Mafia Business

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Chapter 6

Nathan took me to his bedroom, closing the door with his foot as he took me over to the bed. He placed me gently down, hovering over me. We looked at each other, smirk on both of our faces.

“You have one track mind Nathan Matthews.“ I said smirking.

“You’re the one to blame here.“ He tried to kiss me but I moved my head.

“I’m not doing anything. You’re the one who carried me here, you’re the one who placed me down here, you’re the one who got horny...“ I moved my face closer to Nathan’s. “You’re the one who is on top of me...“ I licked Nathan’s lips teasingly, quickly moving away before he can push his lips against mine once more. I moved my head back. He groaned in frustration.

“Don’t tease me Caroline, it won’t end well for you...“ He growled, one of his hands tracing up my side, playing with the material of my dress.

“Oh really? What are you going to do if I keep teasing you?“ I asked, smirking. His lips traveled around my neck, kissing and sucking on it, leaving small marks. Moan escaped my lips as Nathan smirked against my throat. He pulled back, lingering above me.

“I don’t think you’re ready for that so better obey...“ He said smirking. He was up to something, trying to tease me back. I knew that I could play that game better than he could.

“Hmm, I think I can.“ I moved against him, pushing him into sitting position so that I was straddling his lap.

I placed my hands on his face and looked at his eyes. “My Nathan...I never met someone like you...So young and beautiful...Handsome and attractive, simply perfect...What have I done to deserve someone like you...“ I said as I kissed him deeply, leaving Nathan shocked. He broke the kiss.

“I would ask you the same Caroline...“ I kissed him again, my hands lifting his jumper as my nails trailed up his abs. He again broke the kiss as he pulled his jumper over his head. I casted a glance at his chest before my lips returned to his. His hands were wrapped in my hair as he pulled me closer to him, his lips pressing against mine. I could feel his crotch pressing against me. I smirked as I rocked my hips against his. He groaned lightly. Nathan placed his hands on my hips as he moved them so I was rubbing on his crotch.

“Caroline, you’re such a bad girl...“ He said looking in my eyes.

“Oh, am I?“ I asked smirking. He began pulling at my dress as I placed my hands up so he can take it off. I was now in only my lingerie.

“Like what you see?“ I asked him. He smirked.

“Of course I do. You look so sexy Caroline...“ My hands moved to my bra and I unclasped it. Nathan licked his lips. I took his hands and placed them on my breasts. He squeezed and began massaging them. I moaned and rocked my hips. I then began kissing Nathan’s neck before going to his chest and his lower part. I unbuttoned his jeans and took them off. His huge bulge was visible under his briefs. I touched his bulge and he moaned. I smirked as I took his briefs off. I touched his lenght lightly, rubbing my hand on it slowly. Then I grabbed it softly, moving my hand up and down on it. Nathan groaned in pleasure. He then moved my hand away and pushed me on the bed.

“I can’t take it anymore...I want you so bad Caroline.“ He said as he took off my panties. He rubbed his hands up and down on my thighs.

“I want you too baby...Do it already.“ I said impatiently. He smirked as he positioned himself at my entrance.

“Are you sure about this?“ He asked looking at me.

“Of course I am, just hurry up!“ I said, rocking my hips forward.

He kissed me as he pushed himself into me. I closed my eyes as pain rushed through me. Nathan remained still, letting me adjust to his size. My walls stretched to accomodate him. He began moving himself in and out of me slowly. At this moment, I felt both pain and pleasure rushing through me. Nathan kissed me firmly to take my mind off it. It didn’t take long for pleasure to take over the pain. Nathan moans were loud and frequent.

“You’re so tight Caroline, I can’t take it.“ He said, our hips moving together. After he thrusted a little more, Nathan suddenly stopped moving, his eyes closed, his breathing shallow.

“Nathan, are you alright?“ I looked at him concerned.

“I just need a moment. I don’t want this to end yet, I want to savour it.“ He said. I smiled as I grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss.

“Don’t be silly...There is always next time.“ I said to him. His hands grabbed my waist.

“Next time?“ He smirked, clearly enjoying what I was selling. I smiled, moving my hips.

“Yes honey, and the time after that and many more times.“ I said. “But if you don’t start moving now, I’ll have to think about it.“ I said teasingly. He smirked as he began moving. My moans were loud, Nathan’s equally so. He cupped my breasts with his hands and squeezed them. His pace suddenly became extremly fast, taking my breath away.

“Nathan, I’m close....“ I said.

“Me too.“ Nathan breathed, kissing me deeply. I dug my nails into Nathan’s back, trying to hold back my climax as Nathan thrusted into me repeatedly, hitting my G-spot. He kissed me desperately, biting and sucking at my lips. His pace became ruthless and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My walls tightened around him, sending him over the edge. He released inside me as we both gasped for breath.

Nathan remained inside of me for a few moments before he pulled himself from me, laying at my side. He pulled me up onto his chest, stroking my hair back from my face. He kissed the top of my head gently. “Caroline, tell me you’re on pills...“ He said as he looked at me.

“Oh shit, I forgot to tell you...I’m not on pills Nathan!“ I said with worried expression on my face. I could see Nathan began to panic.

“No fucking way Caroline! How could you forget? What are we going to do now!?“ He yelled. I then began laughing. Hard. Nathan looked at me in disbelief.

“What’s so fucking funny Caroline?“ He asked me, anger clear in his voice. I was still laughing hard.

“Your face Nathan....You should’ve seen it...“ Nathan still looked angry.

“Oh sweety, of course I’m on pills, I was joking.“ I was still laughing a little. He then got on top of me.

“Caroline, you’re such a naughty girl....I think you need a punishment.“ He said that and then he began tickling me. I began laughing and squirming around.

“Ah Nathan, no please.“ I begged him.

Do you promise to be a good girl and obey?“ He asked smirking.

“Yes, yes, yes, just let me go.“ I said as he let me go.

“Good girl...Now, let me get us some clothes.“ He said, heading to his wardrobe. He brought me a dark hoodie, similar to one that he picked for himself. Once I changed, I wrapped myself in Nathan’s arms. He kissed me gently on the lips.

“You’re so cute.“ He said, pulling me in closer. I smirked at him.

“I wouldn’t say I’m cute, I think sexy suits me more.“ I said.

“Whatever you say, sexy.“ He kissed me again.

“You’ve tired me out Nathan.“ I said as I yawned.

“I’m exhausted myself.“ He pulled the sheets back, climbing into the bed, pulling me in with him. I curled up in the crook of his arm, tucking my head underneath his chin. He held me firmly, his hands running through my hair and soothing me to sleep. Part of me couldn’t believe what happened but it felt so right...Laying in his arms felt so right.

I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling thirsty. Nathan was sleeping soundly at my side. I got out of his arms, heading into the bathroom. I poured some water into a tumbler, drinking it. I felt sore, but it was worth it. I went back into the bedroom, where it was cold. I pulled the hoodie up over my head to keep me warm. I looked at Nathan who was still sleeping. He looked so peaceful, his chest rising and falling. I stood by bed watching him for a few moments. He didn’t look like a gang leader laying there. He looked so young, so innocent. I moved over to the counter, placing the empty tumbler down on it. I turned to face the window. It was just becoming light so I could sleep for a couple more hours. I turned back to face the bed. I stopped suddenly. Pain was running through me. I raised my hands to my face. Blood. I fell on my knees. I placed my hand on the spot between my left shoulder and my chest to stop the blood that was spilling from my wound.

“Ahh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Fuck!!“I hissed and cursed loudly. Nathan woke up and looked over me at the side of the bed. His smile quickly vanished as he threw himself on the floor next to me.

“How the fuck...“ He said confused as he grabbed his phone and began texting furiously. “Just keep calm Caroline, breathe.“ He looked flustered.

“I am fucking calm.”

The door of the room burst open. Andrew and Alex came in, crouching low to the ground. Nathan tried to soothe me as Alex crawled over to the window. Andrew was checking my wound.

“The bullet went really deep. Does it hurt?“ Andrew asked.

“Well, it hurts but not that bad.“ I said. “Listen here now...I’m going to do something nasty, so if you can’t handle, turn around and don’t look, okay?“ I said as I looked at all three of them.

“What are you going to do Caroline?“ Nathan asked confused.

“You’ll see.“ I said. I then breathed out loudly as I placed two fingers inside my wound. I hissed in pain. I then began going deeper, bitting my lip hard. Andrew and Alex turned away and Nathan looked at me in disbelief. My fingers then reached the bullet as I pulled it out.

“Fuck!!“ I cursed. I then took it out and sighed. “That feels much better...You can look now.“ I said as Andrew and Alex turned back to look at me. They were still shocked.

“Andrew, go and get Clyde. Alex, get away from that fucking window before you hurt yourself. Go and get Tyler and check the grounds.“ Nathan said. They quickly followed his orders.

“How could you fucking do that?“ Nathan asked me.

“It’s not my first time doing this honey. I’m used to it. It’s not a big deal really.“ I said smiling.

“Geez Caroline, you’re surprising me more day by day.“ He said shaking his head.

“Well, what can I say...I love surprising people.“ I said as I laughed.

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