Mafia Business

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Chapter 3

„This all makes sense now. No suprise that you were able to escape. And to think that I almost thought that you weren’t part of a gang. You’re already part of one! Tell me all Sam.“ Nathan said.

“I know nothing about her....Nathan, I think that this is not a good idea...“ Sam said.

“Tell me about when you met...I’ll figure out the details.“ Nathan and I were looking at each other without breaking eye contact.

“It was yesterday when I was at Mr. Kingstone’s house as I was supposed to. He was telling some of his boring stories. She was sitting there, right next to Mr. Kingstone. I thought she was Mr. Kingstone’s lover. I’m even more certain of that now. It makes sense now why it’s so crazy over there. He’s so pissed because she’s missing.“ Sam said.

“Mr. Kinstone’s lover...“ Nathan spoke with glee. Sam shook his head.

“This is not good Nathan. We have enough equipment to take out The Ross’s but not The Family. We won’t make it if they come for us and you know they will.“ Sam said with concern.

“Actually it’s perfect. Mr. Kingstone killed my father Sam. Fate is on our side. His lover...falling into my lap.“ Nathan said with smile. I began laughing.

“You’re so funny...Can’t wait to see your faces when you find out the truth.“ Nathan looked at me.

“Don’t worry darling, I’ll find out the truth but to think what a pervert Mr. Kingstone’re young enough to be his daughter.“ Nathan said. I just smiled.

“You’ve made your peace with this? We’re keeping her?“ Sam asked, sitting on a sofa opposite from me.

“She’s not going anywhere...Are you darling?“ He said as he sat next to me, squeezing my sholders.

~What an idiot. Is he really this stupid? Am I really battling second place with this fool? But on the other side, he is interesting to be fooling around with~

He removed his hand from my shoulder, texting someone on his phone. “Alex is coming for her. What kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t allow our guest to take a shower and change their clothes.“ He spoke to Sam.

“Tyler said you were back Sam...Did you screw up?“ Alex smirked.

“Sam blessed us with good news Alex. He met Caroline before. At Mr Kingstone’s house.“ Nathan said. Alex looked at me.

“Well, she said that her last name was Kingstone.“ Alex said. I kept the straight face. Nathan smiled.

“You’re his wife? Or you just like throwing around the name to see how it sounds?“ Nathan asked. I just laughed.

“If you prefer the hard way, that’s fine. Alex, make sure she gets showered and changed. And don’t let her escape.“ Nathan spoke to Alex.

Alex led me to the bathroom that was attached to Nathan’s bedroom. He followed me in. “I can’t let you escape, so I’m staying here.“ Alex said.

“Well you can turn away.“ I said.

“Why...Is Mr. Kingstone turning around too while you are getting changed? I highly doubt that.“ Alex said with a smirk.

“I was just thinking that you won’t be able to resist my perfect body.“ I said while smirking. Alex then pinned me against wall, placing my hands above my head.

“You really like to play Caroline.“ Alex said. His face was in the crook of my neck.

“Oh honey, you can’t even imagine.“ I smiled. He smirked against my neck.

“Now fuck off before Nathan kills you.“ I placed my hand on his face and pushed him away. “Turn around and don’t look for trouble.“ I said.

“I’ll turn around but I’m not leaving.“ I removed my clothes fast and got in the shower making the water as hot as it can be. I enjoyed the shower as hot water was soothing my bruises that I got while running through the forest.

“Are you done yet? I’m bored.“ Alex asked annoyed.

“I am.“ I grabbed the towel from the rail, wrapping it around my body. “You can turn around now.“ I said and Alex turned around to face me.

“The clothes are on the sideboard over there. They should fit you...Sort of.“ He said before turning back. These clothes clearly belonged to a man. I quickly dried myself and began changing. The t-shirt was baggy and long enough to cover my private parts so I decided not to wear shorts. It was to big for me anyway.

Once I was out of the bathroom, Alex told me to stay put before he left. I noticed Nathan on one of the sofas near the balcony. He was speaking on his phone not paying attention to me. I laid on the bed, facing away from Nathan. I was starving and sleepy. Nathan finished his phone call. I heard him approaching behind me.

“Sources say that Mr. Kingstone is highly displeased.“ Nathan said.

“Of course he is.“ I said with a smile.

“I can’t blame him. Heavens knows I tried to claim you for my own earlier, before all of this.“ He said.

“Ah well...“ I said.

“I wouldn’t worry to much Caroline. I’m still playing with the idea. Mr. Kingstone would be furious.“ He laid on the bed next to me, his voice behind my ear.

“I guess he took some time to seduce you considering that he’s miles out of his league. He finally got you where he wanted you. And than BAM. I take it away from him. Claim you as my own...Why kill you when this idea is just so much“ His lips were on the base of my neck as he spoke.

“I’m not worried about anything honey, I know that you will never be able to hurt me....And about being yours, we’ll see about that....Just to warn you, Mr. Kingstone doesn’t like when others touch something that is precious to him.“ I said.

“Finally you admit it. Tell me, how did Mr. Kingstone like it?“ He placed a kiss on my neck. I moaned a little from a soft touch of his lips.

“Honey, I don’t do things like that with him so I don’t know.“ I said. Nathan looked intrigued.

“Maybe he can’t get it up. Maybe he keeps you around as eye-candy, a trophy to show off to his friends.“ He said. I laughed as I got up.


I walked to the balcony and took a seat on the sofa. He sat next to me, placing his elbows on his knees, his head in his palms, looking at me.

“There’s one of two ways we can play this. The easy or the hard way. It’s up to you.“ I looked at him.

“The easy way is to obey me. In return, I’ll feed you, clothe you, protect you. The hard way is if you keep being rude like you are. If you choose the hard way, I will break you Caroline.“ He said in a serious tone. I smiled.

“Me? Rude? No honey, I'm far from being rude...And about breaking me...That’s interesting...I would like to see that...but I would rather go home...“ I said looking at him.

“Back home to that fat Mr. Kingstone? Do you miss him Caroline? Do you miss his- .„ I slapped Nathan hard with the back of my hand.

“I’m highly tolerant and it’s hard as hell to make me angry or to insult me but you’re crossing the line....I’m not going to let you to talk like that about him.“ I said with the stern face. The fact is, I wasn’t even near being angry but he was annoying. Nathan smirked, wiping away blood from his bottom lip with his thumb.

“I see why he likes you so much.“ He pushed me on the sofa, hovering over me. His hands were on either side of my head, his eyes staring into mine.

“You really are a beauty Caroline...I thought of locking you up for a few days like Ross but I see that will be impossible. What are you doing to me....“ He said.

“You’re such a dilemma, Caroline.“ He sighed before his lips touched mine. His thumbs trailed down my throat resting above my cleavage. I closed my eyes enjoying the kiss. He looked at me as he broke the kiss.

“You can’t tell me you didn’t like it Caroline, you kissed me back. Let yourself go, give in. Mr. Kingstone will think the worse regardless how you act.“ He said.

“Is he all you have in your mind? It would be great if you stop talking about him.“ Nathan pulled away from me.

“Please don’t tell me you love that bastard...“ He began laughing. “I can’t decide whatever that is disgusting or pitiful...“ I smiled.

“Honey, we are not lovers.“ I said.

“I’ve figured it out when you said you don’t sleep with him.“ Nathan said, annoyed. “Your definition of lover is different from mine thought. If he’s in love with you and you’re in love with him - you’re lovers.“ He said.

“I don’t love him the way you think I do.“ I said with a smile.

“How can anyone love a bastard like that? Do you know what he did to my father? Do you want to know?“ He asked angrily. I already know some details about that but not the whole story.

“An associate of Mr. Kingstone, Mr. Grey. He gained my father’s trust, they were friends for years. He was like an uncle to me. And then Mr Grey offered a drink to my father, after three years of service....“ He trailed off. “Acid. He feed my father acid. Do you know how long does it take to kill a person? How paintful it is?That’s the type of man Mr. Kingstone is. At least I gave Mr. Grey respectable death.“ He said.

I remained silent. His phone began ringing.

“Nathan Matthews.“ He answered. “Jack, I already know all that. I know she’s from his household. What!“ He looked at me in shock. I laughed.

“Are you sure about this? Yeah. Let the others know. Call a couple of the guys back to secure the house.“ He hung up and stood up.

“Why didn’t you tell me?“ He looked at me.

“I didn’t want to ruin the moment. I enjoyed listening to your bullshit...You’re really so funny and stupid at the same time.“ I said with a smile.

“Caroline, stop playing around!“ He said. I just laughed.

“I suppose I owe you an apology, for the death of your mother.“ I looked at him suprised. I never thought that he is going to apologise.

“Yeah, I guess I also own you apology for your father...“ Nathan’s father was responsible for my mothers death. I have been with her at that time. She was driving me home from my friends house like always when someone shoot her from distance. She died instantly. The car had spiralled out of control, crashing into a lampost. I’ve been in hospital for months afterwards, recovering as from the damage it had caused me as from mental breakdown I had after my mother died. It was a hard time for me, my sisters and my father.

“Your father is offering 10 million to whoever gives information that leads to you.“ He informed me.

“So that means I’m going home?“ I asked. He looked at me sternly.

“No Caroline. You’re not going home. 10 million is 10 million, you are inexpendable.“ He said.

A knock on the door rang out. Maid came in with a couple of plates, placing them on the table before bowing to Nathan and leaving.

“Eat and rest. We’ll talk some more tomorrow.“ He said.

“Thank you honey.“ He brought some food to me, leaving his own untouched as he watched me eat.

~What is with him? He is so cold and hot at the same time. Why is he treating me differently from Ross? What is he planning? How will he react when he finds out?~

Once I finished eating, he placed the plates together on the sideboard. He pulled one side of the sheet from the bed, gesturing for me to get into it. I did so and laid down. Nathan turned off the lights before climbing into the other side of the bed.

“We’re sleeping together?“ I asked with a smile. Nathan moved closer to me.

“Of course, Ican’t let you escape again, can I?Unless you want me to send someone else to sleep with you?“ He said.

“No, you’re perfect.“ I said with a smile as I turned my back to Nathan. He tucked himself behind me, hugging me, slightly smiling at my response.

“You know, it’s nice to sleep with someone...I always slept alone since my mother died....Such a good feeling having someone to hug you like this....Thank you.“ I said. Nathan hugged me tighter in response.

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