Mafia Business

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Chapter 2

Crossing his arms and waiting for my answer, he looked amused at the situation, but he will never get the satisfaction of seeing me cry. “Of course they will but you know what? Everything and everyone is replaceable. Expendable.“ He looked suprised. He lowered himself to my eyes level.

“Oh darling, do you not get enough attention from your Mommy and Daddy? Did they gave you only one credit card?“ He asked while smirking. I started laughing and throwing my head back. He then quickly grabbed my chin, making me look at his eyes.

“I advise you not to be so rude darling, it won’t end up good for you...Now, tell me about your parents.“ I smirked.

“Well my mom died when I was still a child and my dad...My dad works all the time.“ I said bored.

~This guy is so interesting...I want to play with him a little more~ I smirked.

“You know darling, you put me in a difficult position. Usually, when people see things they shouldn’t, I make sure that they never see anything again...But you’re so interesting. I think I’m going to play with you a little bit more.“ He said with a smirk.

“Hah, sure, I think the same.“ I said. He smiled at me.

“You better know what you are getting yourself into.“ He said and a sharp knock rang out on the door.

He beckoned for them to come in. My attention was drawn by the laughter and I was suprised by the view in front of me.

“What’s so funny?“ Nathan narrowed his eyes at the two men that had entered the room. Alex approached me and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“I wondered where were you Caroline. Never thought I would see you here.“ Alex said with a smile.

“You know her?“ He asked directly.

“For about 30 minutes. We met her and her friend at the club. We just bumped at her in the club Nathan.“ My eyes widened. Nathan Matthews. The boss of The Royal Blood.

~Not so bad for the boss of the gang~. I expected him to be a lot older but nevermind. At that moment, something popped into my mind...

“Where the fuck is Mary? I hope that you didn’t hurt her or you won’t see another fucking day!“ Nathan cut me off.

“I guess your father never told you that ladies don’t curse.“ Andrew laughed.

“And I guess you never shut your fucking mouth.“I said. Before Nathan could say anything to me, Andrew began talking.

“From what I heard, her father is Mr.Ross so I guess he taught her a lot more than that.“ Nathan face suddenly shone.

“What a suprise! Another Ross to add to my collection.“ I smirked.

“I would rather die than be a part of The Ross Family...I want to know where the fuck is Mary?“ I looked at Andrew.

“She went looking for you. Alex and I got bored so we came home.“ Nathan waved his hand wanting to pass this conversation.

“I want one of you to get our friend here...We’re gonna see if we really have another Ross here.“ Andrew left the room. Nathan began talking to Alex about how lucky he is and how fate is on his side.

“Do you need to get your ears checked? I’m not a fucking Ross.“ Nathan quickly grabbed my face.

“You better watch your tone with me darling or you’re gonna end up dead.“ He said with a smile.

“I’m not afraid of you.“ I smirked.

Andrew re-emerged, a man crawling in front of him on all four. He was wearing ripped clothes and his hair was messy. His face was dirty and covered in cuts. He kept his head low and crawled under Nathan’s feet. His body was shaking. Nathan backed away from me, addresing the poor man.

“I require your service boy. Now look at her and tell me if you know her. Don’t lie or I’ll tell Clyde to visit you. I know he would be glad to do that.“ The man began shaking and slowly lifted his face to look at me. He clearly didn’t know who am I, but I do know him. He is the oldest son of Mr.Ross. At least what is left of him.

“I-i d-don’t k-k-know wh-who is s-she, w-what’s go-going on...“ He was confused.

“I guess that now you believe me I'm not from The Ross Family.“ I said.

“Bring him. I will talk to you later Caroline. I need to say couple of words to Mr.Ross here.“ They left the room.

“I’m so bored...But now I have a brilliant idea.“ I smirked to myself. “Let’s play a little game....‘Catch me if you can’...“ When I was just at the beginning of my gangster carrier,I used to be handcuffed a lot so I learned how to get free without unlocking them. I originally have thin wrists so it was a lot easier for me to get out of the handcuffs. I twisted my wrists and after some time, I was free. Luckily, they only handcuffed my wrists. I first searched through the drawers and I found a gun.

“Sweet.“ I could easly go through the door but I suppose that there are a lot of people and I only have one gun so I decided to jump from balcony. I got on the balcony and climbed down. I began running the moment I stepped on the ground. I enjoyed a view of the forest in front of myself. It was nice running away like this. The adrenalin was owerfloving in me. After some time I stopped because I was tired. My clothes were a little ripped here and there but I was okay. I stood there wondering when will they find out that I ran away. But my answer was here quickly. I heard footsteps coming my way. I pulled the gun from my pants and held it in the direction of the noise with my right hand while I placed my left hand in my pocket. The footsteps were getting closer and in a couple od seconds, a person appered.

“I must say that I’m impressed.“ I pointed my gun at the person in front of me. “You are the first one to run out of the house and the first one to bring the gun with you.“ Tyler said.

“You were quick to find out that I ran away. Congratulations...But can you let me go now? I am so bored in your house. I want to go somewhere fun.“ I said to him.

“Well princess, that’s not worth my life. I’m here to take you back and I must say that Nathan is not really happy.”

“Your life is in my hands now so I decide if it’s worth or not....Besides, why are you in such a hurry, I want to play a little more with you.“ I smiled.

“It’s just how it is. You sholud give me the gun before you hurt yourself.“ I smirked.

“You think that I don’t know how to work with the gun....I’m really skilled when it comes to guns...Want me to show you?“ I asked while spinning the gun in my hand and placing it on my head. “I wonder....How will Nathan react when he finds out that I killed myself....I would like to see his reaction.“ I said smiling.

“You don’t strike me as a coward Caroline. Nathan will respect that.“ I laughed.

“What do I get from that? I don’t need his respect....I could just kill you here before you blink but where is the fun in that?“ I asked him. He tried to take the gun from me but instead I shoot the bullet right next to his arm. It grazed his arm a little causing him to hiss.

“Don’t you ever try to steal the gun from me! I told you I’m very skilled at using guns. Be happy that I’m nice and that I didn’t put the bullet in your head. Now stay still and let me see the damage.“ I said.

“No need to, it’s just a graze.“ He ripped a part of his sleeve and covered his wound. I was occupied looking at his wound when he picked me up and threw me on his sholder. I didn’t really move because it’s always better for someone to carry you rather than walking on your own. His phone began ringing after walking for about ten minutes. He reached for his phone in his pocket and placed it on his ear.

“Tyler. Yeah, I got her boss. She almost made it out of the forest...Well, she shoot me. I’m five minutes away. No problem.“ He placed his phone back to his pocked. Tyler made it back to the house in no time. I had a feeling like I was running for hours.

“Nathan wants to speak with you privately...Unsuprisingly.”

When he reached the house, Tyler took me to an office that I suppose is Nathan’s. He placed me on the couch. “I’ve got to give it to you. I’m more than impressed....Displeased but impressed.“ He sat on the chair behind his desk.

“Yeah, I know how to impress people.“ I smirked.

“How did you get out of my room?“ He asked.

“I climbed over the balcony and climbed down the house.“ I said.

“How did you get free? Did someone free you?“ He asked staring at me.

“I freed myself...It wasn’t that hard...I’m used to getting out of the handcuffs.“ I smiled.

“How and why did you shoot Tyler?” He asked me.

“Well, he wanted to take the gun away from me so I had to let him know that it wasn’t a good idea.“ I said simply.

“You could be a good recruit. Breaking free from handcuffs, escaping from the third floor, stealing a gun, going missing for hours, shooting people...“ He said to me.

“Well I'm already something way better than recruit so no need to be one.“ I said to him while smiling.

“Well Caroline, what are you then?“ He asked while looking at me.

“That’s a secret.“ I winked and smiled.

“Darling, you have a lot of secrets.“ He said. His phone suddenly rang. He picked it up from his desk and answered it. He seemed suprised.

“What do you mean he is back? He’s supposed to be there longer. An incident? I’m coming to see him. Caroline? She is coming with me. It will be too risky to leave her alone. One moment.“ He finished his phone conversation.

“There is something I need to deal with. Come.“ He held his hand out and I took it.

Nathan left me alone in a living room as he went to another room. I could hear that he had a conversation with couple of people.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be back so quickly.“ Nathan said.

“There’s been an issue. It was dangerous to stay there any longer.“ An unknown man spoke.

“Won’t it be more suspicious now that you suddenly left?“ Nathan asked.

“I told them that my mother is ill. You know how much they respect women. They lapped it up.“ Unknown man said. I heard that voice somewhere before but I don’t know where and from who. I raised my head as they entered the room.

“Nathan....You’ve got to be fucking kidding me...“ The man said. I know him. He is the guy from my dad’s party. The one that grabbed my arm and I nearly broke his.

“Tyler and Clyde brought her after the Grey hit. She saw it. I must to say that she is something.“ Nathan said.

“Nathan, she can’t fucking be here. You need to get ride of her. Everything we worked for is going to vanish...“ The guy said.

“What the fuck are you talking about Sam? Don’t talk in riddles and tell me.“ I looked at Sam.

“She was there yesterday. I’d wager my life that it was her. She twisted my arm and it fucking hurts!“ He looked at me angrily and I just smirked.

“Sam, tell me the whole story or don’t tell aynthing.“ Nathan was getting irritated.

“She is part of The motherfucking Family!“ He finally said. Nathan gaze fell on me as he came closer.

“Now just so perfect.“ He smirked. Sam looked at him in disbelief.

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