hugged me back while Andrew hesitated but eventually sighed and hugged me. We stayed like that for a minute and then we parted. They went inside the house and Tyler approached me.

“Are you okay, Caroline?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I am. Don't worry about me.” I said, smiling.

“Are you sure? Did Samuel hurt you?” He asked, worry lacing his voice.

“No, he didn't, I promise. I'll go home now to rest and we'll see each other tomorrow.” I said and kissed his forehead. He was about to say something but decided against it. Vic and Jess were already waiting for me in the car and we drove home. I said hello to everyone at home and we chatted a little. I told them about what happened at the casino, leaving out the part where I sucked Samuel off. My sisters didn't have to know about it. After some time, I excused myself. I went to my room, took a burning hot shower, brushed my teeth three times and went to bed. I couldn't sleep.

~ Samuel really did me dirty back there. Embarrassed me in front of Alex and Andrew just like I did to him on our wedding day. No wonder he was acting nice at the beginning. It was all a part of his plan. ~

After a while, I managed to fall asleep. When I woke up, Lexy, Nora and I went to Nathan's house. We walked into the house. Alex, Andrew and Tyler were sitting in the living room, watching TV. All of them turned to look at us as we approached them.

“Good morning guys. Let me introduce my girls. These are Nora and Lexy. They already know you.” I said and they greeted each other. I sat down next to Tyler. He took my hand in his. I looked at him.

“How are you feeling C?” He asked me.

“Did Alex and Andrew tell you something?” I asked him. Tyler furrowed his eyebrows.

“No…Were they supposed to tell me something?” He said. I shook my head.

“No, not at all. Listen, nothing happened yesterday. Samuel just told me something and then we escaped. That's all. No need to worry.” I said and smiled. He glared at me for a moment and then smiled back.

“Are there any news about Nate?” I asked him.

“Unfortunately, no. There is nothing. We just need to keep looking and hope to find him. I know we will C.” He said enthusiastically. I squeezed his hand.

“Yeah, I'm sure we will.”

As Nathan stepped into an alley, he felt like he was home. And he actually was. He has just arrived in America. After 10 months of searching all over the world, he is finally home. Just when Samuel took Caroline away, Nathan became a mess. He drank every day, locked himself into his room, refused to talk with his gang members. After some time, he realized that he wasn't going anywhere with that. He thought that even if Caroline returned, she would never accept him in that state. So he decided to go and try to find anything about Samuel Wang. He didn't succeed. All he found were dozens of people who shared his hatred towards Samuel. He thought he could bring him down with the help of those people. He couldn't decide where to go first. To his house? Will it be dangerous? As he was thinking of a solution, he saw a familiar face coming his way. They greeted each other.

“I didn't expect you to be back so soon.” Sam said. Nathan frowned at that.

“What a warm welcoming. I just landed like 3 hours ago, I don't know what are you on about.” Nathan said. Sam looked around to make sure no one is near them.

“There has been a riot in The Spectrum last night. The casino that Andrew is in charge of. Samuel was there. I heard that Caroline ran away on the day of their wedding. She made him look like a fool. I'm sure he is beyond angry.” Sam said. Nathan couldn't believe what he was hearing.

“I'm just wondering how he managed to stay alive after The Spectrum. Quite the amount of gun power is stacked in there.” Nathan said as he felt his mood getting better.

“He is very much alive Nathan. I heard he put ransoms on all of us from The Royal Blood and even on Caroline.” Sam said. Nathan looked at him in confusion.

“Are you sure he wants all of us dead including Caroline?” Nathan asked. That didn't sit right with him. Samuel would never want Caroline dead.

“He doesn’t want us dead. He wants us brought to him alive.” Sam said, tone cold.

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