Mafia Business

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Chapter 7

I woke up in Nathan’s room, alone in bed. I felt really disoriented as I tried to pull up my hands to rub my eyes. I winced as sudden pain rushed through my shoulder and across my chest. I glanced over to the window, noticing that the screen had been pulled over it.

„Hello sleepy-head! Try not to strain yourself.“ Clyde came over to the bed, helping me sit up. I looked at it. Clyde must have patched it up as it was bandaged.

„Thanks honey...So, where is everybody?“ I asked. Clyde sat at the edge of the bed.

„Tyler and Alex went to check the grounds. Jack came to get Nathan about ten minutes after you passed out because they found someone. Andrew went with these two. Sam is probably sleeping somewhere and I’m here, taking care of you.“

I smiled. “I guess the hunting started...They are quick, I must admit.“ I said.

„What do you mean by ’the hunting started’?“ Clyde askes confussed.

„It means that they have found me...or maybe someone is trying to kill Nathan...“ Clyde frowned.

„Well, I think they wanted to kill Nathan because I don’t think that your father or that Samuel Wang wants you dead.“ Clyde said.

„I know but it doesn’t have to be them...Lots of gangsters are after me, don’t be suprised if something like this happens again.“ I said to Clyde

„What do you mean there is a lot of gangsters after you? I guess that no other than us and your father knows about you.“ Clyde said.

„Oh honey, I wish that was true...Don’t think about that.“ I smiled and Clyde looked suspiciously at me before he returned my smile.

„Right...Now, I've made you something really nice, sweetcheeks, to keep your strength up.“ He handed me a plate with a little cupcake on it.

„Honey, you made this for me?“ I asked him.

„I made lots of them for Tyler’s birthday tomorrow, might as well give one to you.“ He smiled as I picked up the cupcake.

„Mmh, it’s so nice...Thank you honey.“ I said with smile.

„I was wondering...Is Nathan treating you right? I wouldn’t like to hear that- „ Clyde trailed off.

„No need to worry honey, Nathan is treating me just right.“ Clyde smiled at me as he stood up, texting on his phone.

„Is everything alright?“ I asked him.

„Nathan wants me so I need someone to look after you instead of me.“ He turned back to his phone.

„No need to honey, I can take care of myself...But you could help me get downstairs, could you?“ I asked while smiling. He agreed and helped me. Clyde left me alone in the living room, making me lie down on the sofa, covering me with blanket, telling me not to move until he’s finished. The door of the room opened, someone walking in. They lifted my legs up, sitting down on the couch before placing my legs down on their thighs.

„Nathan wanted someone to look after you so here I am.“ Tyler said.

„I told Clyde already that I can take care of myself. Are you trying to spoil me?“ I said laughing.

„I don’t know, maybe.“ Tyler said smirking.

„Well, you don’t need to waste your time on that because it won’t work.“ I said.

„Does it hurt?“ He asked.

„Not really but I can’t say it doesn’t hurt at all.“ I said to him.

„Yours probably hurts a lot more than mine. Mine was just a graze, yours is a straight through.“ He said to me.

„It’s really not that bad, don’t worry.“ I reassured him.

„They’ve got the guy who did this...I must say that he’s not really having fun with Clyde down there.“ He said.

„I wonder what methods is he using?“ I asked Tyler.

„You wouldn’t want to know that...When Clyde is angry, that’s not good...And right now, he’s really angry. He’s pissed because they tried to shoot Nathan and he’s even more pissed because they shoot you. He really likes you.“ Tyler said.

„I still don’t think Nathan is the one who they wanted to shoot but never mind...I really think that you should let me go...If I’m right about this, lots of nasty things are going to happen if I stay here.“ I said.

„I wonder what is your father going say if he finds out that you lost your virginity to Nathan Matthews of The Royal Blood?“ Tyler smiled knowingly. I laughed.

„First, my dad is never going to find out....Second, do you guys really like to brag about that? Does it boost your ego?“ I asked him.

„I guess so but it wasn’t Nathan who told us...It was Andrew, he’s very loose - lipped so that’s how we know.“ He said while chuckling.

“And I wonder how does he know because I’m 100% sure I didn’t say anything about that.“ I said.

„I think we will never solve that mistery. But hey, it works very well for us, maybe Nathan will loosen up a little.“ He said as he began texting on his phone.

„Are there any news?“ I asked.

„He won’t speak so they can’t find out who the man is.“ He said.

„Listen, I really have a good feeling that I know that man so why don’t you take me to see him?“ I asked him.

„Caroline, I don’t think that’s a good idea.“ He said.

„It is a good idea! I know lots of gangsters so I think I will know this one as well.“ I said pouting. He sighed.

„Alright then. But you’ll be the one to tell Nathan about this.“ He helped me up as I walked down unfamiliar corridors. Tyler left me outside the room. I could see everything inside but the glass was a barrier between me and them. The room was dark and cluttered, man sitting on the chair in the middle with a hood over his head. I got closer to the window, looking around. Alex and Andrew were sitting at the desk in the corner, talking about something. Alex’s clothes were ripped, probably from the hunt for the shooter through the forest. Jack was speaking with Nathan who was sitting opposite the man. His face was very lose. Jack spoke quickly, obviously stressed. Clyde was walking around the room. One of his hands was stuffed into his pocket, the other hand was swinging what looked like a brick in a stocking. He walked over to the man swinging it close before walking away. Tyler entered the room, surprising the others. Nathan tried to remain calm as Tyler moved to his ear, whispering something. He got out of the room slowly, appearing next to me.

„Caroline, what are you doing down here? You should be resting...“ He wrapped his hands around my waist, trying to separate me from the glass. I didn’t move because I wanted to see what’s going on. Everyone in the room seemed to continue doing their job. Jack was questioning the man with the hood. Clyde was still walking around. I was about to turn to look at Nathan but at that moment Clyde wrapped the stocking around his hand before swinging it down onto the unknown man’s knees. Nothing could be heard but I knew that he probably screamed loudly.

„Caroline, don’t look at that...“ Nathan again tried to move me away. I turned to look at him.

„It’s fine honey, there is nothing scary in there.“ I said. Nathan tensed up, looking at me confused.

„I mean, it’s just a typical torturing treatment...My dad does this too.“ I said while looking at Nathan. I placed my hands on his chest.

„I want to see him.“ Nathan narrowed his eyes.

„That’s not a good idea...The bullet was meant for me so why don’t you let it be random. Have you thought how are you going to feel if this man is someone you know?“ He said.

„Nathan, I’m a grown up woman. I know how to deal with things...And who could it be that is special to me? My brother that I don’t have?Don’t be silly...I really need to see him, I have a good feeling that I know who is this man...“ I said to Nathan, grabbing his jacket and looking at him.

„Caroline...“ He elongated my name, as I got closer to his neck, lightly brushing my lips and leaving hot trails on his skin. I moved to his ear, whispering:“I’ll do anything you want if you let me do this.“ He sighed. Nathan looked at me as he moved to the window. He tapped his knuckles on it, attracting everyone’s attention. Clyde moved to the guy. He pulled the hood from the man in the chair for a moment. His face was covered in blood and bruises, a tattoo on his head and neck shining through clear as day.

~I was sitting in the living room at my dad’s house. He just came home, bringing a couple of his friends with him. One of them sat very close to me, looking at me. He was looking at me like a creep he was. His hands were almost touching my knees. The man who was the closest to my dad moved over to talk to me.

„You are not scared little girl? You should be...You see those tattoos one his face? Each one of them represents a female he killed. It’s something he’s really good at.“ My father scolded him and then sent me off.~

„Caroline..?“ Nathan whispered against my ear placing his hands on my shoulders. They placed the hood back and went on with their duties. I thought about the possibility of my father doing this.

„Caroline, you should go.“ Nathan said sternly.

„What are you going to do with him?“ I asked, following the actions in the room.

„I’m going to finish him off. I can’t take the risk of letting him go.“ He said. I turned around to face Nathan. I made sure to make my face looks like a puppy face by widening my eyes and pouting my lips.

„Nathan, baby, is there any chance of me speaking to him?“ I asked sweetly. Nathan narrowed his eyes.

„Absolutely not. Not a fucking chance. Don’t think that face is going to work on me.“ He stood his ground as I moved closer to him.

„You can keep rubbing yourself on me Caroline, I’m not going to give in. It’s dangerous.“ I moved away and crossed my arms on my chest.

„I’m not a fucking child Nathan. I know how to deal with these things...I know this man and I know that I can get informations out of him. Do you wanna know who sent him or not because I fucking want.“ I said and he sighed.

„Okay, fine. I’m going to let you do this but not without me. Take it or leave it.“ He looked at me and I opened my mouth to argue but I just nodded. Nathan grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room. Everyone looked in our direction.

„I want to everyone to get out.“ Nathan said. Jack wanted to protest but Nathan gave him the look of warning and then looked at the man as they went out. He pulled me behind the man as he went in front of him and pulled his hood off. The man spat in Nathan’s face and began laughing loudly. Nathan only looked at him.

„What’s wrong boy? Angry that I shoot you?“ The man asked.

„Unfortunately, it wasn’t me who you shoot so no, I’m not angry.“ Nathan said calmly. Man’s face contorted in anger.

„Don’t lie, you piece of shit. I know I hit you.“ Nathan pulled his collar down shrugging. The man gritted his teeth.

„Like he said, I was the one who unfortunately got shoot.“ I said while walking in front of the man. He bursted into laughter, looking between Nathan and me.

„What is this drama shit? Wait until your father finds out you’re banging with the fucking enemy.“ He said to me. “Your father is going to be so dissappointed when he finds out what a filthy slut you are, just like your mother was. He should’ve listened to me, should have broke you, kept you in line.“ He smiled creepily while staring at me. Nathan moved to hit him but I stopped him. I smiled and then he smirked. “What was she like Nathan Matthews? I bet she was a fucking gold. Perfectly pure, her father took such a good care of her. Was she worth the impending gang - war? Possibly your life? Was her pussy good? I bet it was the best that you ever had.“ I burst out laughing while Nathan pulled out his gun.

„Ahh, I hit the spot right? Is the famous gang leader Nathan Matthews in love? It’s time to grow the fuck up, boy. Love isn’t something we gangsters can have.“ The man said. “I’m going to give you advice. Take what you have and send this bitch back to her father and her arranged marriage. Don’t put everything on the line just for a fucking woman, no matter how good her pussy might be.“ Nathan’s face became stiff.

„Any last words?“ Nathan asked.

„Nathan, honey, give me a minute with him.“ Nathan looked at me confused but he backed away.

„What a nice little talk we had here, right?“ I asked while going behind the man. I placed my hands on his neck and whispered in his ear. “So sad we won’t be able to have it again. See you in hell fucker.“ I broke his neck, slightly hissing because of the pain in my shoulder. Nathan opened his mouth to say something but then the guys came running into the room.

„Why the fuck did you kill him?“ Jack asked with anger in his voice.

„Shut the fuck up Jack.“ Nathan said and Clyde and Andrew came to ask me if I’m alright. Nathan moved them out of the way and grabbed my arm.

„It’s time to go Caroline.“

When we reached his room, he made sure the screen was covering the window. I sat on the bed and then he came and stood in front of me.

„I want you to explain. What was that?“ Nathan asked sternly.

„What was what? I snapped his neck Nathan, I didn’t turn him into elephant with a magic wand for God’s sake. Can you just let it go?“ I said with a frown on my face.

„Okay, I’m sorry. It was a mistake to let you talk to him. If I knew that he was going to say things like that...“

„Honey, it’s fine. I’m fine. If I was to always get hurt by hearing words like that, I think that I wouldn't be alive now. Nothing that he said didn’t get to me so don’t worry.“ I said while giving him a reassuring smile. He smiled and pulled me on his lap.

„I think that you own me a favor.“ He said while rubbing the inside of my thigh. I smirked.

„Oh yes, I do. I said I would do anything for you and I’m all yours now to do whatever you want with me.“ I said while running my hand up his thigh, stopping just bellow his crotch. He smirked, pushing me on the bed and kissing me while his hands made their way under my shirt.

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