Mafia Business

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Chapter 5

The room was pitch black, I couldn’t hear a thing. The person was holding me tight against him, his palm covering my mouth with relative force.

“Sorry princess, boss’s orders.“ He whispered. I could hear the voices louder now as they entered the living room. I knew that voice. Tyler held me a little bit tighter.

“I’m sure you know why I am here with you today.“ My father said.

“I was so sad when I heard about your daughter disappearance Mr.Kingstone. Do you have any idea how was she taken?“ Nathan asked.

~Nathan is such a great actor. Shame that my father can’t see through him. If only he knew Nathan is trying to kill him...Both of them are such a fools.~

“There is no sign of foul play at the moment. I just wanted to make it clear that I take this move as a clear level of disrespect. I’m looking for her desperately at the moment but I’m not a patient man. Pass the message around, Nathan Matthews. I want her returned safe by the week’s end. Six days is more than enough time.“ My father said.

“I will make sure to pass the message to everyone Mr.Kingstone. If I find any information about your daughter, I will pass it to you immediately.“ He said politely. I could feel Tyler’s heart against my back, slow and steady. Just like mine.

“I’m glad you still abide by the rules surrounding children Nathan Matthews. It was a lesson your father never learned. Children are off limits.“ My father said.

“I didn’t realise your daughter was this young. The information I received said she is 20?“ My father inhaled sharply.

“It doesn’t matter how old is she. She is still my daughter. Six days Nathan Matthews, make sure the word gets around. If she is not returned by then, whoever is responsible will not only feel my wrath, but the wrath of Hong Kong also.“ My father said.

“So, the rumors are true then?“ Nathan asked. My father scoffed, aggravated. “Don’t worry Mr.Kingstone. I will make sure to let everyone know. Thank you for your visit.“ They exchanged goodbyes as the door of the living room closed.

Tyler allowed me into the living room, sneaking out of the room, leaving me alone. I sat myself down on the sofa. As I sat down, I crossed my legs. I didn’t hear him enter the room, I didn’t see him sit. I only noticed he was there when he cleared his throat.

“I really miss my family Nathan...I wanna go home.“ I said. Nathan looked at me flabbergasted, running his hands through his hair.

“I need to make it clear to you Caroline, that’s not going to happen. I already decided. You’re staying here.“ He said. Nathan was getting agitated. He stood up and began pacing in front of the fire.

“If my father treated me the way your father treats you...I wouldn’t want anything to do with him. I can’t belive you want to go back to him.“ He said to me.

“It doesn’t matter how he treats me, he’s still my father. Besides, he’s not the only one I want to go back to.“ I said.

“And who do you wanna go back to besides your father?“ He asked.

“You don’t need to know that....It’s none of your business.“ I said.

“Caroline! You can’t be that brainwashed! Your father sees you as a property. As an asset! He doesn’t care about you!“ He yelled.

“You’re nothing better than him. ‘A Ross’, ‘Mr.Kingstone’s lover’, ‘Mr.Kingstone’s daughter’....I’m my own person Nathan. I know what my father is doing and I can’t stop him. I would love him no matter what.“ I said calmly.

“I made a mistake Caroline. Your father had you for 20 years and he’s still making the same mistakes.“ He said to me.

“I know that. I know that he loves me too. That’s enough for me.“ I said to him as I stood up. Nathan approached me, his hands grabbing either side of my face.

“He's using you Caroline. He doesn’t care about you.“ He said. His eyes searched mine. I slapped his hands away.

“I know...But you’re still nothing better than him.“ I said, looking him in the eyes.

“I know him better than you Caroline.“ He said to me.

“You know nothing Nathan.“ I said still looking at him. Nathan tensed up. He grabbed my wrists.

“Oh really? Do you even realise what he planned for you when you get back?“ He asked. “I don’t think so Caroline.“ He said to me.

“If we’re thinking about the same thing, then yes, I know.“I said.

“Then what is it?“ He asked.

“I’m not going to tell you anything. You will have to tell me first.“ I said looking him in the eyes. He laughed, still holding my wrists. His face extremely close to mine.

“I don’t have to do anything Caroline.“ He dropped my wrists, moving back to the fire, hands in his pockets.

I rolled my eyes. I knew I have to give in to him if I want him to tell me. I reached behind his back, taking his hand and turning him to face me. I then placed my hands around his neck, making him get closer to me. I placed my body against his, no space between us. I pulled his head so close to my face, my lips brushing his. And then I whispered, lips touching Nathan’s. “But I want you to tell me...Are you sure you don’t need to tell me?“ I whispered on his lips seductively. He smirked and was about to kiss me but I backed away.

“You’re not playing fair Mr.Matthews...Let’s make a deal...If you give me the answers I want, you can do whatever you want with me...What do you think about that?“ I asked seductively. He smirked again.

“You’re playing dirty Caroline..But your offer sounds so good that I can’t reject it....We have a deal.“ He said still smirking. I smiled.

“That’s what I want to hear.“ I said, pushing him harshly away from me and sitting on the couch,legs crossed. “Now speak.“ I said looking at him. He smiled, sitting on the couch right next to me.

“He’s sending you to Hong Kong.“ He said simply. I began laughing.

“I knew that long time ago....Ahh, I thought you're going to tell me something I didn’t know...I got excited over nothing.“ I said to him. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Oh really? And do you know the reason why he’s sending you to Hong Kong...Hmm?“ He asked smiling.

“Of course I know. He’s sending me to Hong Kong to get married. I don’t know with who thought.“ I said simply.

“Well, do you want me to tell you?“ He asked me.

“Of course I do, that was the part of our deal, to answer my questions.“ I said.

“Samuel Wang. The rumor came as soon as you were reported missing.“ He said. I frowned.

“Isn’t he the boss of one of the largest gangs in Hong Kong?“ I asked.

“Yes, he is. Your father is marrying you to him to secure himself, bringing the two gangs into partnership.“ He said.

“I already knew that.“ I said sighing.

“I guess you know that this marriage isn’t a new idea since you already know about it Caroline.“ He said.

“I know. I found out when my father began acting strangely.”

~It was my 18th birthday. I was lying on my bed, thinking, when my father appeared in the doorway, a small packaged bundle in his hands. I stood up, greeting him and hugging him.

“These are for you. Please try them on Caroline. I will be waiting here.“ He said, placing the package in my hands. I went to bathroom and changed. It was a dress and I didn’t like it because it was too revealing but I wore it just for my dad. I stepped back into the room.

“Here Caroline, you need a finishing touch.“ He said, placing a simple silver locket around my neck.

“You grew into really beautiful woman.“ He said. When I faced him, he was holding his phone towards me.

“Dad, what the hell? Why are you taking pictures of me?“ I asked frowning.

“Can’t I have a picture of my daughter?“ He said. I took a breath and forcefully smiled. I thought, why is he taking a pictures of me when he never did that before?~

“He would take pictures and videos of me everytime I came over. It lasted 2 years. Even thought I knew, I still didn’t say anything. I once overheard his phone call and that’s when I found out.“ I said, playing with the locket around my neck. Nathan swam back into focus. That’s when I ripped the locket from my neck, casting it across the room. I got up to my feet, pushing Nathan away as he tried to stop me.

“I knew the whole time my father was going to give me away just to secure his gang. I knew he was using me. But I never said anything. I couldn’t. I had someone to protect. It was me or them. And I couldn’t let it be them. I was the only one who will get sacraficed. And it will stay that way.“ I said, turning to look at him.

“Who are you talking about Caroline?“ He asked me confused.

“You don’t need to know that. That’s one of the reasons I’m staying here. I don’t want to go to Hong Kong.“ I said looking at him. Nathan stood up and walked towards me. He took my arms in his.

“It’s okay, darling. As long as you’re here, your father can’t touch you. I won’t let him touch you.“ He said looking at my eyes. I hugged him tightly.

“Thank you for that honey.“ I said to him. “I wonder what will happen in 6 days if I’m not found....“ I said.

“Well, I have 6 days to find out, which reminds me, I should probably get started. Go to the kitchen, Clyde will make you something to eat.“ He kissed me on my lips lightly before leaving the room.

I sat down on the sofa for a couple of minutes before I headed to the kitchen. Clyde was waiting for me. He smiled, pulling a chair for me to sit. “What can I get you? Do you want something simple or something a little more fancy?“ He asked me.

“I want something delicious.“ I said smiling.

“I’ll get right to it. Are you feeling alright? Do you wanna talk?“ He asked.

“I’m better than ever, thank you...I really appreciate your offer but I’m fine.“ I said to him. He nodded.

“I was wondering...Is it common practice for gangsters to use their family however they want?“ I asked.

“Yes, for your father it is. Nathan and you were once betrothed - before Nathan’s father killed your mother.“ He said. I looked at him in disbelief.

“No fucking way! How come that I didn’t know about this?! Bullshit!“ I said.

“But it’s true...Not many people knew about it anyway.“ He said simply. “Here, eat.“ He handed me a plate of pancakes.

“Thank you honey.“ I said smiling. He patted my head before leaving me to eat in peace. Once I finished eating, I washed the plate.

I made my way back to Nathan’s bedroom but as I was lost in my thoughts, I ended up being completely lost. I was walking through a different hallways but I couldn’t find Nathan’s bedroom. As I was about to quit looking for Nathan’s bedroom, a sharp and cold laugh rang out behind me.

“You lost honey? Or you’re just looking for trouble?“ He said, patronising.

“Oh well, if it isn’t Jack Adams. How have you been darling?“ I asked smiling. He remained silent.

“Oh, I see, you’re not in a mood for talk...Well, anyway, it would be so nice from you if you could show me the way to Nathan’s room...Seems that I wandered off a little.“ I said.

“Better than that, I’ll take you there myself.“ He said.

“Oh, I’m honored.“ I said, following him down the corridor.

“Don’t think for one second that I don’t know what you’re up to.“ Jack suddenly said. I laughed.

“Jack dear, I’m going to give you a little advice. Don’t waste your time on things that aren’t important. If I planned something, your gang would be falling apart long time by now.“ I said still walking behind him. He walked backwards down the corridor, turning to face me.

“Your father planned this. You’re up to something and I’m not going to rest until I find out what. Here, Nathan’s room.“ He said.

“You’re such a fool Jack. Shame that you won’t find out shit. Thank you for this wonderful conversation.“ I said, about to enter the room when he grabbed my wrist.

“I’ll be the judge of that.“ He said. I twisted his arm and he winced in pain. The next moment, my hand is grabbing his troath roughly.

“I will warn you to not try and play games with me. I’m a lot more dangerous than you think I am. And don’t you ever touch me with your filthy hands.“ I said, pushing him away.

As soon as the door closed, I threw myself on the bed. I fell asleep. I woke up to something cold running down my face. I reached out, grabbing material to cover my face. The water was still dripping on my face. My eyes stayed closed.

“Sam, I swear to God, if you're not out of my sight within 5 seconds, you’re dead.“ He began laughing.

“How do you know it’s me?“ He asked still laughing.

“Because I know that you like to prank people and do this kind of things.“ I said opening my eyes.

“Anyway, I was told to come and wake you up. Dinner will be ready soon. He wants me to show you to the dining room.“ He said.

“And what have I done to deserve to be called to Nathan Matthews private dining room?“ I asked smiling. Sam rolled his eyes.

“If you hurry up, you can ask him. Come on now.“ I stood up and Sam grabbed my hand, pulling me along with him.

We didn’t walk long before we arrived. Nathan was sitting in the dining room already, texting on his phone. He didn’t notice me coming in. He was dressed a lot more casual than before.

“Mr.Matthews, I heard you were looking for me.“ I said michievously. He looked up and smirked.

“I wanted to check on you and be sure you’re eating properly.“ He said.

“Well, thank you so much, mom.“I said. He smiled.

“Caroline, I don’t want you to be miserable here...You’ve had enough misery in your life.“ He said.

“Oh please, honey, my life is not miserable, it’s just full of loss...Nathan, I was thinking that it’s time to go...No matter how safe you think I am, he will get me eventually...I don’t want anything to happen to any of you.“ I said looking him in the eyes.

“Oh really? You want me to let you go and marry Samuel Wang and then get killed when he or your father pisses of the wrong person. Is that what you want Caroline?“ He asked, looking at me in disbelief.

“You’re offering me the same Nathan.“ I said simply. Nathan frowned.

“I could and I want to protect you.“ He said.

“Nathan, you don’t know what you’re saying...Right now, when you still don’t know, you want to be with me and protect me but when you find out, you’ll be cursing yourself for not killing me, let alone giving me to Samuel...Believe me, you’re going to hate me soon...“ I said looking at him.

“What are you talking about Caroline? How can I hate you when you’re like me. You’ve lived my life and I’ve lived yours. Don’t you feel the same? Don’t you feel like being around me is easy?“ He asked searching for my eyes. I bit my lip. He was right. But he’s just saying that now. After he finds out, he will hate me so much.

“I don’t even want to give you back to your father, let alone to give you over to Samuel Wang.“ He spoke firmly.

“Honey, you’re such a fool...But let’s enjoy this little bit of time that we have until everything starts.“ I said as I went to sit next to Nathan. He grabbed my waist, placing me on his lap, facing him. I sat on his lap, both legs on one side, placing my hands on his shoulders.

“Have I told you that you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life?“ He muttered sweetly, looking into my eyes.

“Oh my God! Did I just hear great Nathan Matthews telling me I’m the most beautiful woman? I’m honestly honored.“ I said smiling. He smirked. I bit my lip, teasingly looking down towards my lap. His fingers reached under my chin, bringing me back to face him.

“Don’t look down, Caroline...Look at me.“ He said huskily. His plump lips pressed against mine lightly before they became hungry. One of his hands held the back of my head, the other one held the base of my back. I bit his lip as my hand snuck up his jumper, nails digging into his skin. Suddenly, I got up from his lap, straightening my dress. He looked at me confused.

“I thought we are going to eat....Aren’t you hungry Nathan?“ I teased him. He stood up slowly and purposefully, walking towards me as I kept moving backwards.

“I’m starving actually.“ He said, pouncing towards me, trapping me between the wall and his body. I moaned sensually as he pressed his body against mine. I licked my lips before running my hands up and down his chest, teasing him.

“That’s it!“ He proclaimed, taking me bridal style in his arms and leaving the room.

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